Dear Enemy Forces

Your latest assault was indeed terrible, but if Atrios thinks we can be destroyed by patriotic mawk like the Right Brothers, he has another…MOO!

Wait, what was that? Oh, that was a star-spangled cow launched from a catapult.

MOO! Blam, splat.

Next we’ll sap the enemy’s will to live:

Then we shall turn his women against him:

Now we feel bad. We never meant to be so bad to you!


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I fear I am this war’s first civilian casualty. Take my blog, I surrender.


Ha! You launched a scud with the Pat Benatar, young man. I’m defecting and joining Atrios (who’s my age). Pat Benatar brings us both back to our happiest days in high school. Atrios problaby feels rejuvenated by that.

…the video sucks, though…but back then, videos were just getting started. Most of them were like that.


Pfft. It’s the Age of Aquarius, baby!


Mal de mer is correct, Pat Benatar works for us.


Seriously, Pat Benatar and Asia are little more than cute nostalgia.

Listen to the works of Harvey Sid Fisher and despair! He will drive your armies before him, laughing at the lamentations of your women!


Obviously, a deterrence policy is called for on the part of we nonaligned blogs. I warn you, I have a stockpile of Eurovision videos and I won’t hesitate to use them!

To prove that this is no bluff, I will demonstrate the capabilities of one of our low-yield weapons:


Atrios fell for it. Now I’ve got some counter-intel for you, Gavin. If I remember correctly, Sheena Easton was pretty irritating during that period….


.. which would have worked better had not ‘preview’ kept embed tags and ‘submit’ not stripped them out. Our engineers are being hung by their thumbs and flogged unmercifully as we speak for sullying the name of the Great Leader in his maneuvers against the imperialist blog-whores. Damn you, Taepodong-2, damn you to hell!


My Pony Plays the Momba…

As long as we’re all reminiscing ……


Irritating if you mean erectating about Sheena Easton.


Nothing is worse than “Afternoon Delight.” Nothing.

ASIA happen to be amazing. They’ll never take ASIA away from me.


My Pony Plays the Momba…

Oh, yep…that’s it. That’s the one. Forget Sheena, launch “We Built This City” and turn Eschaton into a sea of glass.


Man. THat first one was a sin against all that is somber about WWII. And I”m prety sure those were Zeros the band were flying.


I hated Sheena’s music, but back then I thought she was hot.

Shatner doing “Rocket Man” was enough to melt my brain – only mass quantities of IPA can save me.


hated Sheena’s music, but back then I thought she was hot.

She was hot and she was actually pretty funny in interviews (she didn’t take herself too seriously). But that music…oy and vay…


I’ve always hated Asia. I was glad that the 80’s ended and I would never here them or Reo Speedwagon again. If I ever see that lead singer, oh the things I will do to him with a paper clip and a ball point pen.


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