Shorter Wall Street Journal Editorial

A Net Loser

What’s good for the phone companies is good for the country.


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Betcha anything we get some more Netvocates comin’ our way for this.

Gary? You called into the office yet?



Hocus-pocus, alomogocus! The magic market makes everything better, even when it doesn’t!

Reaganomics dies a hard death, I tell ya.


Well, the American Consumer Institute … actually asked an economist to look into whether this is true.

Ya see? Ya see what those kids on the inner netz are causing? What if we stalled every draconian automatically pro-corporate pro-content-management measure being jammed up the unsuspecting ass of the populace?

Where would we be then but sputtering impotently while inner netz goofballs comically waddled alongside us pointing and making silly faces to expose us as greedy imperious douchebags, emboldened by our temporary separation from the bullwhip we usually use to drive them back?


Lined up the wingnut sites here on the bank surveillance program – note that the WSJ hates America too! Let me know if there are any worth adding.


Shouldn’t Brad be getting his future determined by “political astrologer” Jerome Armstrong?

Oh wait.. MyDD “revised history” and removed all references to Armstrong’s obsession with astrology..

Reality Based Revisionism, of course. And that will certainly make things better for Astro Armstrong and DailyKos-mos!


Why is Gary under the impression that we give a crap in any way whatsoever about Jerome Armstrong? It’s odd.


OK, now, to me that’s proof that The Entitity Known As Gary Ruppert is more than one Netvocate. Because I was over at GGreenwald’s ten minutes ago and another troll posted that same point in VERY similar language. (Eeps I keep forgetting, caps make me appear deranged). The Greenwald troll was not called Gary Ruppert. Perhaps they both got their faxes at the same time, but it looks fishy to me. I suspect there is a whole TEAM (eeps) of Gary Rupperts, outsourced somewhere, keyboarding madly, getting paid fifty cents an hour. And it’s just wrong. Gary, honey, they’re not paying you enough. Do you know what a strike is?


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