Ann Coulter is the Real Victim, Part II

To follow up on Travis’ piece, I bring you the esteemed David “D-Hova” Horowitz:

It wasn’t Ann who crossed the line. It was these widows who crossed the line.

Personally, I think D-Hizzy is right. Widows are always crossing the line. In fact, they cross the line so often, that they can’t even be called fifth column. Those mofo’in’ widows are somewhere around the 1,430,532,035,024th column. And that means they are b-to-tha-izz-ad for the You-Ess-Ay

The bottom line is: I hate widows.


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While I don’t quite understand why these two line-crossings are mutually exclusive, I must concur with the widow hating sentiment. Down with widows!


Look, I hate to say it, but David’s got a point. Those widows got themselves an entire commission just to look into one little incident, and here David’s never been hired to teach at a university over the course of thirty entire years, and no one’s ever commissioned a federal investigative report about that. And then even after they got their little commission, they went and crossed the line by criticizing George Bush, even though that’s been a felony for almost five years now. And the worst thing is that you can’t criticize and mock the widows, whereas every time Horowitz opens his mouth it’s suddenly Mockery Season everywhere in the U.S.

So Ann Coulter is not the real victim here. David Horowitz is the real real victim.


I, too, despise Widows. I prefer Mac OS.

O.K., that was reeeaally awful. Sorry.


Watching him on C-SPAN – I can only imagine what it was like for the audience -something like smiling in a gas


…Chamber -Goddang Enter Key!!
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Wha? Oh.

See, that’s what we’re good at, around here.

Watching him on C-SPAN – I can only imagine what it was like for the audience -something like smiling in a gas chamber.


So Ann Coulter is not the real victim here. David Horowitz is the real real victim.

That’s because David Horowitz couldn’t get laid if he had a $100 bill hanging out of his zipper.


Those fucking widows. What the fuck do they expect with their husbands all dying and shit … a fucking funeral?


The thing those widows should be most ashamed of is destroying their own traditional, hetero marriages by not dying at the very same moment as their hubbies. The nerve! They must be part of the greater islamexicahomo agenda! Shame, shame!


Uh oh–I didn’t close my hyperbole tag at the end of that last post! Now, all the posts following it are… GOING TO DESTROY THE ENTIRE WORLD IN A SHOWER OF TUNGSTEN “GOD RODS” FROM ABOVE!!!one!

Oh, damn.


Why is David Horowitz being asked to comment on Ann Coulter and the 9/11 widows? What’s that got to do with leftist conspiracy networks and the banning of conservative thought on American campus?

…oh, right. Only D-Ho’s manager can answer that for me. So, what escort service is the old fraud working for these days?


MdM – beware the emus with a comment like that!!

DocAmazing, I was going to say something about how I like the widows becasue they let the sunshine in without letting the bugs in too.


“But fear not, Ann,” added Horowitz, “for we are slowly but surely piecing together the means to respond to this endless barrage of liberal invective. You’ll be happy to learn that my Center for the Study of Popular Culture and the Liberty Film Festival have merged to form the premier conservative film and cultural organization in America. We will not be silenced.”


Horowitz shows why you should never trust a Trots…


D-Ho couldn’t get hired by a university to teach, yet my kid brother–a brainiac and quite under 30–has been doing just that for salary since he got his master’s in math about two years ago.

Who says America ain’t a meritocracy??


When I read that quote, it sounded like something from a Mel Brooks movie.

“David Horowitz is right! We need to round up those widows and burn them to save Rock Ridge.”


Isn’t Courtney Love is a widow? I rest my case.


If those frigid bitches had been performing their wifely duties on the morning of 9/11 and making their husbands late for work, none of them would be widows now, right? Those liberal hags must all be lesbians. (But I repeat myself.)


I’m sure there must be something in the Old Testament that calls for widows to be stoned to death, right?


Now that Horowitz has basically opened the door to saying anything under the label ‘satire’, can I say, satirically, that it’s good how he proves you don’t have to be a closeted gay man to be a Jewish McCarthyite?


Dan Someone,

I don’t really understand why everybody thinks Rollins delivered such a smackdown there. I’m afraid she probably enjoyed both the smacking aspect and the job offer.

Do you realize how easy it is to convert one of those little black dresses into a French maid’s costume? All you need is the frilly white apron & cap! She’s more than half-way there.


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