How about you get to make little contracts instead of this whole getting married crap?

President Bush sends a little conservative compassion in Andrew Sullivan’s general direction:

Paraphrasing the president’s remarks, Mr. DeMint said: “He said he was not going to condemn anyone, that the need to have various types of agreement does not mean we need to redefine marriage. ‘If people want to have contracts on hospital visitation and benefits, that’s O.K.’ ”

Responding to questions on Sunday about the Time article, Claire Buchan, a White House spokeswoman, said:

“States, through their contract law, have the ability to address some of the issues that advocates of gay marriage are raising, such as hospital visitation rights and insurance benefits and the ability to pass on one’s estates to another. What the president has said is that he strongly believes in the sanctity of marriage, so that’s what he is saying.”

So, that’s what he is saying. Along with madman, terror, madman, September 11, threat, madman, terror, madman, war, what’s the difference?

Conservative groups are lobbying the White House to endorse a constitutional amendment defining marriage as something that can take place only between a man and a woman. At the same time, the White House wants to appear empathetic to gays who tell of hospitals forbidding them to visit partners on their deathbeds. [Emphasis added]

We think even Andrew Sullivan, the Maginot line of support for Bush in the homosexual community, isn’t going to be fooled much longer by this little production. How does that old line go again? Fool me once, shame on, shame on, the fool can’t get fooled again. Right, something like that.


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Note the choice of verb: the White House doesn’t want to be emphathetic; it wants to appear emphathetic. Similarly, Bush wants it to appear that he: is a fiscal conservative, is a “compassionate conservative,” has responded appropriately to the threat of terrorism, and cares about the environment, schoolchildren, middle-class Americans, etc. — even though the reality is quite different.


Ack, I meant “empathetic,” not “emphatetic.”


I don’t see what the big deal is here. George doesn’t want to let gays get married, but he’s perfectly happy to look the other way while they engage in their gay marriage-related program activities.


So, he has nothing against homosexual Americans entering into private contracts? Wow, what a progressive! Next thing you know, blacks can buy groceries if they so wish!


Sully is hardly that influential, but the Maginot line didn’t stop the Germans, either.


Why do you have to be on your deathbed to get any empathy?

…can’t get fooled again. Hmmmm….is the Rib-Shack Order-Boy a Who fan?


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