Kitten Kombat — the coup de grace

…If by ‘coup de grace’ you mean ‘merest hint of gigantic stockpile of kitten terror weapons.’

Oh yes, der Kommisar’s in town, oh-oh-oh.


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Because ear mites are to be videoed, not treated.


Because ear mites are to be videoed, not treated.

I thought they were just dangling something in front of the cat.

Huh. Now I feel more like a bad person even than usual.


I agree, the poor thing has ear mites. Head bangers, feh. They are not worthy to be cat staff.


don’t feel bad Gavin – that cat was just rocking out! and trying to communicate with the bed-wetting right wing:
“sleep with one eye open gripping your pillow tight”


Don’t use ebaumworld. It’s not even the asshole of the internet: after all, you need an asshole.

Catloving Lurker

I don’t think this kitty’s problem is ear mites. That head shake looks more like cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological
disorder characterized by head bobbing/shaking and gait problems. Kittens get it if their mother is exposed to FIE
(feline distemper) during pregnancy.

Catloving Lurker

Wow, do I sound like a pedantic twit. Anyway, my point was I don’t think the cat’s being neglected. There’s no
treatment for CH, but cats that survive to adulthood generally adapt pretty well to their disability and can have a
decent life. And at least the head bangers are apparently keeping him inside where he’s safe.


Now you guys have done it.

Kitten wars make it into cartoons: August documents the MSM reaction to the horror.


you guys might want to consider recruiting lewis.


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