Ezra, You’re Doing It Again

Ezra, didn’t I say earlier that writing in-depth critiques of Jonah Goldberg’s work was an utter waste of time? So why are you still doing it? Dude, seriously. Your life will become much mo’ enjoyable when you learn to dismiss Jonah out of hand and then toss in a cheap ad hominem for good measure. Now, step away from the laptop, fire up your TiVo, and check out that Price is Right re-run you’ve been meaning to watch. C’mon, dude, Barkers’ Beauties are calling you.

“Ezra Klein… stop debating Jonah and COME ON DOWN!”

UPDATE: On the other hand, this takedown of Larry Kudlow by Dr. DeLong is bloody hilarious.  He uses just the right mix of wonkish nerdspeak and the blogosperic language of “OMG, your a moron, LMFAO!11!!


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I’m with Ezra on this one. It’s good to have a thorough debunking of each new lie when it comes out.

Then once the facts are known and you know (once again) that you have the moral high ground, you proceed to smear Jonah for being a chubby sycophantic bastard of a nitwit whose only claim to fame is his mommy’s bad name.


I’m with Ezra on this one. It’s good to have a thorough debunking of each new lie when it comes out.

Yes, BUT!

We’ve been down this road with Jonah so many frickin’ times (see his “debates” with Juan Cole, DeLong, Greenwald, etc.) that treating him seriously is just an exercise in futility. You’d be better off having a serious debate with Kaye Grogan or Pastor Swank.


Completely irrelevent to the arguement at hand, but is it just me or is the center beauty the only one who is actually attractive, as opposed to elegantly-made-up-but-nightmare-inducing-creepy?


Barker’s beauties, eh? Pisses me off. I am an old pervert. I am WAY sicker than Bob “I’m sorry, you were saying?” Barker. I need hot babes in evening gowns and fuck-me pumps to hang around me. The only difference between Bob “I don’t understand what you’re saying” Barker and me is he has a few more dollars. I still have my faculties, I don’t need depends, I can get great X, and I’m funny. C’mon girls, what’s it gonna take???



Yes, BUT!

I agree. I think the whole blogosphere should let The Poorman and Tbogg handle the “The Goldberg Variations” from now on.


Is it just me or is Rod Roddy getting a little too close to that girl on the right? Christ he’s practically grinding against her and look at his facial expression…


Man got enough sack to wear a jacket like Rod Roddy’s got on can probably get away with that sort of grindin’.


I thought the same thing. Looks like Rod Roddy’s got a little Rod Roddy going on.


Ack 2 Jeffs now. From now on I will post under Kobie.


yeah roddy’s like barker’s beauty nothin. this one’s mine!


She seems unaware there is behind her a strange, oddly dressed, litte man.


I was gonna say, “Who’s the gnome in the rainbow jacket humping the leg of the woman in pink?”

I’d forgotten about Rod Roddy.


Well, I’ll say it…Ezra Klein is just not all that bright. BUT…he means well, has a good heart and frankly…someone’s got to watch Goldberg.


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