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Aside from that, I hope this serves a lesson to all of you who link to crap internet sources like Jason Leopold merely because they write what you want to hear. In fact, the Armando fiasco stemmed from one asshole angry that Armando trashed his diary using Wayne Madsen as a source.

This is the reality based community, not the “make up your own reality” community. Conservatives already own the trademark to that name.

Be properly skeptical of everything you read.


Blogs are not good sources of news. I read blogs to get unique ideas and perspectives from interesting people. But when I want news, I’ll go to the New York Times, the BBC, WaPo, or the Wall Street Journal (their NEWS section, not their EDITORIAL section).

[Gavin adds: Dude, you’re undermining our credibility as a serious news source. Actually, Raw Story hits some good ones now and then, but there’s an odd and pervasive reluctance on the part of bloggers to make calls and get original quotes — which is such an easy thing to do that even Newsmax has almost mastered it. The worst that can happen is that the source doesn’t reply to a voicemail. Not exactly a fearful tragedy.]

I would hate to see our side become like a certain wingnut who mindlessly links to any NewsMax story that conforms to his worldview.


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In that link I can’t help but notice the real Gary Ruppert predicting that Bush’s rating would be back up to 45% by Memorial Day. What happened, Gar?


Ah yes, nice catch:

And Bush’s speech tonight will get him to 45% by Memorial Day.

Gary is Exhibit A of what reading nothing but partisan Internet news sources does to your brain.

That said, I am kinda worried about the midterm elections. The Democrats are not doing a good job of pushing their policy alternatives.Hopefully they’ll start doing that real soon, ’cause even though Kos’ netroots will help with turnout, I still don’t think it’ll be enough.

The trickiest question is what to do in Iraq. The place seems doomed to civil war whether we stay or leave. Not a lot of appealing options there.


I’m surprised that Gary didn’t shoot for 60% approval ratings. After all if the Homexislamofascist MSM wasn’t doing political hit pieces on Bush by not reporting the painting of schools in Iraq and the like, Bush would still be at, like 90%.


Brad is absolutely right. We are not winning the battle of ideas. They are losing. The reason the approval ratings for this administration are so low is they have been self-destructing, primarily because they are evil and continue to follow domestic and foreign policies that serve their short-term agenda, but do nothing for America or even the Republican party.

As I see it, we have 2 choices. We can hunker down, keep quiet and count on the Worst American Administration Ever ™ to continue to stumble, on Iraq, on Iran, on Immigration, on Economic Policy, on Energy Dependence. That’s likely to occur, but if we do so we’re counting on winning a strict protest-vote. I’d take it, but it’s a risky policy. It really requires a motivated turnout from the Democrats and an angry electorate. The other option is harder. The way I see it, most of the Democratic Presidential frontrunners are non-starters. Hillary, Biden, Warner, these guys are losers. Sure, the repubs have problems with THEIR frontrunners as well, but again, we can’t count on that solving our problems. We need to pick a guy RIGHT now, whether it’s Wesley Clark (my choice) or whoever, and start getting our beliefs and policies into the public. Talk about the morality of Choice, the Compassion of health care coverage for the poor, a tax policy that makes sense, education policy that might have a CHANCE of working, and a foreign policy that, at a minimum, is a little less beligerent. There’s still enough time, but our side needs to get started…

Just Sayin’


Oh, and as for Iraq. I think it’s obvious that our military presence there is doing a lot more harm than good. We have not been able to prevent the Civil War, and we have not created the kind of Democracy Bush had in mind. We have created a situation where Iran is the un-contested regional superpower and Egypt and Saudi are almost certainly doomed to collapse in islamic revolutions. It’s time to leave, and if we were to become an honest broker in mid-east politics, maybe in a few decades we can all be friends….


His Gace- you shoot too low. Bush should have approval ratings in the 200% range, if not 300%.


Has anyone tried this one yet?

“The low approval ratings are good for Bush. They show he isn’t driven by polls.”


Mikey: we have not created the kind of Democracy Bush had in mind

I’m not so sure about that. This could be exactly the kind of democracy BushCo had in mind: the kind that is so unstable it provides an unending source of new terrorists with which to scare the American masses, thus enhancing GOP election odds and justifying further consolidation of power in the Executive Branch; the kind that is so flimsy it requires a constant U.S. military presence; the kind that is so beholden to BushCo that BushCo’s friends can be assured of lucrative no-bid deals for simultaneously rebuilding and raping the country.

Yep, sounds like maybe he hit just the target he was aiming for.


how are you going to get on Google’s news list, if you post about how you aren’t news?!

I am skeptical of this post. I doubt that Gavin believes that Sadly no is not news.


“If you missed it the first time, it’s new(s) to YOU!”


In that link I can’t help but notice the real Gary Ruppert predicting that Bush’s rating would be back up to 45% by Memorial Day. What happened, Gar?

What he meant was 45% in base six, which is 29% in decimal. If you mix and match the polls, he was right all along.


I am skeptical of this post. I doubt that Gavin believes that Sadly no is not news.

We’re America’s finest news source!


My otherwise sane, intelligent ditto monkey FIL is always sending me NewsMax ariticles. And jokes. I reply in the same way to each HAHAHA good one. Where do you find this funny shit?? It was a sad day for me when he removed me from his wingnut mail list. About 20 other wingnuts get the same reply when I hit “reply all”.


sane and intelligent in spite of the ditto monkeyness.


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