An Army of Bad Photoshoppers

Ol’ Malkin is stirring up teh hate as usual, and the current target is (again) the NY Times, for printing stories that supposedly might encourage terrorists to defeat America in the most dire war in all of blow up something making a scary, pants-peeing boom, forcing cowardly America to surrender. The solution as usual is to shriek at journalists, threatening to lock them up.

Meanwhile, David Brooks of the NY Times is attacking* Markos Moulitsas. Make sense? Me neither.

But the high-end WingNet has lately been concentrating really strongly on shutting down anti-Administration leaks, stopping investigations into government intelligence scandals, and demonizing journalists, with Malkin and Powerline blasting out anti-First-Amendment content like cheap bean burrito farts.

Normally this would suggest that their fax machines have been playing a sprightly little harmony tune (like ‘Pennsylvania 1-6-Hundred’), but we have recently come into possession of a number of messages from the super-secretive mailing list that controls the entire right-blogosphere by threat and intimidation.

That’s right, we’ve infiltrated the Clownhouse list.

And more on that later. (Goldstein, your days of tyranny are numbered!) But for the time being, Malkin has a Miss Shelly of Romper Room thing where she’s posting WWII propaganda posters for her genius readers to color on with fingerpaints and markers.

So we did one too!


We never win these contests. Michelle, it’s like we got chocolate in your peanut butter — two great tastes in one!

Ew. That’s actually really gross. I ought to go wash my brain out with Lava soap now…

*Not a parody column


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Osama must be proud. With how he’s gotten Michelle to practice psychological terrorism and fostering and nurturing the destruction of the Bill of Rights, he couldn’t have hoped for better. Once Michelle graduates to stalking neighbourhood kittens, another milestone will be reached…

Stay tuned as we watch Michelle Malkin accompany OBL along the path to total victory.


Look’s like some of them didn’t quite understand the rules. Note the “He’s Watching You, Lib!” poster in which Karl Rove’s face has been superimposed over that of a Nazi stormtrooper.


Meanwhile, David Brooks of the NY Times is attacking* Markos Moulitsas. Make sense? Me neither.

Well, of course they’re attacking Markos! He is the uber majordomo of the entire left, after all! And, it’s not like the right controlls any branches of government or anything!
…oh, wait….


Keeping the MALKIN TENTSâ„¢ occupied with arts and crafts may not actually rehabilitate them, but does
serve the useful purpose of keeping them off the streets.


Someone should give Malkin and her fans some macaroni and gold spray-paint to make touching Valentines or something. I don’t think nazi propaganda is exactly life-affirming for the kiddies, nor does it help develop fine-motor skills, which is crucial at that stage of development.


In line with RobW’s comment, it’d be a terrible shame if someone posted credibly-photoshopped Nazi propaganda that suits Malkin’s message. Well, since “credibly-photoshopped Nazi propaganda” is kind of her whole act, maybe not so much.


Someone should explain to them that propoganda doesn’t work when it’s directed at a certain group or individual.
Someone might also want to point out how many people are being killed by insurgents who DON”T read the NY Times over breakfast. 9_9


So when are we going to start fixing teh internets again with those Photoshopping skills?


burrito fart huh? good one.


When I read Brooks I could not believe that is was not written by you, guys. Shame on you that it took Brooks to invent “squadrons of rabid sheep unleashing their venom”.




John Murtha continues his descent into senility

American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said to an audience of more than 200 in North Miami Saturday afternoon.

But aren’t these the same sort of people who claim that we should have dealt with North Korea or Iran instead of Iraq?

Murtha is a senile traitor to this country, being used hard by the hard left.

Murtha will lose in November. His district is a moderate one which supports America first, and not nutcases like Cindy Sheehan and John Murtha.


Gary…you’re sounding a little…shirty. Brazilian-wax mishap, perhaps?


Have I just fixated on one of the Gary Rupperts as the canonical Gary Ruppert?

This one has that certain turgidity that says (smells like, whatever) “Ruppert.”u


being used hard by the hard left

Mighty wishful thinking from someone whose only steady date is his hand.


Yes, Gary. See, dealing with actual threats is better then making one up and compleatly botching the handling of it, destroying a country’s infrastructure, compleatly upturning a region’s stability…
Naw, you know what? You don’t care. Hey, I hear Murtha calls Armstrong for his daily horoscope LOL!1 Kos sucks!


The fact is that Murtha’s views place him among a majority of Europeans who regard the U.S. as the greatest threat to world stablity, ahead of Iran and North Korea:,20867,19560295-31477,00.html

He is siding with foreigners against his own country. It’s treason, I tell you.

brainwashed partisan of the far left

By the way, Gary, can you show us some polls showing that Murtha’s seat is in trouble? Like, you know, Rick Santorum’s is?


I heard Murtha also like pain au chocolat. Francophilic America-hater. Hang him!


The fact is that the Murtha swiftboaters’ views place them among a miniscule minority of Americans who regard the vocal U.S. war hero as the greatest threat to Bush’s politcal machine, ahead of Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore:

The Dark Avenger

“Venoumous platypi” would’ve been biologically corrects, and a hell of a lot funnier as well.


The fact is that Murtha’s views place him among a majority of Europeans who regard the U.S. as the greatest threat to world stablity, ahead of Iran and North Korea:

And he’d be right.

Now, how much are you planning on earning today, ‘Gary’, at a dime a troll? Just so that I know when you clock off for the night and ‘Gary’ clocks in.


Yeah, because you know that the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan read the NYTimes first thing before going out to plant an IED. They get home delivery.

There’s such a big demand for the NY Times that newstands in the mountain regions of Pakistan are stocking them, along with Vanity Fair.


The insurgents especially love the NY times crossword puzzle.


My favorite effort so far is the one near the bottom featuring Rove in a Colonel Klink helmet with the line, “He’s Watching You, Lib”.

I had to click through to “Dan Riehl”‘s website to confirm it, but it does indeed appear to be a remarkable example of that special kind of crunchiness that hints at a possible future as a wingnut all-star: a complete inability to detect self-parody.


Of course David Brooks is attacking blogs.
David Brooks is highly paid for writing inane nonsense, and the blogworld is full of people willing to write inane nonsense for free.
He just hates the competition.


The fact is that Murtha’s views place him among a majority of Europeans who regard the U.S. as the greatest threat to world stablity, ahead of Iran and North Korea:

I notice you don’t take the position they are wrong, just that they are Europeans. So I’m going to do something I can’t remember ever doing before. I’m going to agree with you, Gary. His views do place him among the majority of Europeans, Asians, Latin Americans and Australians who. along with a significant plurality of the American population, all of whom agree that the primary obstruction between peacefully working out our international disagreements and endless bloodshed and terror is the American Regime. Thanks for making the point so clearly, this should help many fence-sitters determine the appropriate action in November.

He is siding with foreigners against his own country. It’s treason, I tell you.

Main Entry: trea·son

Pronunciation: ‘trE-z&n
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English tresoun, from Old French traison, from Latin tradition-, traditio act of handing over, from tradere to hand over, betray — more at TRAITOR

1 : the betrayal of a trust : TREACHERY2 : the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family

You know, Gary, I think you and Coulter and the Malkin thing all must have fallen asleep in American History class. There seems to be some things you don’t understand about a Constitutional Representative Democracy. See, in a nutshell, the way it works is that the people vote for the person who will represent THEIR views (you’ll notice I didn’t say “the presidents views) in washington. If their views and the views of their constituency are at odds with the views of the President or other branches of government, it is still their sworn DUTY to argue strongly and forcefully for those things which they and their electors believe. It is the basis for a multi-party democratic system, and as you can see from our good friend Webster, treason requires a much more overt act to overthrow the government. Hope I cleared all this up for you, and we can put all this “treason” talk to bed for good…



Dudes, the post about 32% European disapproval of Bush was the “Fake Gary.” The giveaway is the fact that, unlike “real” Ruppert posts, it was not sourced to a wingnut site.

PWN3D!!11!!, bitchez…kidding.


I see Gary is making election predictions again. You know, like when he predicted that Silvio Berlusconi would win and Romano Prodi would lose. So, how ded that one work out for ya, big guy?


Does real Gary get paid for posts put up by the fake Garys? How does that work, really? And how can I sign up to post transparent conservative nonsense? I wouldn’t mind getting paid to help expose conservative silliness by giving it a wider audience.


But aren’t these the same sort of people who claim that we should have dealt with North Korea or Iran instead of Iraq?

No Gary, he’s saying that you conservatives made it more of a threat because you just had to be conservatives.

The only question now is, when do we start chucking conservatives in jail for how you all have ruined America? We’ll leave you out of jail because you’re already senile. Inferior minds need not go to prison.


And Gary, the only philosophy that is treason is conservatism. If you believe that we should have royalty in this country…

You are a traitor.


Someone visited my blog from a link within the “Clown-house” google group. What are you gotards up to? I feel like your hyperlinks are touching my naughty parts. Which is, you know, pretty fun. But still.


Well, no. The giveaway that the second Gary was fake was the “I tell you” at the end of “It’s treason”. It was almost humorous, in a small way, and therefore not Gary.

And what’s up with Michael Moore lately, anyway? I haven’t heard much from him. Is he still fat? Does he still hate America?


“He’s Watching You, Lib!�

Good–I’ll piss him off until his head explodes. The rest of the world can thank me then.


And what’s up with Michael Moore lately, anyway?

It’s funny–I’ve seen a certain amount of crowing from the right tha MM has been awfully quiet lately. And, you know, they’re idiots. Moore is in the final stages of finishing his new movie, “Sicko.” Tends to take up a lot of one’s time. But, don’t worry, wingnuts. Michael will be everywhere when the movie comes out. There’ll be more of him to hate than evah! ‘Cos, you know, he’s fatter than evah!


From the Malkin thing’s website:
“Ed Morrissey thinks [the release of information about troop withdrawal is] a controlled leak. But the law, as I’ve noted before, does not distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ leaks, ‘controlled’ or ‘uncontrolled’ ones. As Ed rightly notes, whatever the case, ‘the New York Times has once again specialized in publishing classified material on a story with only marginal news value.'”

I know, Michelle! Don’t they realize that it is ILLEGAL to leak classified information? Such utter, sickening disregard for the law.


Res Publica said,


Venomous rabid sheep, Res.


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