Oh My, How Odd.

Since the President came out and blasted the NY Times for endangering national security by reporting that the government was…you know, bank transactions and all that, with no oversight, like a runaway train never goin’ back, wrong way on a one-way track, the sounds of peepers and crickets have settled in at Chumpline and Malkin.com.

Relative peepers and crickets: Malkin is reduced to hate-blasting anti-war demonstrators, while Powerline is in its usual between-issues paper-shuffling mode.

Hm. What’s up at Little Green Footballs?


Sure guys, Scaree Moozlumzz, whatever.

fax-machine-2intro.jpgNow why (I say) why is it that these big right-blogs will simultaneously snap onto an issue, raising a shriek-chorus against Mexicans and immigrants, against John Murtha and ‘cutting-and-running’ in Iraq, against the NY Times, or any of a number of others, always in advance of a big speech by the President or a big GOP ruckus in the House or Senate — and after which the issue immediately goes to the back burner?

Howhowhow? How could this be? It strains one’s powers of comprehension.


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Exactly. That’s why ‘Kosgate’ is so fucking laughable.

Wingnuts follow marching orders in lockstep, and progressives hold arguments/circular firing squads.


I offer an alternative explanation – focusing their brain cells that long on one problem drains their energy, at which point they melt back down into Trips. Mr. Jame Retief told me all about this phenomenon.


Nixon ratfucked the other side … we ratfuck each other.


They have transcended individual consciousness, experiencing limitless Mind inseperable as boundless space and bliss.


The borg hivemind is very strong in the winger camp.

The head of the hivemind, Karl Rove, sits like Jabba the Hut hooked up to a disgusting hose much like the queen alien in Alien, and the latest talking points pass from him, through Dick Cheney’s evil maw, out Dick Cheney’s evil asshole, through Karl Rove brain (by way of the ears, of course), then passes into the hivemind main route switch, which exists mounted upon Bush’s back (this was revealed in the 2004 debates – that wasn’t a listening device, it was the hivemind’s main route switch).

then from there it trivially passes through the various guts and assholes of the worker bees, such as Anthrax Coulter and “Rush” Limbaugh.

E, voila!


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