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What’s that buttery smell? Oh, it’s Powerline:

My favorite ambassador, take 2

On Monday night I quickly wrote up my account of the telephone interview that afternoon with United States Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton in “My favorite ambassador.” I was a little diffident about sharing my enthusiasm for Ambassador Bolton so bluntly, but I obviously overcame my reluctance. Also on the call with me were Jay Nordlinger of National Review, Tom Bevan of RealClearPolitics and Pamela of Atlas Shrugs. Their accounts of the interview are linked at their names above.

Jay Nordlinger concludes his report: “How long has it been since I said how lucky we are to have John Bolton as U.N. ambassador, and George W. Bush as a president willing to appoint such men to such posts? Couple of days? Please consider it reiterated.” Tom Bevan titles his column on the interview “Lightning Bolton.” Pamela posts her recording of the interview and includes a Bolton quote I’d forgotten to note regarding the depredations of UN Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown: “The US will not be a well-bred doormat.” There you have it!

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On the other hand, buy him a wine cooler and spin him around the block in a black limo, and Scott Johnson will have his legs in the air faster than you can say “F’shizzle.”

Bonus Pamela:

What did I come away with? Frankly, Iran is the crushing issue of the day. There is no way, no way, the enormity of the threat of that kind of government getting their hands on nuclear weapons can be underestimated.

She means ‘overestimated’ (she gets a pass on ‘enormity’), but this is also a woman who thinks that boldface and stabbing the period key are punctuation tools of first resort………..and who write’s in little blasts……….of angry thoughts…………that make sense only if you imagine them coming in a shriek………from an aging, histrionic New York JAP……..who want’s teh Muslim’s………..killed dead die kill dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ambassador Bolton is calling; please hold for Ambassador Bolton.


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Please tell me you don’t have a photograph of the four of them in skimpy little outfits, licking their lips provocatively and purring “can we dance for you, Mister Ambassador?”


Did somebody say Butterface?


“The US will not be a well-bred doormat.�

Wow. Talk about paranoia and projection. As “Ambassador” Bolton takes a shit all over diplomacy and wipes his ass with the Magna Carta, the rest of the World has to worry about American’s “feelings.”

When did so many Americans become so goddamned whiny?


Wait a second. The US ambassador to the United Nations has conference calls with Pamela? Jesus tapdancing Christ! What the fuck has America come to?


It’s come to Ambassa- *cough! Recess appointment!!!* -door Bolton NOT wanting to fly to the Dom Rep for his legs-in-the-air shrieking sex.


Wait a second. The US ambassador to the United Nations has conference calls with Pamela?

Indeed he does. And the rest of the UN diplomatic corps looks on with increasing alarm as Ambassador Bolton cavorts openly with a genocidal maniac who does dances of death with her daughter on camera.


You just know she’s angling for a mustache ride…


Uh… not that I don’t think Pamela is a shrill little shrieker, but why is she the only one described as “aging”?

Calling Scott Johnson easy, on the other hand, I have no problem with.

Spalpeen Hammer

The problem isn’t underestimating the threat; it’s misunderestimating it.


I realize the presidient wants to bypass the “filter” but good god talking to Pamela “The Eternal Muslim” of Atlas Shrugged, wow wtf?! Bolton does realize he’s talking to a woman who views any crime by a muslim anywhere (see James Wolcott’s piece on her) is part of the “Global Jihad!” I’m not kidding here, she wrote a piece like a week or so back condemning a mentally ill muslim who shot some guy in Baltimore as a terrorist. I mean for fucks sake if he was a Muslim Ted Bundy would have been a jihadi to this woman, same with Charles Whitman. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this is a woman who see’s in Muslims what many Germans saw in Jews in the lead up to the Holocaust.


Why isn’t Bolton just meeting with Charles Johnson and Sturmfront and cutting out the middlewomen (which ironically enough is what she and Chazmo would like ot be in this lil’ hate fest).


I’m puzzled by the phrase “”Well-bred” doormat”. Just who is well bred in this scenario? Bolton? Bush? Cheney? Or maybe he meant “White Bread”? doormat. That almost makes sense.


There is no danger of anyone in the Bush maladminstration being mistaken for a well-bred ANYTHING.




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