Come On Feel The Rage

From Cheese Diva Chez Diva:

Beth @ has uncovered additional background on GI Jesse, IowaHawk has an exclusive interview with Jesse and The Sandbox has the linky list of bloggers who are bringing Jesse’s story to the public.

Michelle Malkin’s Townhall column has the Pro-Defeat Lefties enraged – they wish she would forget about Jesse and concentrate on Iran’s current lunacy. Talk about playing a shell game of CYA. The Pro-Defeat Left can’t stand being laughed at – too late. Thanks GI Jesse – you’ve done more to help discredit the Pro-Defeatists than Karl Rove could have ever done ) Oh, wait did you say your Commander was LTCOL ROVE?

“Hey Brad, are you feeling the rage?”

“Dude, the Jesse MacBeth rage is flowing like a… Oh damn, I need to be 9th level to learn that spell.”

“I think it’s going to rain tomorrow.”

“Boom boom boom, let’s go back to my room… Boy, that song really sticks in your head.”

“Did you finish that jigsaw puzzle?”


“Some people like sausage on their pizza, but I think I prefer meatballs.”

“The sausage is often that crumbly kind.”

“What’s a good weapon against hill giants?”

Bradrocket adds: Dammit, for the last time, that’s not what I look like. If you want to see an accurate picture of me, here it is:


And just to set the record straight, here is the real Gavin:


I think it’s safe to say that somebody ’round here likes short shorts! Oo-la-la!


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Boy am I ever glad the three of us have never met!


I don’t know who Jesse is(which robs the whole episode of some of its profundity I’m sure), and hope I’m not setting myself up for a shunning by the hottest pro-defeat leftists in the blogoverse by saying this, but the Iowahawk thing is actually pretty humorous.


Now that is the cutting edge political commentary that I come here for!


You guys so absolutely rock. I spewed tea on my monitor. Conga rats AGAIN, dammit. The scary part of the last photo is not so much the short shorts as it is that incredibly lame left hand gesture. And the cheesy ring. Where the hell do you find these photos? NM, don’t tell me. OK, off to the pool partay. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend.

Lookit The Happy Monkey

Jesse MacBeth is some dude you never heard of who claimed he was Super Double Sekrit Ninja Spy Warrior Psychonaut. Or rather he claimed he was a Special Forces Ranger (?) in Iraq, and that he had seen atrocities while there. Unfortunately, his story shows him to be a bituva wanka, dunn’it?

The problem w/ asshats like Jesse is that, despite the evidence that there are atrocities being conducted in our name in Iraq, the Wingnut Bloggers will continue to use Jesse as a reason to continue to not believe that evidence. Refer you to Steve Gillard’s blog for a better take down of this sort of guff.


Devastatin’ Dave, the turntable slave.


Devastatin’ Dave, the turntable slave.

Ssssssssshhhhh! No one must know!!!


Please remove my high school yearbook picture from your site. I still wear glasses, but the acne has cleared up.

At least use an updated picture. I’m the one on the left.


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