The Sadly, No! guide to the proper care and feeding of wives

As we recover form jet lag, we offer this small sample of the upcoming Sadly, No! guide to the proper care and feeding of wives, ripped from the real life of our secretives selves. The following conversation took place after the angry and bitter man behind S,N! had spent an afternoon at a local caf? with his wife:

Wife of Sadly, No!: That was a real nice caf?.
Sadly, No!: Yes, it was.
Wife of Sadly, No!: A nice place for a couple in love to spend an afternoon.
Sadly, No!: And for us.
Wife of Sadly, No!: [unintelligible] [censored] [unintelligible]

So there you go. Use such witty lines at your convenience, risk and peril. Thank you.


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my friend: I was thinking exactly the same thing
me: well, great minds think alike
my friend: so do ours

To this day, I don’t know if he stole that from somewhere or just came up with it off the cuff…


Hope you’ve got a comfortable couch!


Kids, don’t try that line at home.


Sadly, No will have to learn the hard way that the 1st amendment does not protect marital speech.


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