I Sense Atrios’ Will is Weakening

While his first two attacks were devastating, his latest effort is decidedly lacking. Obviously, Atrios didn’t anticipate the awesome power that is ALYSSA MILANO’S TEEN STEAM:

As for the Editors… OK, that Leonard Nimoy video fucking smarted. I mean, that was a devastating blow. But we have a special surprise in store for you- a Wendy’s video that trains employees through the magic of rapping. Behold the destructive might of GRILL SKILL!!!!


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stop it guys. you’re making milk come out my nose.

and I’m not even drinking milk.


I don’t even have to watch that Milano video to remember that “sometimes teens just gotta let it out!”

But that Wendy’s discovery is hilarious.


Seanbaby wants his gimmick back, sir.


Leave one half inch on either side!


You got to have your tool.

Stop it. This is getting embarassing.


I think Alyssa Milano has a picture of Corey Feldman on her nightstand.

or is that Corey Haim?

Brad, Gavin, It’s time to reload.


mdhatter- don’t worry. we’re just waiting for things to cool down a bit before we unleash our final assault.


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