Well, we can’t wait to see this!

The Council of Economic Jokers Advisors unleashes this forecast:

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – The White House forecast for job growth this year is even more optimistic than it first appeared — a source says the Bush administration expects about 3.8 million new jobs in 2004, as opposed to the 2.6 million widely reported on Monday.

A White House source said Tuesday that the President’s Council of Economic Advisers expects an average of about 320,000 new jobs to be created every month in 2004, or about 3.8 million in total.

This is the same outfit, for those keeping score at home, that forecast many yet to be seen jobs for last year. Would we like to see that kind of job growth? Hell yeah. Does it seem like a reasonable prediction? Sadly, No! Over to you Brad DeLong.


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did you change your stylesheet? your links have huge fonts now…


did you change your stylesheet? your links have huge fonts now…

Hmmm, no we didn’t. It looks the same to us (in IE6) and looked fine in Safari earlier. What browser are you using?


Looks fine in Mozilla, too.


These numbers are probably correct. What the advisors don’t say is the jobs will be in Mexico, Singapore and the Philippines.


And with a whopping 1000 jobs created nationally in December, they’re off to a roaring start! Old BS not working? Then bring out the bigger, louder bullshit!

(S,N! fonts look fine in my IE6 and Netscape 7.0, not obscenely engorged at all.)


Maybe elves will come and create new jobs while we sleep. They always do stuff like that in the fairy tales.


hmm, looks fine under firebird but weird under opera. sorry, it’s probably something on my end.


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