Our secret identity exposed!

s.z. at World O’Crap calls on her cast of non-accredited private detectives and reveals the secret identities of several of the internet’s biggest anonymous stars of blogging, and ours:

Blog: Sadly, No!

Real Name of blogger: Dr. Seb No!

Address: 9 Brottenwurstenslagen Way, Munich, Germany

Occupation: Supervillian, international spy

Family: Wife: Amber; son: Frederick.

And what a disappointment that son has been.


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Hey, screw you, Pops! And I don’t care if you write me out of the will. You suck!


Gasp! Where’s Dr. Laura when we need her?


Dr … No! Wife Amber, Son Freddy — ROTFLMAO! Truly, the anonytruth is truer than the truthy-truth.

See you at the mall.


Wouldn’t that be “Brottenwurstenlagenweg”?


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