Well, that was actually pretty hard

The Real Scandal Pronouncement game? was advertised with a prize, i.e. a shrink wrapped copy of Go Simpsonic with The Simpsons. And so the time has come to award the CD before the natives (aka Frederick) get even more restless. Awarding the prize turned out to be very difficult, because there were a lot of entries and we are very lazy.

Frederick had many good entries, but he has been talking smack about us in the comments, so… sadly, no! s.z. from World O’Crap also produced excellent work, but she won the last time around, so in the tradition of Michael Feldman’s quiz, we must say not again mysterious friend. Jajer’s entry is especially topical today in light of Amber’s latest column:

It doesn’t matter if the administration tried to cut combat pay, The Real Scandal is the liberal scandal mongers questioning Bush’s time spent heroically defending the skies of Texas in the National Guard.

Gail, the attractive urban bear with large breasts, scored extra points for producing entries that followed the rules but dealt with problems from her real life, as opposed to newsworthy events:

Never mind that Bush is racking up record budget deficits – the real scandal is that no one shoveled the back steps at my yuppy apartment complex this morning, and I almost fell on my ass.

In the end however, several outstanding entries by miso proved impossible to resist. We especially liked:

  • Forget the fact that the economy is still performing poorly, the real scandal is that professional athletes take STEROIDS!
  • and

  • Forget the fact that most e-voting systems are broken, the real scandal is that somebody saw their source code.
  • If miso cares to receive the CD, s/he should contact the management.



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    I think I’m going to retitle my blog to “Attractive Urban Bear with Large Breasts” now.


    Thanks! By “contact the management,” do you mean send an email to ann.coulter@sadlyno.com or amber.pawlik@sadlyno.com? Because those two addresses look very very fake.



    Been taking Viagra, have we?


    Hey, Frederick, I just saw that you are from Park Ridge. I’m in Naperville, but work downtown. (I obviously should go back and read old entries from time to time.)


    Gail, I work at Three First National Plaza. I see from your blog that you work at Sears Tower.


    Good thing you’re only on the 10th floor.


    Because those two addresses look very very fake.

    Oh they are real (and spectacular!)


    Hey, I’m now on the 12th floor. I better update something or other out there.

    I’d say that it means I’m nice and safe, except the last time we did an emergency drill involving going down the stairs, I almost passed out from vertigo. It’s pretty much hopeless.

    S,N! is going to kick our ass.


    Oh they are real (and spectacular!)

    Nice Seinfeld allusion.


    S,N! is going to kick our ass.

    Nah, he’s terrified of urban bears like yourself. btw, as long as we?re on the subject of animals, check out this hot “man on stingray” action.


    Nice Seinfeld allusion.

    Thank you. You may now resume flirting with Gail.


    By the way, may I now include “S,N! Gold Medalist” in my CV?


    I saw that. You appear to be enjoying yourself greatly.

    Of course, there is always hot giraffe lip smacking action. The giraffe appears to be just yearning for it.

    (S,N! , can you follow me around and continue to let me know when men are flirting with me? It’s really very useful.)


    S,N! , can you follow me around and continue to let me know when men are flirting with me? It’s really very useful.

    Based on the picture you posted, we’d have to tell Frederick to be on the lookout for angry giraffes, that much is certain.

    As for following you around — we’re already there! 😉


    miso happy miso won!
    kotobuki gozaimasu!


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