John Hinderaker: Investor of the Year

Who Knew?

Pretty much the entire right-blogosphere, John. It’s like 10,000 people in a constant paroxysm of circular linking who all cover the same dozen weird stories every day.

From TigerHawk:

We have entered our 34th consecutive month of expansion in American manufacturing, the longest such increase in almost 17 years. There was no such winning streak even during the supposedly boom years of the Clinton administration. We know this boom is real, however, because it has been ages since there has been a rush of mainstream media stories about the collapse of American manufacturing.

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You have to go through layers of links and hat-tips to find the actual cite, but it’s from a brief monthly survey by a nonprofit entity called the Institute for Supply Management.

This is indeed earthshaking news. The manufacturing segment now represents about 10% of the American economy, and according to the Institute’s own figures, it’s almost even keeping pace with the other, non-manufacturing 90%. So this is clearly one of those economic booms where people pay more for everything and generally do worse financially — as opposed to those vulgar loud ones with all the money cascading out of them, like during the Clinton Administration.

Also in the news, there is no inflation. …For people who don’t drive, buy food, see doctors, pay college tuition, plan retirements, or pay utility bills.

Marketwatch: High chance of John Hinderaker wearing a barrel on a Minneapolis street corner, selling pencils and cursing the liberal MSM.


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Marketwatch: High chance of John Hinderaker wearing a barrel on a Minneapolis street corner, selling pencils and cursing the liberal MSM.

Thanks for the competing images of what he’s wearing under the barrel vs. him rolling haplessly down a hill in said barrel.


supposedly boom years of the Clinton administration

Yes, the economy was just plain awful during the Clinton years.


…and hat-tips

Is this some sort of rightwinger code? I’ve noticed this “hat tip” (which I find doofy…who the hell wears hats?) among a lot righty-tighties and I’m left with the impression that it’s really just a more sartorially up-market version of “ditto.”


manufacturing jobs are up? I guess mickeydees must have built a few more stores


‘Hat-tips’ (which appear on Crooks and Liars, Glenn Greenwald and a few other places) are used to remind us of the good old days of pianolas and pinafores, when gentlemen were gentlemen and tipped their stove-pipe hats to clever pretty ladies and to helpful newsboy acquaintances, long long before the arrival of Germaine Greer, Porky’s, American Pie 2, cum-gargling monster-twats, retardos, and green slimy goat balls.


I’m not going to go read it, but there must be some cobaggery in that report. Some little deception we’re not seeing to explain how Ford and GM can lay of 70,000 people a piece and yet the manufacturing segment grows. Maybe it’s American based manufacturing compaines are growing, even though all of the jobs for these companies are in other countries.


If I see him on that corner I’ll kick him in the nuts for you.


Hindlicker should just refrain from discussing labor or economic issues. He’s clearly not adequately educated to comment on these in his usual bloviating manner.


ISM has apparently been a well-respected source of monthly raw data on business and business trends, so their numbers almost certainly have some validity. I prefer to look at the graphics in this summary.

What I would really like to see, but have not yet found on the ISM website, is historical charts extending back a decade or so. I would like to see what the trends were during the Clinton era and how they compare to current trends.


I am SO sending this dweeb an investment prospectus 😉




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