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    That’s it really. The film ends mainly visually.

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    Bradrocket adds: I think you should all see the picture of Gavin again. Just because.

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    Registration, huh? I see the long arms of the NSA really have no bounds.

    I’m actually a little more concerned that there will be a “pointless comment with no real worth, be it measured in humor, knowledge, or true insight” filter.


    Aw, you sweetie, you mean you’d miss me?

    And Gavin’s married? ‘Cuz he looks about 14. Or does he just wear the ring to keep the giggling girlish hordes at bay?


    how about that trinidad and tobago huh?

    wrong blog?


    I would totally hit that little Menudo wanna-be cutie! Shorter shorts means easier off and easier access.


    I find Gavin’s shorts strangely disturbing.


    Hmmm … registration … that means the end of posting as Gary.

    “There can be only one.”


    If I register, will my username be my screen id?


    Registration can’t stop me.

    I’ll be ever’where – wherever you look. Wherever there’s a fight so rich people don’t have to pay the estate tax, I’ll be there. Wherever there’s a redneck moron beatin’ up a fag, I’ll be there. I’ll be in the way guys yell when they’re crazed with RNC talkin’ points – an’ I’ll be in the way kids laugh when they’re dad takes them to their first Klan meeting. An’ when our people live out of the pockets of the Blue State voters, while simultaneously denouncin’ them as immoral, why, I’ll be there too.


    If I register, will my username be my screen id?

    Sadly, (?) yes. False positives are rare — this is really just meant to guard against the remote possibility (for those so inclined.)


    How come Gavin looks like Spanish Heartthrob Tino?


    I was going to say a young Erik Estrada.

    old, old person

    Scott Baio?


    I don’t know whether to register or not; I’m not really a part of the inner cabal of libbloggers or anything.


    Fake Gary, that was brilliant.


    While I must pan Seb’s reluctance to discuss his penisi, I have registered nonetheless.


    Mmmm, “Gavin’s Shortsâ„¢.” Crotchtacular!

    …and obviously nowhere near the legal age of consent, so nice try, Mr. Underaged Sexcrimes Unit, but I’m not interested. However, if he has an older brother… with the same shorts, natch….


    Oh, and apropos of nothing in particular, The Long Thread® has reached 900 comments! The amazing thing is that every one of them is a keepah! OK, not really, but we’re going for 1000 anyway!


    how about that trinidad and tobago huh?

    Hislop was great. 🙂 There’s a Wingnut special tomorrow — Mexico vs. Iran: the illegal immigrants take on the Islamofascists.

    intimate details about my two penises

    Over-under or side-by-side?


    Ha ha that picture has got me rolling on the floor laughing. Tiger Beat Magazine I suppose?


    I can live with the omnipresent threat of robot reprisal. I won’t even let you guys set cookies, for pity’s sake. Like I’m gonna register or something.


    Yeah, I don’t need no stinkin’ registration. If any of my comments are shunted off to the spam queue, they propably deserve it.


    Por primera vez!


    OK, I registered.

    Do I wiin the all-expenses paid date with Gavin?

    PS Oh, and Gary Ruppert, you are SMOKIN’!


    Every time I register for something, whatever e-mail address I’ve given gets flooded with offers for viagra. I’ve got hundreds of in-boxes all around the world heaving and quaking with offers for viagra. It’s a frickin’ national tragedy!


    Strange how you guys are keeping quiet about the fact that the Haditha story is unraveling and the massacre is being exposed as a hoax.


    That was so good Gary, I need a cigarette now.


    With Zarqawi dead and Haditha exposed as a hoax (I will furnish links to the relevant Newsmax stories on request), our victory in Iraq is imminent!

    In your face, moonbats!


    I will furnish links to the relevant Newsmax stories on request

    Gary, you are such a tease!


    I must protest against the continual posting of that photo. Seriously guys, it’s creepy-scary. Not sure if I will register, I’ve never been confused with spam, not even when I used to post as Gentlewoman Geekpockets 😉

    I will furnish links to the relevant Newsmax stories on request

    Oh please do, Gary. And we will read EVERY WORD, when you do. *dying laughing*

    Honestly, I swear you guys have the BEST. Trolls. Evar!!1!1! Gary was ON FIRE the other day, he posted like 10 grafs of the most demented, illogical crap I’ve ever seen. It was sublime. ‘ The theatre, in our time, has known few such moments.’–Thurber


    See, the attorney for the Marine sergeant charged with committing the Haditha “war crimes” said his client is innocent: therefore, the guy must be innocent.

    Don’t you moonbats know anything ?


    I just had a great idea: given the popularity of Gavin’s picture, what if we replaced Wingnut in Party Hats with Wingnuts in Gavin Shorts? Anyone?

    PS to Gary: still waiting for the newsmax links.


    I will furnish links to the relevant Newsmax stories on request

    Y’know, I still want to be angry over the wingnut trivialization of the murders of women and children at the hands of the American military. But then Gary, as always, goes “a bridge too far” and adds the comic relief. Certainly, when you allow your political worldview to be formed, or even influenced by such reliable, unbiased and unimpeachable sources as Newsmax, you can count on most people snickering and snorting in derision at your positions.

    I actually went over to Newsmax to see what it looked like. Wasn’t really surprised, but something did jump out at me that I don’t understand. Maybe Gary can help me here. They have a headline that Ann Coulter’s Hate Screed made the most popular item in books at today. Ok, there’s a lesson in that for us all. Something about the correlation of pandering and profit. But if it’s selling so well, why is there a huge ad right on the Newsmax front page offering it for $4.99? I mean, the way the free market is supposed to work, if something is in great demand, there is no need to discount it, right?






    I just know it /whimper


    These Newsmax stories decisively refute the idea that any “war crimes� occurred in Haditha:

    Are the editors of this blog capable of putting down their bongs long enough to go do their own research? Sadly, no!


    Y’know, Gary, I hate to wreck your good story, but I just read those links, and you know what? Even though only one of them even has a definitive by-line and they are all speculative in nature, in not even ONE of them to they ever refute the fact that unarmed Iraqi civilians, including women and children, were killed by US marines. Two try to justify it, one by saying they knew about the roadside bomb and one by saying the marines did in fact take fire from somewhere after the bomb. Another merely says Haditha is a dangerous hotbed of the insurgency, and “not all” of it’s citizens are innocent, a claim I’ve never heard anyone make. The last says one of the implicated marines says he’s innocent. What a surprise. All this notwithstanding that they are all Newsmax stories and none of the authors, most of whom are un-named, seem to have ever been near Iraq. I’m gonna take the position you DID put down the bong (after a couple of GOOOOOD hitz) before you did your research…



    I see “Gary” doesn’t understand the very concept of a “reality-based community,” since he links to “news” stories that are, essentially, just spin pieces and wingnut editorializing. Gary? It takes actual evidence to convince us of things, not opinion. So you might want to save the effort in future if you don’t really have anything to back up your moronic claims.


    I dunno, mikey. Maybe some of the libertarians can come on over and explain the discounting of a wildly successful book. I admit, I’m curious as well.


    Coulter’s selling well? Pshaw. Her target market can barely read!

    And, it seems, she can’t even write her own stuff:

    I’m unsure if this merits a bwa-ha-ha. Disturbing if true.


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