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[Atlas Shrugs pic commissioned by Marita, the left-wing(ed) goalie]


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Sadly, when eating a panda she looks less crazy.


Which is the “before” and which is the “after?”


Is she flossing in picture 1?


I guess in her defense I could say that at least it’s not paste.


Easily the best FIXING THE INTERNET yet.

I also think things like this will discourage people from podcasting themselves in the future. It makes for oh-so-many embarrassing screen shots.


Poor Butterstick.


Ewww. I didn’t know anybody ate them without a bun!!



Needs more blood, in my humble estimation.


You are my hero, seriously.


I didn’t know anybody ate them without a bun!!

On Fridays buns are verboten, verheimlich, verblunget, very naughty.

Pattern Authority

You can probably expect the following to unfold as a result of this post:

Righteous Gentile Charles Johnston will proclaim in all the force of his Moral Authority that this is a new blood libel. Prepare for the fury of forthcoming adjectives: “disgusting� and “abhorrent� and so forth.

Self-proclaimed Islam Expert Robert Spencer will dig up some unheard of, purportedly Authoritative, and Valid for all Times and Places Islamic text states that it is actually Muslims who eat baby pandas. And if you don’t eat Pandas, then you aren’t a true Muslim. After all, he apparently studied Islam for twenty years. From the comfort of an armchair, who needs universities? They’re all wrong anyways if they don’t say what he says. That’s Real Scholarship. Brought to you by Regnery.

Debbie Schlussel will threaten a lawsuit and a visit from the FBI.

Jeff Goldstein has probably already lined up to get some of the action and share some of his Protein Wisdom.


There is something very goatse-esque about that hand posture.


Can’t . stop . laughing .

Can you imagine the therapy her kid is going to need?


She is the future wife of that crazy German kid in the youtube video whose computer won’t boot up fast enough.


She does look less crazy eating the panda. You can see less of her face.


Pandafloss: easier on the gums.


Thanks for that Gav, I needed it.

I stopped over and read some of the youtube comments on her stupid videos, some of these are pretty good.
an extremist who looks like the Female Joker, who hates other extremists. well I guess that makes sense.
Isn’t that akin to asking a sane person what their opinion of subway-wall scrawlings is?
WTF is this chick on? I only watched this stupid thing to see her tits and she showed nothing. What a rip.
Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
Oh great. The crazy lady from outside the grocery store has video on the internet now.


She’s not eating the panda, but rather ever so gently nuzzling it with her teeth. You know… in a loving way.


Needs more blood, in my humble estimation.

GuinnessGuy is right, dammit. Gavin, I think maybe it’s time to go all night of the living dead on that shot…



OMFG Gavin, I’ve said it before, but I MUST say it again: You so ABSOLUTELY rock. Forgive me for all the times I’ve whined about your Fixing of the Internets; this is amazing.

You know, she actually does look marginally less bugfuck insane in the ‘after’ pic. Marginally. I cannot imagine how this woman functions in the real world.

Let us hope that this helps to end the current wingnut pash for vlogs. Although, unfortunately, people with so little self-awareness are unlikely to be deterred even by an INCREDIBLY righteous smackdown like this.

We are not worthy!


She does look less crazy eating the panda. You can see less of her face.

But it’s not just that. Sure it’s mildly less creepy with that panda covering part of her face. However, I for one would feel a lot less comfortable being in a room without her eating a panda than with. At least while she’s chowing down, you know what’s coming next. Without that panda, who knows what crazy thing might happen? Fox is owned by the Saudis and thus is part of the liberal media establishment, The New York Times has blood on its hands, or Ameriabia is comin’.

And since I know I am paranoid, I have no clue what she is.

ned fucking flanders

There is something very goatse-esque about that hand posture.



You’re just leaving the Stephen Duffy track on WinAmp so you can look cool.

It’s working.


Yes, Dorothy, that surely is a training film for home flossers.


The panda-cub eating business is fair game, but you cross the line when you make the lady look like a desperately cosmeticized aging harpie. Those old, old eyes slathered with all than young-woman make-up. You leave her no dignity.


Oh shit, that is funny!

I laughed out loud for several minutes… the kids came wandering in wondering what I was laughing about and then they got a good laugh out of it too.

Nice work of fixing the internets.

John S Costello

Maybe it’s the late hour, and maybe it’s the shots of limoncello, but I cannot stop gigging at that picture. Bravo!


This is like Monet levels of artistic brilliance. It is like a single ring of a church bell – simple, perfect, sublime.


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