Oh my my, oh hell yes, Part II

From Crooks & Liars, we find another example of how to stand up to bullies:

On Meet the Press this morning, Washington Post reporter Dana Priest snap back at Bill Bennett. She said it is not a crime to disclose classified information and then went on to say that people would like to make casino gambling against the law, but it is not illegal. Bill Bennett, who has previously admitted a gambling problem, sat in stunned silence like he had just been punched hard in the stomach. It was a classic moment.

This is how you stand up to bullies, children. Once you show you’re not afraid to smack them, they back right off.


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Darlin’ put on that party dress!


It IS inevitable. Eventually, the extreme right, using the philosophy they learned suckling at the teat of Karl Rove, are/were BOUND to go too far. It’s been working for them for SO long. So if a little’s good, some more has to be better, right? There ultimately MUST be a backlash. If you keep kicking a lapdog it WILL bite you. Are we starting to see it? Well, it’s too early to say, but I sure hope so. If this ain’t it, well, it’s still coming…



She also noted that it /is/ a crime to disclose the names of covert agents. Priest has never been shy about fighting back….


Man, did she get under his skin. The stunned silence was nice, but to see him reduced to a sputtering, whiny rage was outstanding.


Also notice in that vid William Safire, Nixon veteran, taking the Times’ side against Bush and referencing the Founders.



Watchful, I noticed that, too — VERY deliberate example there. If the gambling thing was a kick in the nuts, that was a punch in the face, and one so quick it looked like Bennet didn’t even realize what happened. It was beautiful

And yeah, Retardo, it really shows what a fascist bully Bill Bennet is that William fucking Safire compares him and King George III to good ol’ George II (and takes direct aim at the “hang the NY Times for treason” rhetoric).

I’m just a little disappointed that there was no mention of the fact that SWIFT has a goddamn website.


but to see him reduced to a sputtering, whiny rage was outstanding.

What do you mean, “reduced to”? Isn’t that his normal state?


What do you mean, “reduced to�? Isn’t that his normal state?

Normally he’s whiny, but a little more composed. In that clip, he’s seconds away from a spreading wet dark circle in his crotchetal region.


The gambling bit was hilarious. Dana should have mentioned Bennet’s “Book of Virtues” right after the gambling and really sandbagged him.
Sweet Jebus, some eager lad has already updated his wiki page.
The funny part about gambling wasn’t mentioned, but this part, early in the roundtable, was:
Bennett vehemently attacked his fellow guests and displayed great impatience when others were speaking, at one point asking Mitchell “What? Is that it for me?” when she asked Safire a question.

He’s such an incompetent spokesman. I bet he’s just called in to make sure they fill panels on holidays.

Journalist: July 4th weekend? No way, I’m having a party.

Meet the press: We’ve got Bill Bennet appearing. . .

Journalist: I”M IN, I”M IN!!


i wanted her to continue on “and many people find that patronizing a dominatrix is just plain creepy.”


Looks like a WikiWar is a-brewin’. . .
The comment I quoted above has now been edited to :
Bennett showed grace under fire behavior on NBC’s Meet The Press with Andrea Mitchell on the morning of July 2, 2006. Appearing as a member of the roundtable of journalists with Dana Priest of the Washington Post, William Safire of the New York Times and John Harwood of the Wall Street Journal, Bennett was vehemently attacked via a “CHEAP SHOT” by Dana Priest who won a Pulitzer Prize this year for her work on revealing classifed American counterterrorist programs in the Washington Post.

Grace under fire? Did this spazzy wiki editor see the same show we did?

Since when does “looking like a lame, lost deer in headlghts” equal “grace under fire?” Bennet didn’t even have any verbal response when Dana mentioned gambling!


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