The most excellent thing in the history of the world

Of course, this revises daily. But checkums. Yes, cool!

PS: Armando.


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I must cuddle with YouTube. How could Morrissey bear to let someone else have a little spotlight? Did that woman wake up stabbed with a quill? Maybe be was fancy free. He looks so young. And he was smiling.


omg!!!! you guys are on a roll.

kitten pics, then the goldstein-burial, an avalanche-sized 2 minute townhall, and now this!!!


PS: Armando.

Would I understand that if I had actually watched the video? I’m so confused.


This couldn’t happen in the US. No way would parents let their kids near a deviant like Morrissey.


That was Sandy Shaw wasn’t it?

Tak, the Hideous New Girl

Holy crap.

That was most excellent indeed.

I always said Morrissey was nothing without Johnny Marr.


Am I the only one that loves Morrisey’s music but can’t bear to ever listen to it?

Actually, I think PP is onto something. That guy looked happy. He can’t be Morrisey.


Odd coincidence. Couple of days ago I got my turntable out of the closet and have been playing the Smiths’ The Queen is Dead on it constantly. And now the Smiths seem to be everywhere!

God save the Smiths! (Reunite the band, please, oh, please!)


“We’re all going mad.” Heh heh heh.
This is the reason I totally heart YouTube (and the internets generally): I spent an awful lot of my time skulking around used record stores trying to find that recording of Sandie Shaw and Johnny Marr singing “Jeane” (ultimately successful), and now all you need is an internet connection and an office door at work you can close while you ought to be working. Kids these days… they don’t know how easy they got it.


Good god, Johnny Marr is hot.


Of course, nobody has pointed out that it was an odd coincidence that Johnny had his guitar with him and she wanted to sing. That’s incredible!


I happen to like Morrissey solo (“Every Day Is Like Sunday” has been on a loop in my brain lately) but yes, he was better with Johnny Marr.


renato, I’m with you, but I’m never in the mood to listen to his music! I guess I’m just too happy.

And BTW, the new most excellent thing in the history of the world is in video form at 3B!


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