I Was There! I Was There!

Gawd, I love YouTube. Thanks to whomever posted this video of David Ortiz’s walk-off homer last Saturday. It was truly a sight to behold (especially if you were as drunk on Coors Light as I was).

Anyone who finds baseball boring has to come to Fenway Park. I can’t guarantee you’ll see a David Ortiz walk-off homer- that’s the equivalent of hearing “Truckin’,” “Sugar Magnolia,” “Dark Star,” “Uncle John’s Band” AND “St. Stephen” at a Dead show- but you’ll certainly have a good time.

(And for the record, I’ve seen TWO walk-off Papi homers live. AND a Pokey Reese inside-the-park homer!!1! And yes, I am blessed.)


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Drunk on coors light????? Didn’t know that was possible…..


Drunk on coors light????? Didn’t know that was possible…..

It’s the only beer at the park that’s under $8 per cup.

Plus I’m not one of these obnoxious yuppies who drinks Sam Adams or Guiness at a damn ballgame.


Baseball=as boring as cricket, without the skills or strategy of cricket.
but mercifully shorter than cricket…


Baseball’s far less boring than cricket- hell in baseball they don’t play the same damn game for like 4 days. Plus baseball has Barry Bonds, who love him or hate him isn’t boring. Brad, can you recommend any dirt cheap beer that doesn’t taste like water cause good god I’m about 4 beers into a 30 pack of Vann’s and this shit is weak (only 12 bucks for a 30 pack though).


Fie upon you, unbeliever. To quote a great philosopher, I believe in the church of Baseball.

And that video isn’t great because of the visuals. It’s great because of the auditory glory that is a home run. The anticipatory semi-hush at the pitch. The rising swell of the home-field crowd as the ball leaves the bat, leading inevitably to the crashing crescendo of cheers as it then leaves the park. There isn’t much that rivals that for sheer energy and enjoyability.


When did baseball players start coming out for post-show encores?


I just got home from watching Adam Dunn hit a walk-off grand slam with two out in the bottom of the ninth inning. I got there in the top of the first to find my Reds down 5-0, which extended to 7-0 in the seventh. By the bottom of the ninth it was 8-5, and then Dunner did it. I was high-fiving little kids and hugging strangers and everything. Third walk-off homer I’ve seen THIS YEAR. WOOOOO!!!!

Then I walked across the bridge, ran into a bunch of my friends sitting on the lawn of the Southgate House, drinking beer, and watched the post-game fireworks display. I tell ya, life kind of rules here in Northern Kentucky sometimes.


You know, you and baseball can fuck yourselves. I wake up early to watch reruns of Everyone Loves Raymond and motherfucking baseball is on.


Feh. Baseball. Can’t hold a candle to this or, even better, this.


I tell ya, life kind of rules here in Northern Kentucky sometimes.

No offense, but I don’t think those words have ever been put in that order before.


So, how about those Tigers?

In Vino Veritas

Hey, all the Sox have to do is win the nex twenty World Series, and they’ll be exactly like the Yankees. Talk to us in 2026, and we’ll see where you are.

Make Ortiz play the field, he ain’t a real ball player until he does.


‘Be exactly like the Yankees’? How could that be? Would the Sox have to, you know, commit the biggest choke in playoff history as the ’04 Yanks did? ‘Cause, you know, that is the legacy of the Yankees THIS century.
And is DH NOT a position in baseball? Because, looking at the rules, I’m pretty sure it is, and Ortiz plays that position quite well. What, how many Giambi’s does baseball need to butcher the ball in the field in between tearful confessions of doing something wrong he can’t admit?
Uh, Go Sox. 🙂


Feh. All this pales in comparison to my boy Ryan Zimmerman (from the University of Virginia) hitting his third walk-off hit (the other two were homers) this season!


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