They let you watch Antiques Roadshow reruns whilst at the bar at Kinkeid’s.

Tech lesson of the day: What is a slingbox and a slingplayer

by John in DC – 6/18/2006 04:52:00 PM

I simply do not understand what they are and how they work and what they let you do. So please enlighten me, and all the rest of us who love our TVs, love technology, but are slightly clueless.

Thanks, JOHN

If only there were some way to search for things on the Internet.

Above: Sling video is a must-have for the stylish left-blogger on the go.

Next, Aravosis asks:

“Help, someone turned the lights off, and now I’m trapped in here. Can someone deliver food and water (something nice please, no fast food), or explain how to make doorknobs light up or make a noise?

“Thanks, JOHN”


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Oh Gavin, you’re such a naughty, naughty blogger.


Who emboldened Sadly, No!?


Okay. Why the AmericaBlog snark? Afraid of teh gay?


Aravosis has been alienating people for awhile now. We’re not even early-adopters.

The latest ruckus was the ‘big girl’ thing, but there were several others before it.


His “Dr. Dean = teh HomoHater” routine really kicked things off in earnest.


I missed the big girl thing. Did SN cover it?


I love it when you guys are mean to Aravosis. Almost as much as I love it when you’re mean to Goldstein.


Aravosis posited that coward=big girl, and asked if there was any other definition.
This is fairly well covered at and a spoof blog


i also had trouble with americablog’s “cynthia mckinney is a shrill lout that should be ashamed, do you hear, ashamed of what she is doing to the democratic party by trying to go to work unhassled by guards” thing.

but, more to the point…gavin, i added sadly, no!’s good traffic numbers to my essay on the weekly standard’s misuse of facts on reporting about blogtopia (and yes, i coined that phrase!)


Oh, come on… I have an issue or two with Aravosis, but this is petty.


I know it’s a tad cynical of me, but I tend to cherrypick what I get out of Americablog. Aravosis seemingly has a certain personality type, one that makes him quite useful in certain situations (Ford, Microsoft, Mayor West, JeffyLube), but one that also makes him into an unlikable whiny bitch in other situations (“Big Girl,” the ban-o-rama that followed, McKinney, and even the ABC News producer gay-bashed in the Caribbean–I was more under the impression that he was more upset that someone “IMPORTANT” had been attacked than by the nature of the crime). In alot of ways, his behavior reminds me of my ex, which is NOT a good thing. However, I fail to see the usefullness of attacking him over dippy shit like in this post. If he’s being kinda a thickee, who cares? It really isn’t any problem for me. And stuff like getting a pic snapped with Kathleen Harris–um, so what? Sure, it betrays a bit of the celebrityophelia he exhibits occasionally, but everyone has personality quirks. It didn’t mean he’s a *supporter* of her Senate bid. He likely thought, “Ooh! Irony!” like when he was interested in Republican porn actress Mary Carey. In any event, I think S,N! has much bigger fish to fry, And scads of little, obscure ones, too.


True ’nuff, yo. But he’s been a dick to people personally. He’s owed a couple of whacks.


In other searching-for-info-on-the-internet news:

One would think that the top hit in a google search for ‘sadly no’ would be this site. Sadly, no. Somewhat ironically, the top hit is actually the Wikipedia article about this site. Happily, this site is still the first hit for the phrase ‘ “sadly no” ‘.


Also, John Aravosis is a dick.


I wasn’t arguing that he isn’t a dick–in fact, that’s often why he’s effective. But, far be it from me to say anyone ’round these parts has to *like* him personally. Like I said, he reminds me, in a number of ways, of my ex, and you have no *idea* what a harsh statement that is. My point is that most of the time, Americablog is fairly to somewhat useful. Then, once every month or two, John goes berserk and all hell breaks loose. And I can understand why many people would find that off-putting, and I would certainly not recommend that they hang around until the (inevitable) next freak-out. Also, I admit that most of the things that really pissed off most people who got pissed off didn’t phase me all that much (I was usually like, “WTF?!? Oh, Jonny A. is in one of his stinks. Bitch.”), so while he hasn’t managed to break my thick skin, there’s always the possibility that he’ll manage to at some point. But, frankly, Atrios did something that made me see a lot more red than anything Aravosis’ occasional temper tantrums have managed to do, and I haven’t stopped reading him! I just think that attacking Aravosis over things like the slingbox is kinda not worth the time and effort. Sure, if you want to pile on him when he’s clearly being a crabby bitch, go ahead. But in this particular case, he was just being kinda dopy or lazy. The world is hardly ending.


Yeah, but the corrolary is that most of the time people don’t make fun of John A., but then sometimes we have these weird freakouts and do.

He reminds me of my ex, man, and that’s also saying a lot. Clear sailing for three weeks and then monstrous destructo-attacks. Then acting like everything’s totally normal, and “Why are you loking at me like that?”

To be honest, he was a gratuitous dick to a bunch of us — meaning not just posters, but commenters. And if we have one loyalty (etc)…


Personally I think that this post and the “Banning Museum” post and the various and sundry other asides and mild mockery (so mild that you’ve been soaking in it for months and haven’t even noticed) are well deserved. But there’s lot’s of history out there regarding John A and his alleged emuness on the vast fruited planes of the interwebs so if you’re interested you can judge for yourself.


It’s a real exercise in character-building to learn how to handle being mocked. Taking yourself too seriously is about the worst thing I can think of, and I’m glad I (mostly) got over it by the time I was 28 (when I was viciously but hilariously lampooned in a Christmas party skit some of my co-workers put on).

That said, I don’t really follow AmericaBlog unless another blogger refers to it.


I love this post. Sorry, Marq, but I’ve come to the realization over the past few months that teh internets are not about providing greater access to information, or improved communication, or making a difference.

Teh internets are solely meant for taking the piss.


Sadly, yes!


I have an issue or two with Aravosis, but this is petty.

I come for the petty, I stay for the leg room.


Hey, does anybody know if long hair on guys is a black thing? I don’t know. Some of the black experts here, help me out. Are those amusement park employees who had to cut off their dread-locks/braids/whatever just whiny little GIRLS, or is long hair (on guys) a legitimate BLACK thing???

Thanks, JOHN


Yasonyacky beat me to it, because I was gonna mention the recent “black thing” post from AmeriEmuBlog. The other good thing about making fun of John — aside from the fact the he deserves it — is that it proves that we’re non-partisan.


Who cares if it’s petty? What’s important is, is it funny? And yes, it is. Besides, the guy has freaky eyes, so have at ‘im.


I fully support the snark against John, since he’s a prick. AmericaBlog was one of the first set of blogs I read, and I did find it useful. I just can’t stand the stupidity.]

Yours — Ally


Ah, don’t be hatin’ on John! Granted, I’ve had no personal interaction with the man, but I haven’t seen evidence of him being a dick before. A bit of a drama queen, from time to time, but jeez, this IS Blogistan, after all. I’ve disagreed with him a number of times, but I still like his blog a lot.


He also went off on teh scary mormons.

Hey, when your DNA goes all the wya back to King Emu, you are pretty much an emu.


Actually, I have interacted with Mr. A. a couple of times, and he was perfectly nice. I asked questions and got answers. Of course, the key matter here is that I was asking questions, not questioning his authoritah. He seems to react… poorly to that.


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I love that linky.


King Emu. God, I kill myself. Gregor come back to us! The emu signal is in the sky


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