Shorter Pasty Goldstein

Dear Glenn Greenwald: if you don’t ‘out’ the Townhouse mailing list like I ‘out’ anonymous liberal bloggers, I shall continue to taunt you as a Kos-worshipping hack as I simultaneously re-insert my own head into the collective asses of Mehlman, Instayokel, Malkin, Chuck Johnson et al.

Jeff Goldstein

PS – Next time, I’m threatening to beat you with my cock while my commenters debate on whether to rape you or beat you with axe handles.

PPS – MMM paste is yummy!


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Will he answer this? I do believe he didn’t (or refused?) to answer your last two posts about him…

Is he scared???



I hate that expression. So is my silence about not doing your mom.


Man, check out Greenwald’s site. Apparently, he was proven fucking right about this whole kerfluffle. The sort of right that allows you to be a complete dick about being right. He drops an Old Testament-style attitude adjustment on the whole bunch. It’s marvelous.

Glenn Greenwald. Don’t mess with that dude.


Billmon speak. You listen. It’s below the Rush Limbaugh stuff.


Let me see if I can follow Goldstien’s logic: Greenwald should publish the names of the members of a private email list, something that he agreed he wouldn’t do when he joined the group, in order to determine how many of them did not follow Kos’s suggestion/request/order (I don’t care how you phrase it). Because the only proof of independence from Kos is whether or not they posted on something when he asked them not to. There could be no other explanation for not posting, like the didn’t give a flying f*ck about the story, or they had nothing to add, or they were waiting for more facts to come out, or they had a hangnail that week?

Is that about right?


The parasitic Pasty is simply attaching himself, lamprey-like to a bigger fish of an issue to replenish his vital juices (which he sprays in copious amounts all over his blog and his bukkake-loving commenters) because he obviously knows no one will read his crap on its merit alone.

Time to send the paramedics to check in on the Pasty household.


OT, but hell, I gots to do it. Hey, D. Sidhe, behold: the real Muthafuckin’ Snakes On A Plane trailer!!!one!1! Woo!!


Why Pasty keeps picking fights with Glenn is beyond me. Glenn thrashes him like white trash beating their kid in a supermarket. It’s painful to see, but you can’t help but watch. I’m sure Glenn will be thrilled with that comparison! 😛

Really, here is a beer raised to Pasty for his brainless charge into the mulcher – he has spunk! (Even if it is dripping down his face…)


Yeah pfc – that is the twisted logic of the right. Given that they are short on facts all the time they have learned to compensate with bullshit.

Really though, this non-story has dominated the lib blogsphere for the last week. I hope Kos has learned a lesson and refrains from asking favors in the future. Or if he does, call his friends on the phone for the love of fucking Christ (Baptist’s only).


Retardo, I suppose you’ve noticed that your post about Jeff Goldstein is now on the first page of returns when you search for Jeff Goldstein.

You’re welcome.



Marq- I want these motherfuckin’ snakes off this motherfuckin’ plane.

That is all.


What can I say–I’m on a roll, or something. Today seems like it’s a snake-themed day to me… What was it that snakes are supposed to represent psychologically? Hmm.
Oh, yes, speaking of snakes, they just found one that can change color! And, as a bonus, it’s venomous, too! Huzzah!


do me a favore….

call the police.
adress: Protein Wisdom, My Wife’s House, Denver CO
tell them to go down the hall to the dog’s bed
im soo sorry


Dear Google, do you mean that Jeff Goldstein has been “googlebombed”?

You mean when you type Jeff Goldstein except there’s no space between the “Jeff Goldstein.


Dear Google, never mind. I screwed up the instructions. Maybe Jeff Goldstein can tell the readers how to do it?



Jeff Goldstein wouldn’t tell his readers how to do it because he can’t afford the extra traffic from me. He’s already paying $3000/mo. in hosting fees and he gets absolutely no money from those Pajamas Media banner ads.



Conan: It looks like you’ve gone about Googlebombing Jeff Goldstein properly. Methinks it could also work for “Goldstein, Jeff” or even “JeffGoldstein“.


Guys- as much fun as it is to make fun of Jeff Goldstein, I think it behooves us to find something other than Jeff Goldstein to discuss, since Jeff Goldstein is really not a person anyone- save those Jeff Goldstein fans who enjoy reading Jeff Goldstein and who think Jeff Goldstein is a smart guy- should want to be associated with. I say, let Jeff Goldstein be Jeff Goldstein, and let all the commenters who wish to discuss Jeff Goldstein talk about Jeff Goldstein on their own time. Jeff Goldstein is not something that should concern anyone other than Jeff Goldstein and Jeff Goldstein fans. Have I made myself clear? By the way: Jeff Goldstein.


What’s all this I hear about Kugel bombing that nice Jeff Goldstein fellow? He seems like a good lad. Why would we want to pelt him with pastry?

Oh. Never mind.


Jeff Goldstain should never be bombed with googles. No.

Jeff Goldstein should be bombed in style. WITH PASTE.

Herr Doktor Bimler

I can’t help wondering what *venomous colour-changing* snakes would represent, psychologically. Not to mention those venomous rabid sheep. You may have discovered a new archetype.


Oh come on guys. A Google bomb? Puh-leeze. How fucking juvenile. That’s not something you’d ever see Jeff Goldstein doing. No, the Jeff Goldstein I know is above such puerile tactics. Jeff Goldstein may talk about slapping another man in the face with his penis (in a heterosexual manner, of course. Jeff Goldstein is heterosexual, and no amount of cockslapping can make him appear otherwise), but Jeff Goldstein would never Google bomb anyone. What a waste of time. Jeff Goldstein would rather expose the private identities of bloggers with whom he disagrees. Jeff Goldstein is an example for all of us.


Jeff Goldstein? Who isJeff Goldstein? Why bother with Jeff Goldstein, is he of any importance whatsoever?


Why bother with Jeff Goldstein, is he of any importance whatsoever?

Yes. He’s a pet project. Think of us all as the Anne Sullivan to his Helen Keller.

Water, Jeff…w-a-t-er…here, I’ll put out my hand, and you can pump water into it…



Classy. Really progressive. Like, peace and love. You guys not only preach love, peace and tolerance, you live it! It’s that dedication to human decency that sets this place apart from more hypocritical sites.


We preach peace, love, and tolerance? Um… you sure you’re at the proper web address, dood? Hey, Seb–the wanker filter is failing again!


“You guys not only preach love, peace and tolerance, you live it!”

We’re preachers now? I’ll be sure and pencil that in between the cock slappings and the meeting with the mexslamofascist, terrorists’ global.


Ain’t it ironic that it’s the SS storming in here and whingeing about love, peace and tolerance. Can’t ya hear the SS jackboots curbstomping peace love and understanding?

Now the question is when is Jeff Goldstein going to prove his commitment to blog integrity by forcing his own sycophantic commenters to use real names and publish their IPs, so we can check to see whether they are miscreants on our blogs.


Pasty Goldstein sez:

Evidently, you believe I unfairly taunted you for your attempt to turn a story about a secret progressive message pipeline into a story about a single email that has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on Kos’s “suggestion� that an unflattering story be starved of oxygen (the implications of which I discussed here).

By golly, Pasty, what you say kinda reminds me of how the wingnuts went way-over-the-hill-apeshit-hysterical over the “fake” memo used in the “Rathergate” story that exposed the shady military record of one George W. Bush. How the wingnut obsession with “exposing” the fake memo deflected attention from the fact the military record of one George W. Bush, with or without the inclusion of the facts exposed in the “fake” memo, still had massive holes in it that proved he was a deserter, more or less. That, in fact, the facts exposed in the Rather story had considerably more veracity and journalistic truth that the entire pile of specious horseshit the wingnuts promoted in the “Swift Boating” of John Kerry.

You see, being a wingnut means never having to admit what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

But of course, they’re all fucking crazy. Insanity excuses one from moral clarity.



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