While poor Seb was reduced to hiring an untalented hack like me, the lovely and snarkerific Ms S.Z. of World O’Crap went out and hired my non-union Mexican equivalent, Scott, who does five times the work I do, and is ten times as funny:

Russert: Mr. Christ, what do you say to accusations that you’re opposed to fighting a battle to bring about the end of all life on Earth because you’re an Anti-Semite?

Jesus: Well, first of all, I’d like to point out that I myself am Jewish—

Ann Coulter: Yeah! Just like George Soros. Another Jew who somehow figured out a way to avoid crucifixion.


Michelle Malkin: Why don’t people ask him more specific questions about the nails in his hands and feet? There are legitimate questions about whether or not they were self-inflicted wounds.

Russert: What do you mean self-inflicted? Are you suggesting Mr. Christ crucified himself on purpose?

Michelle Malkin: Did you read the book by Barabbas and the Golgotha Veterans for Truth? Some of the thieves who were actually crucified have made allegations that these were self-inflicted wounds.

That’s some funny. I hate you, Scott. I’m calling INS.


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that’s teh funny. jesus died for your money.


It’s hard out there for a permanent-guest-blogger, ‘Tardo. Lemme tell ya.


Hilarious and pretty accurate as to how an interview of the type would play out,


Hey RETARDO where’s my JismSmoothie reaming?

(Oh, that came out wrong… Or terribly right, if you’re me.)


omg lofl that was awful teh.

I think we’re gonna wait until YearlyKos is over. It deserves the WIDEST possible deSEMENation.


Uh, check again. s.z.’s got the byline on that post.

And dump that post into the Koufax file for next year. Funniest thing I’ve read this year.


I’ll get the kleenex.


Yeah, but can Jesus do the ping-pong ball trick?


Uh, check again. s.z.’s got the byline on that post.

Yeah, but I thought she attributed it to Scott.


Gracias, Retardo. People like me just want to make a better life for our families, so we come to this great nation, this land of opportunity, to do the blogging Americans won’t do.


Hysterically funny!
The hardest part about self crucifixion is getting that last nail in.


The INS doesn’t exist anymore. La Migra is now called ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Ice ice baby!


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