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Iraqi minister defends Iranian nuclear program

Iran has a right to develop nuclear technology and the international community should drop its demands that Tehran prove it’s not trying to build a nuclear weapon, Iraq’s foreign minister said Friday.

So how long until we invade Iraq again (if we ever leave)?


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How long before someone on the right cites this as irrefutable validation of our glorious mission to bring peace and harmony to Iraq?
“Hey, they used to hate the ever-lovin’ shit outta each other, and now look at them!”


Iraq has always functioned as the natural geopolitical check on Iranian/Persian regional power. The most amazing thing to me has been to watch the bush/cheney cabal eliminate that check and allow Iran to take the status of regional superpower. And to continue to follow that course!! Iran is the only winner in this entire stupid undertaking, and to now, after the fact, we’re thinking we can solve that by starting a war with THEM? Between Iran, Turkey, Egypt and Saudi, the US is entirely marginalized in the area and this war will prove to be even more geopolitically disaterous for the US than we can even imagine over the next ten years…



Mikey, that’s a good point, I never really thought about how much of this is their fault in the first place…

Allways putting out fires with gasoline.


Mikey, well observed, but it’s even worse than that. Not only have we removed Iran’s natural counterweight (for better or for worse) but we’ve ringed Iran with bases and adopted an aggressive posture in its neighborhood – not coincidently only attacking countries without WMDs.

In effect, we’ve become the “counterweight” to Iran, which is a terrible position for us to be in. Not only does it mean Iran feels existentially threatened by us and is thus encouraged to develop WMDs, it shoves us into a notoriously volatile balance of power that we have no business getting sucked into.


Ummmm…I hate to be a nudge, but is there any way to line up the headers with the column? Man that drives me crazy.

Just sayin’…..


I JUST got back from my Political and Social Philosophy class. Today’s topic? Whether or not the current Iraq war was morally/socially/or just plain justified. It was amazing; almost all the students around me could not understand or comprehend that the government would falsify evidence on which to establish just ad bello. I was embarassed; my generation (I’m 20) has absolutely no understanding of the historical idea of “government.”

I think if we actually taught Middle Eastern history (like how Istanbul used to be the center of socio-scientific advancement, and how the “Middle Ages” were the “Dark Ages” only for Europe while the rest of the world flourished due to Middle Eastern and Asian thought), perhaps these conflicts would be better understood by the US people, instead of intensified due to our awful stereotypes and half-understandings of Islam and the people who tend to follow that faith in that geopolitical region.


Under the Bush Doctrine, I believe this is actually the evidence we use to invade Syria.


And say, “Let that be a lesson to ya!”


If the US attacks Iran it will end up as another Vietnam quagmire. While Bush and his cronies have been busily bankrupting the US economy via its Federal Reserve printing presses the Muslims, China, and others have been hoarding gold. One day the US will face a severe supply problem when feeding its military machine when no one wants its Monopoly money anymore. When this time comes, and it will, the US will no longer be the leading superpower. I honestly hope that this doesn’t happen but I feel that the ‘writing is on the wall’. We have been weighed in the balances and have been found wanting.


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