The Kos made us do it

Via Atrios and then Hunter at Kos, we read this from TNR’s Martin Peretz:

An old professor of mine once warned me against writers who use capital letters for emphasis. Good advice she gave me. Capital letters suggest some imbalance in the mind of their employer. […]

So here goes: THE NEW REPUBLIC is very much against the Bush tax programs[.] [Emphasis, in the form of balanced bolding, added.]

So what is there to say about a magazine that feels compelled to capitalize its entire name?


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Let’s be fair. Kosmos only capitalized those words on the advice of his astrologer Jerome. It was needed to bring Mars and Neptune into a 90 degree loop.


Astrologer, huh? Gee, I wonder if he ever did any work for the Reagan White House, along with all the others?


Warner is going to get slaughtered for having an astrologer like Armstrong working for him.

Imagine all the talk that will occur amongst the leaners. Asking if Armstrong looked into astrology to plan Warner events, and if Jerome used the skills he developed as a junk stock shill to pump up Warner’s fundraising numbers.

Warner is going to turn off a ton of the middle of the road voters with his weirdness and his Northeastern Liberalism.


Gary’s right — look at what happened to Ronald Reagan.


Ronald Reagan was never proven to have any links to astrology.

Things are different here.


Shorter Gary: Astrolostrong!


Reagan’s close friendships and reliance on astrologers are as at least as well-documented as Armstrong’s activities, including statements by Donald Regan, Sally Quinn, and several of the astrologers themselves. Now frankly, I don’t care either way, different strokes and whatnot, but your chortling about the one and dismissing the other out of hand strikes me as a mite self-serving, leading me to conclude you’d be a far more selfish lover than my darling Fake Gary.


Sadly, no, Sadly No. Those are small caps; so, in fact, they set “The New Republic” in all lower case, which is equally stupid if you think about it.


So what is there to say about a magazine that feels compelled to capitalize its entire name?

They’re Capitalists?


Did Gary win the bicycle?

Sadly, No!

But keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the sky, Gary!


I left a message for The Entity Known As Gary Ruppert in the previous thread… It’s sorta important, Gary, it might affect your bicycle campaign. I used capital letters in it, too. But y’all already know I’m deranged, right?


I love Marty Peretz. I mean whatever you think of anything, nobody says sheltered, incestuous, ineffectual pundit as someone that writes for the supposed flagship “progressive” lefty rag and that hasn’t visited DailyKos, a left leaning website getting a zillion hits a day from putative fellow travelers of the faltering munchstain mag he ran into the ground, until his magazine has already decided to torpedo it via their online “blog” organ. I mean, Jesus H. Simonsays.

Herr Doktor Bimler

Are there any html tags we can use to set text in small caps, instead of CAPITALS, so as not to appear deranged?

Herr Doktor Bimler

My point (yes, I have a point) is that small caps are quite different from capitals, but neither are they a form of lower-case, and if people start confusing them, they will have an army of pissed-off typographers from all across the world to answer to.
How about html tags to switch into semi-uncial lettering, as a way of emphasising the key words in that last sentence? Semi-uncials would be nice. Failing that, I would settle for a German black-letter typeface like Fraktur.


Jerome’s horoscope predicted that he would meet a dark and handsome stranger and make hot monkey-love today, so he’s been hiding in the laundry room all day.




Hi Doktor,

Most common HTML, oops, I mean html tags should work.

PS: Except blink.


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