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Back at the end of April, Scenes From a Pajama wrote:

Although it underscores what we already knew—that Glenn Reynolds (whose book is selling much better) has remarkable respect in the blogosphere for his integrity and intelligence—I must say I am surprised at the relatively pathetic sales figures for Markos Zuniga’s book Crashing the Gates. It could mean one of several things: 1. Kos’ audience has heard it all already; 2. Kos’ audience is not “bookish�; 3. Kos’ audience is not as big as it’s cracked up to be; 4. Kos doesn’t write particularly well; 5. Kos doesn’t have anything new to say. 6. People are tired of all this political blather anyway. (Hinderaker thinks the latter).

(For earlier reactions, check out Making Light, LG&M and Glenn Greeenwald.) And now?

An Army of Davids : How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths (Hardcover)

  • Average Customer Review: based on 27 reviews. (Write a review.)
  • Sales Rank: #9,087 in Books (See Top Sellers in Books)
    Yesterday: #6,513 in Books
  • Crashing the Gate: Netroots, Grassroots, and the Rise of People-Powered Politics

  • Average Customer Review: based on 81 reviews. (Write a review.)
  • Sales Rank: #1,920 in Books (See Top Sellers in Books)
    Yesterday: #1,489 in Books
  • Anyone got the latest Bookscan results?


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    Next, they’ll resort to, “Well, ‘Crashing The Gate’ didn’t sell as well as ‘The DaVinci Code,’ so it’s utterly worthless!” After that, same argument, but substitute the Bible for the DaVinci Code. After that… well, fortunately, the sun will have burnt out by then.


    Bit they are Open Pajamas Media. How could they be wrong? They’ve got venture cap… um… i mean advertising revenue, yeah, revenue, that’s the ticket.


    Glenn’s is down to 11,000-something today.

    Of course, the book I wrote is at 2,000,000-something.


    Hah VB! Mine’s at 1,359,000! Eat my dust bitch!


    Ha! Mine is checking in at #588,113. I’d take time to gloat but the phone is ringing off the hook with movie offers.

    That Speilberg guy sure is pushy.


    Shit. Nice work. Try not to spend the royalties all in one sitting.


    have you seen his latest post where he is threatening “lefties” when this war is acknowledged to be lost?
    It will be our fault, and they have all the guns.
    All except for every progressive veteran I know, that is.


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