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It says that embedded Atlas Shrugs YouTube video is disabled by request. Golly, why?

But links work! Here’s Pamela!


Ambassador Bolton calling; please hold for Ambassador Bolton.

[Catch and screen-grab from Marita.]

Retardo adds: Empire strikes back, Media Matters! And just when you thought you had the upper hand. Once again, Sadly, No! Inc. Ltd. NGO .org International displays its superior wingnut-presentation skillz!


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All I see is unintelligible gobbledygook. Oh, wait…now I get it. Pretty sneaky, Sis!


Great, you fixed the link. Now my first comment itself looks like unintelligible gobbledygook. Once again, pretty sneaky, Sis!


I think the link’s still broken. That one took me to an old episode of Elvira’s Movie Macabre featuring The Passion of Ayn Rand.


I’m disappointed the video ended before she devoured the child in homage to her dark gods (Wolfowitz, Cheney and Ben Gurion).
Apparently Pam likes to ritualize in private…


In that picture, she is saying “I told Roger Simon to put it in here, but instead he put in here!”


Where’s the donkey?

Karatist Preacher

Even her daughter thinks she’s insane.


She’s freakish looking in addition to being nuts. And that hand-held jerky camera technique is so late 90s.


She scared the crap out of the woman in the office next to me.


Even her daughter thinks she’s insane.

No kidding, eh? Ah, there’s hope for little Margot.


Dude, I didn’t know Chyna had a blog.


That freeze frame makes it look like she is threatening to blow her brains out while blowing her index finger. Now THAT I want to see!


Margo (I’ll assume that’s her daughter) has just lined up exhibit 1 for her lawsuit to be emancipated….


Actually, the Brooklyn Skeeze is a little evasive about her relationship to Margot. Has anyone checked to see if a child of her age and her description has been abducted recently?


Where are my balls?

Slapping up against your chin, darlin’…


The end of that clip is really odd. What does Pammy–a daughter of Eve–have against Aslan, anyway? Does she want it to be winter forever?


Wow. Just wow. Who does that with their kid?


Actually, I didn’t get an impression of a mother – daughter relationship from the video. To me, it looked more like two nieces ( I could hear what sounded like the voice of a young girl talking as she holds the camera) making a video with their crazy aunt; or possibly two girls making a video with their dad’s craziest ex-wife.


On behalf of New York, I apologize for this.


“two girls making a video with their dad’s craziest ex-wife. ”

That made me laugh.


Pam is one intense freak. Jeebus- she’s the stereotypical fast-talking, neurotic New Yawker. (No offense to New Yorkers)


That poor girl is going to get all prettied up for prom one day and then her mom will be so proud and show date that tape. Bye Bye, Johnny, you broke my heart.

ANWR. Hmmm.

Two words she forgot in that rant: CAFE and Standards.



Wheeeewwwww! Scuse me while I wipe the crazy juice off the screen!

Oh, Pamela! You are such a treasure to the left.

Heeee heeeee.

*wipes eyes*

I think that may well merit a late nite fdl post.


What in the living fuck!

My favorite part is where the kid points to the stars and says “I Love George Bush!”

Weird. I told you that bitch was crazy.


I think I need Dan Brown to interpret all the arcane symbolism in that video in order to make a proper evaluation of what it REALLY means.


The kid is the video is cute. I know she’s just having fun watching the crazy lady, but in all seriousness, what is life going to be like for her as she grows older?

I just watched one of Clooney’s videos on YouTube. Politics be damned, the man’s trying to do something. And calling attention to genocide hurts Atlas wench’s political cause how?


Pamela used to be so sensible…
Wait, what the fuck am I saying? She’s always been like Ann Coulter’s crazy sister.


Lately, I’ve come to strongly suspect that people that hold the views of the right wingers that are now politically ascendant in this country are not just wrong, but that they suffer from some form of mental/emotional illness. In other words, these people are suffering from severe, unacknowledged, and untreated pathology.

This video does nothing but confirm my hypothesis.

By the way, I don’t get the sense that this girl is the nutso’s daughter. (Who would want to climb aboard this harpy long enough to procreate with her?) I betcha she’s probably a neice, or a child of a friend. Also, it’s clear to me that the kid can see what an out-of-control loon this Pam is, and she understands the value of just agreeing with whatever the yenta says.

That moment where Pam asks the kid what she thinks about George Clooney, and then, while the kid is thinking and formulating an answer, she cuts in and says, “I’ll tell you what she thinks” (before the kid can even open her mouth) and proceeds to put her OWN words in the kid’s mouth, is the tell tale sign that this woman Pam ia not well. That moment tells me all I need to know about what a sick piece of work this Pam is.

And to think that Glenn Reynolds had his picture taken with Pam . . .

Well, what do they say? “Birds of a feather . . . . “


Deeply disturbing, and also pretty funny.


Worst. President.Ever.

Sexist but true: if this wackjob didn’t have tits, nobody would listen for even a minute to her insane drivel.

She could pass for Florida GOP Senate candidate Katherine Harris’s younger sister; wonder if they both got their implants from the same surgeon?


this is an interesting website,

anyone ever stumble accross a website…you made a couple of clicks…

then you ended up in a forum like this, but 99.9999 percent of the times
never bother reading past the first post?

Im like that… thats why im so enthused about typing this blabber

*waits for some response*


also adding…

Anyone here find Dragon Flies very interesting?



also adding…

*”did you ever notice?” this kind of stuff*

Just noticing that just makes me feel that much more insane…lol


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