Open “Make Brad Jealous” Thread

If anyone has tickets to see Radiohead on their current North American tour, feel free to make me jealous by telling me how psyched you are to see them.

I’m listening to a bootleg of their show in Boston this past Sunday, and damn the new songs sound good.  I saw ’em right after Hail to the Thief came out at the Tweeter Center in 2003, and I been hankerin’ to catch ’em again.


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verplanck colvin

I wanted to get to that show, but got stiffed. Same with Montreal. So you’ll be making me feel jealous as well if any SadNo readers went.

What’s your take on the new stuff? Totally new direction? Or are there elements of previous stuff in there?

Kid A is one of the top albums of all time. No one creates a synth soundscape like Radiohead does.


I rank their albums thusly:

-OK Computer
-Hail to the Thief
-Kid A
-The Bends
-Pablo Honey

Amnesiac had its moments, but it was mostly a b-side collection from the KID A sessions. “Pyramid Song” was brilliant, but OI though the studio recording of “You and Whose Army?” was vastly weaker than its live counterpart. Ditto “I Might Be Wrong.”

The new stuff- man, there’s some good shit there. I think they’re best when the electronic beats supplement the traditional rock arrangements (a la “2+2=5” and “15 Step”) and not vice-versa. They occasionally strike gold with their purely electronic experiments (“Spinning Plates,” “Idioteque,” “Everything in its Right Place”), but a lot of times they end up with shit like “Pulk-Pull/Revolving Doors.” I’m happy to see them go back to guitar/piano songs on the whole. My favorite tracks are “Videotape,” “15 Step,” and “Open Pick.” “Bangers’n’Mash” has promise. Ditto “Bodysnatchers,” “Arpeggi,” and “4 Minute Warning.” Overall, I think it’s the most promising new live material I’ve heard in a long, long time.


Tickets here in NYC sold out in literally one minute. And yet I’ve not only managed to score tickets, but free ones at that. Turns out a friend is a corporate stooge and they have tickets for their clients. And, apparently, aimless drifters like me. (You may now commence the player hating.)

I agree with Brad’s album ranking completely. I have friends who rank “The Bends” higher, but I like the later stuff more.

But where have you heard the new stuff? I’ve seen set lists on Stereogum, but I haven’t gotten an actual listen. Yet.


Otto- try this out. You’ll have to wait about 45 seconds before downloading, but it’s a very high-quality Amsterdam gig. Zipped mp3s. I recommend it highly.


God bless you, my son.


Lemme know what you think of it. I have better recordings and I can send you to ’em via AOL IM.


I’m seeing them in Toronto on Thursday. Hurrah!

I haven’t listened to any bootlegs yet. Probably because I’ll hear the real thing soon.


Are the Black Keys opening for them at your show, jon? They’re a pretty damn good band too. Like the White Stripes, but without all the incesty baggage 🙂


Damn, that’s great, Brad. “Open Pick” is scorching, and “Nude” is a nice bit of mellow Thomitude. Thanks again. I appreciate the offer of more, but I already have a couple earlier ones and if I pile on anymore, I’m going to be dangerously close to following them around in a VW Bus.

I have no idea who’s opening for them here, but if it’s the Black Keys, I just might stroke out from glee. Anyone know where to find the openers? TicketFuhrer only has Radiohead listed, and I don’t have the B.A. in Dadaism needed to navigate the Radiohead sites.


Gavin and Seb and Retardo and Travis G and s.z. and Peanut are the best contributors to Sadly, No! ever! Oh, you just want to be made jealous about the Radiohead crap? Nevermind then.


My sister saw them in Philly. She said it was awesome. I was jealous. You should be too.


I got no use for Radiohead, but I am going to see the Black Crowes and the Drive-By Truckers up in Raliegh next month. And that’s pretty cool. To me, anyway.


Drive By Truckers are good. Black Crowes are on par with Counting Crowes. And that means they SUCK.


I truly believe listening to, or worse, discussing, Radiohead is absolutely the most offensive thing you can do on National Day of Slayer. I’ll defend your right to listen to bland secretary rock any other day of the century, but not today, dude. It’s 6/6/6.


Hey, I’ve got a NDS tribute up at my site already. But Radiohead is eternal.

The Black Crowes have a special place in hell reserved for ruining Otis Redding’s “Hard to Handle” for me forever.


I truly believe listening to, or worse, discussing, Radiohead is absolutely the most offensive thing you can do on National Day of Slayer. I’ll defend your right to listen to bland secretary rock any other day of the century, but not today, dude. It’s 6/6/6.

You’re right. I’m sorry for listening to shit that has a discernable meolody. My bad.


radiohead has come a long, long way (for the better) from pablo honey, but i still think stop whispering is their best song ever. that, and lewis (mistreated).

and to no msg and otto man, i don’t know where it stands in the slayer hierarchy, but south of heaven is a good album.

Satan, if he exists, is probably sitting back with a highball and Thelonius Monk playing in a three-piece suit cackling at our ridiculousness. (I don’t mean Monk is in hell, just that I’m certain CDs probably still work there.) Don Juan is whining. Again.


Unfortunately they are not coming to the DC area this year. However, I’ll be seeing them at the Bonnaroo Festival on 6/17 and cannot wait. They are incredible live.


BRad, you are high.

Uncanny went last night. The first Boston show was supposedly better,

It goes:

OK Comp
Bends/Kid A=tie


Well, none of y’all have to come with me, then. Go see Radiohead and feel sad for Thom Yorke or something. Sue me for liking my rock & roll with a little balls. Besides, I’m never gonna get a chance to see the Faces, so whaddaya want me to do.

And I sorta like that first Counting Crowes record in a nostalgic way. Light, poppy, uptempo, even though someone desperately needs to give that lead singer guy a hug. Maybe Thom Yorke could.


Anyone checked out Thom Yorke’s solo effort The Eraser yet?

It sound pretty much like you expect it to, but isn’t bad at all.


If I want to listen to sad music, I’ll listen to some slave spirituals; I like my rock and roll with a slice of testosterone, plz.


I’ll defend your right to listen to bland secretary rock any other day of the century, but not today, dude. It’s 6/6/6.

That reminds me: there’s a large amount of marketing tied into today, and yet “666” is not the number of the beast. Some mathematicians announces the “correct” number a year-or-two ago, but as far as I can tell, it didn’t catch on in the popular lexicon–I certainly don’t remember what it is! And yet, the funnymentalist set is still all afroth about 666. Ironic, really. They still support a fake war, started over lies, and are superstitious about a number which has no actual meaning… while not avoiding the actual number of the beast in telephone numbers and hotel rooms, etc. Life’s a joke!


can’t really blame them though, it seems warm and safe when your head is up your own ass.



500,000 points (Canadian)


I’m not sure if this is the same one you already have, Brad, but here’s a great set from the recent Boston show. “Videotape” sounds amazing, and “Arpeggi” is close behind.


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