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Good morning,

Call it bad luck, call it an attempt to start a conspiracy theory, call it whatever you want. The anti-spam comments plugin (Spam Karma 2) flagged a great many pro-Reason comments made on this post. The result was more comments accusing us and/or liberals of not being in favor of free speech and choking kittens. We’re always sorry when real people are caught in the spam nets — but going commando is simply not an option.

We’ve approved all comments that were (automatically) moderated, and greatly lowered some settings in order to make sure less (ideally no) legitimate  spam omments get through. We’ve also increased the limit at which a captcha is offered so that real people can get through without our assistance.

A note however about the anti-spam plugin: if you get caught, DO NOT click back and try again, that only makes things worse, since your overall score is reduced for having done that. So don’t do that. Send us an email, or wait for us to be online and approve your comment. There really isn’t anything we won’t approve (unless, you know, it’s spam.) The only comments that have been deleted in the past were those where personal info (name, address, etc…) were posted. Otherwise, anyone is welcome to call us whatever names they want, insult us in the manner of their choosing, and make fun of Gavin’s cool shorts.

PS: Corrected the whole try v. not try again. Oops!


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pro-Reason comments That’s Reason the magazine/blog not the concept of reason.


Also do spam filters subvert the market? Are you limiting my access to v**gr* and other enhancements and ultimately my freedom??!!!!

*Randys I know that S,N! owns this here ether and electrons so they can do whatever they want*


Spam is the free market.

Oh, my God….I’m having a Randian moment, the first one every my life. I’m sure no one has ever had that thought before, therefore I’m a genius. All that’s left for me now is to appear on Phil Donahue and be a mean bitch to the audience and my life will be complete.


I think the Randians would cast Spam as a “tragedy of the commons”- the reason irts ubiquitous is because e-mail is free, and if we charged for e-mail spammers would disappear.

Or something like that.


if you get caught, click back and try again, that only makes things worse

that should be if you get caught DON’T EVAAAAAAAAAAR click back and try again. SK2 totally hates that.


Thanks, almostinfamous. 😉


Help, help I’ve been oppressed! Kitten choking bastards!



also, Oh, my God….I’m having a Randian moment, the first one every my life.
talk about a nasty experience… don’t they sell pills for that?


I really want to sing the Monty Python “Spam” song now, but that’d be…you know….


Don’t they sell pills for that?

No pills are required…a couple of cups of coffee and a trip to the bathroom it’s all good again.

melior (in Austin)

…in order to make sure less (ideally no) legitimate comments get through.

Fuck legitimacy, dude!


I think the Randians would cast Spam as a “tragedy of the commons�

Heh. I think you’re right. Although the Randians would take three internets-sites worth of cyberspace to say just that.


I’ve on rare occasion had the spam filter nab a comment of mine. I can never figure out why, exactly. The last time it happened to me, it was a comment with a link in it. After the spam filter grabbed it, I re-wrote it, using slightly different phrasing. I included the same link, though with different text for the link. It posted fine the second time. If I had known that it was gonna happen, I could have saved a copy of the first comment so I could compare the two and try and figure out what was triggering the filter, but sadly, I have no idea what’s going to activate it before it actually grabs a comment.


After the NSA thing and widespread telecommunications surveillance revelations, I thought CSIS was interrupting my inter-continental communications.

Turns out, I’m not that fascinating to the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service. *sigh*.


Have you guys tried Akismet? I’ve found it to be quite good.


The only time I’ve been spam-filtered on here is when I tied to post a comment with around10 links in it. That’s understandable.


RG, you got nailed because they WEREN’T links to porn.


Speaking of Canadia, they just busted up a ring of wannabe terrorist bombers. Now I have to admit, I am not familiar with the oppression level up there north of the border, but it seems to me they managed to foil this terristical plot without indiscriminately sucking up massive quantities of data on all their citizens’ telephone calls in violation of their version of the Constitution. Could it be that a non-totalitarian approach can be effective in the War on Terriers?


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Oh, Jeeze–you guys have turned the spam filter down way too low now!


“…going commando is simply not an option.”

What? Dude, that means I’ll have to wash my underpants — and wear them! Wow, do you ever have high standards for posting on this site.

Plus, I think there’s a double standard. I mean, it sure looks to my perverted imagination that Gavin is going commando in his short-shorts. A-wooga!


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