Sigh, cha! alas.

Andrew, we are forced by your own actions to get jiggy wit it.


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UMMmmmm, I will never click through on the….what do you want me to watch….

Seriously. Look at the minutes involved.. I just can’t do it..


Thank you. Now I have to go wash my face so people don’t think my girlfriend left me or something.


Oh…my…god. The first one, with the fan: I knew something interesting was going to happen but I had NO idea. “LOL” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

My softest spot for photos is puppies. But for videos, you just can’t beat teh cats.


I see you are now onto the “comical animals knackering themselves” videos.

I didn’t want to do this, but you’ve asked for it.


Oh man. Lone Ranger, I’ve already watched that 3 times.


Many apologies, I had no idea I was so unfashionably behind the times.

Try this one then – no cute animals, just mad a Scottish guy committing a (work safe!) act of insanity. The Sadlynauts might find it an apt metaphor for their daily trawl through nutbar websites.

And if you’ve seen this one before, I’ll have to admit defeat and retire in disgrace.

Brian - el Texas transplant

ubber alas kitty cats!


No, I mean, I watched it three times right after you linked it.


Oh man…that was seriously better than sex!


All hail Gavin and Sadly, No!, purveyors of teh snark, defenders of teh cute kitty-viddy, protectors of the interwebs and anathema to all that is teh wingnutty…



Gee, who knew that cats were so… graceful.


Um . . . so . . . I’m the only one who doesn’t think that cats getting pummeled and thrown around is funny?


what do you mean, STH? the cats were mostly doing the pummeling!


I agree, STH. A lot of the cats’ behavior seemed to have been provoked by aggressive teasing before taping was started, which was bad enough. But tricking over-excited animals into jumping onto surfaces designed to collapse was just cruel. And the fan bit was sadistic and disgusting.


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