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Shorter Byron York: Liberal bloggers are finding out the hard way that it requires a lot of blood, sweat and tears to chart a course for your political party, instead of just doing it the other way around.


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Kos and the Nutroots do get to hold the title of “largest gathering of socialists held in America in 2006”, granted, they’ll get that title with YearlyKos in 2007, and they will lose it in 2008 to the Democrat National Convention.

Kos and the Nutroots have won nothing.

Every single candidate on the Kos Dozen lost. Every single candidate which was shilled by Kos in 2005 and 2006 has lost.

It’s no coincidence why this happens. It’s no coincidence by American voters turn down candidates supported by an extreme leftist with a Napoleon complex.

Ever since Kos cheered the deaths of Americans in Iraq in 2004, he has shown the world that he is the king of the unhinged insane left.

What moral victory will Kos claim when the Democrat Party loses seats in November?

The fact is that the American people are firmly against the Democrats, and America knows that the Democrats are the party of death.

The fact is that delusional extremists like John Murtha, Cindy Sheehan, Howard Dean, and Kos, are the ones in control of the Democrat Party.

The Democrat party is on the verge of bankruptcy too. The DNC reports a cash on hand amount of only $9.4M. The RNC reports a cash on hand amount of $44.6M.

The Angry Dwarf of Vermont, Chairman Dean, has veered the DNC into a ditch.

The trend started by Dean has been emulared by numerous Democrat parties.

In Delaware, their Democrat party only has $24K on hand.

In Hawaii, their Democrat party has only $598 on hand. Five Hundred Ninty Eight Dollars.

In Idaho, Democrats only have $12K on hand.

In Louisiana, Democrats only have $18K on hand.

In New Hampshire, Democrats only have $26K on hand.

In Nevada, Democrats only have $7K on hand.

In Oklahoma, Democrats only have $5K on hand.

In South Dakota, Democrats only have $8K on hand.

In Wisconsin, Democrats only have $9K on hand.

In West Virginia, Democrats only have 408 dollars on hand.

In Wyoming, Democrats only have $7K on hand.

All around the nation, the Democrat Party is sinking into obscurity. The Democrat Party will soon get jettisoned into the dustbin of history.

While the Krazy Kossers smoke pot and listen to Rage Against the Machine, their party is being suffocated at every level by the mainstream common sense ideas of the Republican Party.

I hope Wes Clark enjoys the chicken too.


Wow, Ruppert must’ve had some pep pills.



Oh boy! Back with pretty numbers and everything! Pleased to be linking with the source, then? Or maybe a run down of how many of those states are even viably up for grabs, thus worth the fundraising?
Wow, Sheehan and Kos are ranking DNC members? W00t! MAybe I was too busying listing to new My Rage downloads on my iPOd, and smoking grass while driving my hybred to work at Starbucks to notice that.
I know, you shouldn’t feed the trolls (makes ’em grumpy) but he’s just so cute!


Oh my, Gary is sounding rather… shrill, I suppose is the word to use.


The numbers come from FEC reports, look them up to verify. Granted, truth isn’t the biggest goal of the extreme left as evidenced by the possibility that the Haditha massacre was entirely fiction.


Hmmm… interesting theory. However, I’m much more inclined to believe Rep. Murtha, 27 yeah Marine veteran and Defense Subcomittee member, over a Minister-playing-reporter, who’s SON is in the company accused of the massacre, on a trip he took months before the story even broke.
Can’t believe, “Hey, remember last year when we slaughtered them Iraqis?” didn’t come up during the campfire.
Took your advice, and looked up FEC reports.
You may want to be more skeptical of who you’re getting your news from. That took me about 45 seconds to find. $9.4M, indeed.


I know this is kinda off topic, but…am I the only one who thinks Byron York looks like Zack Young, the psyco teen from “Desperate Housewives”?


Didn’t Brad unmask Gary as a pseudo-troll? Is there an update?


I like the image of the “common sense ideas” suffocating the party. Sounds like a terrible event-planning disaster.

Hey!! I got an email reply from Bucktown dusty or whatever his name is (a couple threads down). He asked me why I was wasting my time reading him, and didn’t I have better things to do. I replied back that I agreed, reading him was a waste of time.


Y’know, I’m trying to work up a good sense of outrage over the Garybot ™ attempting to deny the horrendous war crime at Haditha, but considering the source and all, I just can’t seem to do it. The smell of desperation is strong around the wingnuts these days. And in their attempts to find the joy and bravado of 2003, they make more and more outrageous statements. This line of Gary’s about the Democratic party actually LOSING seats in November is a great example. How divorced from reality do you have to be to continue supporting this failed regime in Washington? What convoluted lies must you be willing to swallow to continue to believe in this administration’s form of “governance”? I’m certain there’s more pain and death and suffering to come as the bush/cheney cabal thrashes about, trying to recapture the “Mission Accomplished” glow, but I must confess to a little shaudenfreude also. They have been so cruel, so venal, so bent on power and riches at the cost of American lives, pride and treasure, that the long, slow downfall, and eventual trials and imprisonment, is somewhat enjoyable to watch.

On another topic, please go read Riverbend’s latest posts at Baghdad Burning. She hasn’t been posting much lately, and her posts are darker and more depressing than they have ever been in the past, but it’s the view from right in the heart of Baghdad that gives the lie to the wingut stories about how there’s good news there and we just aren’t seeing it. Friends and neighbors, there is no good news to be shown…



What, nobody invited RoD to the convention!


Has anyone traced the IP address of ‘Ruppert’ to RNC HQ yet?


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