Tinfoil Dunce Hats


It’s a conspiracy! cries Agent Mulder Andrew McCarthy, echoing even louder squeals coming from Santorum-Juice-Man and Rep. Ren Hoek Hoekstra: Why is the Intelligence Community withholding the proof that wingnuts need that there are WMDs in Iraq, that Saddam did have ties to al-Qaeda, and that — therefore — Dear Leader spoke truthfully all along?

So far, what’s been found does not match up with the IC’s expectations prior to the war.

But there’s a difference between being overly exuberant about a significant development and failing to report it. And there’s a similarly big difference between failing to report it and stonewalling.

Wingnuts: “Why is someone leaking evidence of the Bush Administration’s rape of the Fourth Amendment?!?! Treason!”

(Deep breath, jump-cut into opposite reality phase)

Wingnuts: “Why isn’t someone leaking bits of the clusterfuck of garbled “intel” and crayon scribblings that, if put through a Freeper’s version of a Berlitz language course, might allow us to lie about Bush’s lies about Saddam’s WMDs and terror ties? Treason!”

But the whole “Bush lied and people died” slander is built around what is apparently a fiction. Given all that has been said about the WMD investigation (including an elaborate investigation by a special panel, the Silberman-Robb Commission), what possible good reason is there not to clarify for the American people what we now know about Saddam’s weapons ..

I like that weaselly “apparently”; a nice touch from shyster McCarthy. But to buy this stupid conspiracy theory, you have to believe that John “Death Squads” Negroponte is not sufficiently wingnutty to come to Dear Leader’s aid. Please. Negroponte and the rest of the IC under him probably don’t want this crap to come out because there’s nothing but embarrassingly useless info in that cache of “intel”. And besides, they are sick of being gullible patsies (which, on the other hand, is the working definition of “Fox News viewer’). Or, maybe Negroponte has decided that the best way to cover Dear Leader’s ass in this to the extent that it can be done without making the world laugh, is to fake a stonewall so that wingnuts like McCarthy (or Christopher Hitchens, or Pasty Goldstein) can cling to their myth like a child clings to a belief in the Easter Bunny.

Who knows? Anyway, though, it’s soooo 2003 to say, that there’s a reality-based community on one side, and on the other, those who fashion headgear out of Glenn Reynolds Wrap.


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Closing your tags is sooooo last week, baby!

I’m down with the strikeout look – it’s edgy. Keep it up!


1 ma teh 5uxx0r!!!!eleven!!1!


Tin foils hats would actually INCREASE the signal strength of the government satalites. What you want is a cool, double-weave EMI-sheilding cowboy hat.


Yeah! It’s just like that fax Luskin has that ‘fully exonerates’ Turdblossom, and Bush’s presumed-to-exist AWOL military records — as long as the actual documents aren’t available, wingnuts will use their telepathic powers to reveal what they say.


The 4th Amendment is a tramp in cum fook me heels that was just asking to get rolled. It’s all good. Same with Iraq, Olde Spice Mustard Gas drives the Neo-boys nuts.


Q.) Later, when this turns out to be nothing (since it’s about Iran-Iraq War-era munitions), and Santorum loses, and, with any luck, Hoekstra loses, what will the wingnuts squawk then?
A.) The same things they always bleat about, ‘cos evidence actually means nothing to them.


Hey, if anyone should be freaked out by Saddam’s stockpiles of World War I era munitions, it’s me. Two of my great uncles were killed by mustard gas in that conflict when they were 17, back when people had a legitimate reason to be afraid of gas attacks.

Admittedly, it was British gas and the army deployed it without giving gas masks to our own troops or wondering whether the wind would change direction. But I guess war is hell – I’ve still got the medals they were awarded (posthumously).

One of those medals is inscribed with the phrase “The Great War for Civilization”. As the French would say, plus ca change plus ca meme chose.


For me the amusing part is how the right-wing public cares about this, but their administration doesn’t. They don’t care anymore because they got what they wanted out it. After carefully working on the case for war, including minute details that have since been debunked, you would imagine they could seize this new stuff and spin it as confirmation. But they don’t care.

Today it’s Robinson’s translations of the Iraqi papers. The right side of the public thinks it has been vindicated, but so far the White House isn’t throwing them a bone of recognition. They don’t do that unless they get something out of it. Spinning is hard work!


I’m just hiding under the bed trying to glue my shattered weltanschauung back together now that Bush was proven right.

Or not.


I have nothing substantial to say, so I’ll just mention humbly that it’s “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”


Actually, I think it’s “plus ça change, plus rien ne change”


It’s a direct quote of Alphonse Karr, though, so the shape of the aphorism was set by its author.


You liberals can use your strange ‘Frenchlish’ to hide your coded messages, but that won’t stop the good folks at Little Green NoBalls from figuring out your evil plans, Lucy.

Risible Santorum and Mr. Hoaxtra need to just quietly slink back into their holes. Thanks for doing that assholes.

no really thanks.


shaker, those MIT guys got it all wrong. Aluminum has the wrong valence. Tin lies in the same column as carbon on the Periodic Table (as does silicon and lead), which is the rationale for tin foil hats blocking those rays attempting to manipulate us carbon life forms.

And the reason the Busheviks won’t back up the radical right bloggers on this is because they know the documents they’ve released for “public translation” are as phony as the oil for food documents from Ahmed Chalabi. But you can be sure they are rooting for the Little Green Raelians to catapult the propaganda in to the eeeeee-vil MSM, so as to avoid legal restricitions on domestic propaganda.


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