Memorial Day Thread

Have a safe Memorial Day.  Try to attend any tribute services or special events in your neighborhood before gouging your fat commie faces with tofu burgers and Amstel Light 🙂


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Here’s something to remember. The reason for the season, click here.

Make sure your sound is on.


I don’t have a sound card anymore…


Since switching over to veggie burgers, my commie face is no longer fat. And I deride your beer recommendation.


Also, I prefer to gorge my face, and gouge the faces of others, especially during peace rallies and such.

The beer recommendation deserves derision, and worse.


Guys- I wasn’t seriously recommending Amstel Light. I was trying to think of the wimpiest beer imaginable that would compliment tofu burgers.


I was trying to think of the wimpiest beer imaginable that would compliment tofu burgers.

How about Zima?


I dunno. Really, it just kind of bums me out. Our wars have become increasingly senseless over the last half century. Were we really defending our freedom in Viet Nam? Grenada? Panama? And how has iraq done anything but erode our freedoms, reduce our standing in the world and make us substantially less safe? The problem is our ever-increasing militarism. Wars are stupid, and for the most part unnecessary. Sure, mourn the dead. Even more important, do something for the fucked up survivors, the ones without legs or eyes or peace. But try to do it in a way that honors the people, and not the purpose. They were sent on a fools errand. They died and were fucked up for somebody’s political or economic gain. Their lives were squandered, and their deaths were in vain.

I’ll raise a beer. Probably more than one. And a hot dog, some potsal, maybe some cold fried chicken. I’ll play catch and frisbee with the kids, and tomorrow I’ll be sore and have a headache. And tomorrow we’ll still have active-duty American troops stationed in over 100 countries around the world. We’ll still spend more of our treasure on our military than the rest of the world combined. We’ll still have polititians all too ready to send the best of our young men and women into combat, for some venal, ill-defined goal that has nothing to do with defending our country or our freedoms.

Honor the sacrifice, but try to recognize how much better off we’d be if we had understood that the sacrifice was unnecessary. And let’s work even harder this year to get our troops home, rachet down the war talk, and find a way to live in the world without breaking things and hurting people.

He’s the Universal Soldier, and he really is to blame
His orders come from far away no more…
They come from here and there
And you and me
And brother, can’t you see-
This is NOT the way we’ll put an end to war



Very well said, Mikey. I’d also add that the people who really need more attention are those suffering from PTSD. The mental wounds left by war can be even more gruesome than the physical ones.


PostSecret had one person like that writing in, pretty sad


Thank you for that, Mikey and Brad.

PTSD kills by inches, by weeks, by years, by decades. It eats into every moment you have, for the rest of your life. And it does kill. You can get someone back in one piece, only to lose them. If your returning vet is showing the symptoms, get help. I mean it. None of this “Army of One” shit. You’re not alone anymore, and there *is* help. You’ll only regret it if you don’t.


From our dear frients ST:

Push the button
Kiss good-bye the nuclear arsenal
A-bombs flying off their ramps
Nuclear bombs explode

Radio active people
Search for medicine
Pray for shelter
Kill for food

Mass starvation
Contaminated water
Destroyed cities
Mutilated bodies

I’ll kill myself
I’d rather die
If you could see in the future
You’d know why


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