Patrick Bell: “Bwa-ha-haa! Puny mortals, I will expose you all…”

Well. We’ve had quite a time here sorting through the twisty and actually somewhat ingenious misdeeds of our former mystery blogger, the Discovery Institute‘s own Patrick Bell.

When last we left this story, Bell had gone over to Outside the Tent all like, “Hey, thanks for linking to me!” following a fairly routine snarky post on GOP chickenhawks.

Thanks for the link here are Outside the Tent. Great to have your support, er, whatever. I see you’ve done a profile of sorts on us “Reagankinder�.

Just to be clear — I haven’t ruled out enlistment. I was really just waiting to see if that draft, you know the ones you scared the 18-39 crowd with in 2004, was going to materialize.

I wouldn’t rule out a military career, except for the fact that I’m not exactly up to the military “metrics� :0)

As for the commenter on April 13 @ 1:05pm, I’m already taken, but thanks for the compliment. I live with my partner on beautiful Capital Hill in Seattle ;0)

Comment by Patrick — May 17, 2006 @ 3:11 am

…But he apparently began to seethe that Clif there had made fun of him. And soon a mysterious troll named ‘Gary’ appeared who had the same IP address as Patrick, outing and threatening Clif.


I saw some of your photography on your other site. Nice pictures there. I especially liked the sunset view from your apartment building.

Speaking of which, if someone wanted to send you a letter (i.e. cease & desist order) would it be more appropriate to use: xxxx x Street N.W. Unit xxx, Washington, D.C. 20005 or is there another address you prefer to receive mail at?

Also, is the best number to reach you:

202-xxx-xxxx, or…???

Finally, is your full legal name “Clif xxxxxxxxx� or do I have it wrong?

Hope to hear from you soon!

[Edited by site owner to remove personal details]

Comment by Gary — May 17, 2006 @ 3:31 am

Next thing you know, Patrick had posted Clif’s real name, photo, and employer at his own blog, accusing Clif of various made-up offenses, including outing Patrick by mentioning that he works for the Christian-Dominionist ‘nonpartisan foundation,’ the Discovery Institute — which is in fact in Patrick’s own bio.

[Update: instead see here. Bio possibly altered consummate with other attempted sneaky tricks (see comments on this post, etc).]

A few people contacted him very civilly and respectfully asking him to take that post down. Encouraged, he then went totally off the rails and into a bwaa-ha-haa campaign, threatening to expose other left-bloggers, posting under fake names, falsifying things, selectively deleting comments, threatening lawsuits, contacting people’s ISPs, and it’s honestly hard to keep up with it all — because what Patrick is, essentially, is a young GOP ratfucker, a 22-year-old wingnut-welfare operative, reportedly home-schooled (it’s not clear, and we haven’t checked), who sees civility and rational discourse as weakness, and who only cares about ‘winning.’

And as we found out, he’ll do simply anything to win what he sees as a contest, whether right or wrong, true or false.


Above: Making fun of Bell generates threats of lawsuits

Most recently, without provocation, Bell posted details of Pinko Punko‘s employment, location, and name. He’s now threatening to do weekly exposés on left-bloggers, with a short-list of Pinko and (now) myself, and then whoever else he decides to go after.

Shockingly though, comments posted about this biz at the right-bloggo Online Integrity site have been moderated and apparently deleted — as though (it’s hard to imagine, yet bear with me for a moment) the right-blogosphere only cares about making a big, grandiloquent show of ‘civility’ and ‘online privacy’ when it suits them, but will happily cover for grotesque ratfucking when it actually occurs. Also see here, btw: That’s a shot across the Online Integrity crew’s bow by their lefty parody site. It’s funny who’s the more serious about online ethics.

Message to Patrick Bell: Posts redacted or deleted now, please.


Comments: 83


Wow, you guys really have it in for me, tracking down my study abroad trip to Germany, and everything…heh heh heh

As for Pinko, I’ve made amends with him…minus the fact that I’m still laughing about the santa-clause-turd figure he photoshopped into my senior picture!!! snicker, snicker!!!

But nice try about saying I’ve outed him! Gosh Gavin your such a liar. Point to where I’ve posted his employer, real name, or other contact details. (hint: unless you plan to pull something out of your ass, you’re going to strike out, email Pinko and ask him for yourself)

As for Online Integrity, dunno what you’re talking about — I’m taking all of my lessons from you guys!

PS – Clif had it coming. He’s just a mean old man with nothing better to do at work than defame people in the blogosphere.


Thank god he let that “Reagan” out of his pants.

Weirdly, I too refer to the “little shingles” as “Reagan”.


Great Jabba! At least I’m morbidly obese because I’m an honest slothful glutton, not because I’m embarked on some sort of Cheeto-fueled scheme to avoid military service, the opposite sex, and having to share elevators with other people.


Submitted for what it’s worth, both Patrick here, and commenter “None” can’t tell the difference between “your” and “you’re”.
That’s probably not evidence of anything more than that they are both stupid.


But nice try about saying I’ve outed him! Gosh Gavin your such a liar. Point to where I’ve posted his employer, real name, or other contact details. (hint: unless you plan to pull something out of your ass, you’re going to strike out, email Pinko and ask him for yourself)

Ah, nice try. Then everyone would see the personal info you posted, which is why we held off for so long with Clif.

Oh, what’s this? Here’s Pinko on IM right now.

What you said is correct

Patrick Bell is lying

Patrick, this is what happened, You be the judge of what is true. Can you see how this doesn’t make you look very good, Patrick?


Not to point out something obvious, but Capitol Hill (as anyone who lives in the neighborhood should know it is properly spelled) is both a) ugly, and b) ground zero of drugs, GLBT and other “alternative” lifestyles here in lovely Seattle.

Partner, eh?


Let me say what I mean more clearly:

Patrick, you have given lots of clues as to all sorts of stuff about me, and it slipped out in a comment where I went to cobag school. And given the hints you have given, it is not too hard to figure out where I work now (where everybody knows I work when I comment on their pages because it shows up as my home and work IP address). It is just not cool. Patrick, come back to life and work. The aspens are turning and you need to blow off some steam at either Delicious of Disguting and Celeb Dream Cameo or Song of the Day. I am extending this to you so you can see why this stuff is just not cool and that all of these “angry” people are actually OK in certain circumstances, and you can show them the same thing.

Why wouldn’t you want to do that?


Sevenless, Pat is not gay, and it doesn’t help things. He talks about that all the time. If he were, it wi=ould only make things more tragic. let’s stay on point.


You see it everywhere. When your political positions are based upon racial and theocratic hatred, genocide, war crimes and the wholesale militarization of American society, when your arguments are logically unsupportable and increasingly unpopular, when the politics of divisiveness and hatred are all the tools left in your toolbelt, then there’s only one thing left to do. Lash out angrily in a small-minded, mean-spirited, destructive fashion. It’s no longer about winning the argument–it’s about hurting your enemy, at any cost. Scorch the earth, salt it, leave a wasteland in your wake. In the war, when your perimiter was breached and your camp overrun, you called artillery onto your position and hoped for the best. I wonder if this venal, ugly little wingnut chickenhawk realizes just what he’s done. I’m gonna go with “no clue”…



I think he is running on adrenaline now. It’s a big game of capture the flag. It’s bumming me out really. I’m feeling legitimately depressed.

Don’t take that as a sign of weakness though.



I’m a bit deflated over this who flap of Gavin saying I outed you…I mean, I thought we were friends, man…[alligator tears] Seriously though, what gives?

Regardless, the only one being a cobag here is Gavin. In his blind and unyielding defense of Clif, Gavin is the one making things up. I just can’t believe you’re still sticking to Clif’s victim narrative, Gavin, I mean come on that’s just…just…just…so incredibly naïve!!!

Clif registered his blog ( in his own name, and has popped off before about being an ambulance chaser. Besides, his real NAME is CLIF, you clown!!! LMAO!

(Secret message to Gavin, my employer may be on the list of links at my website, but nowhere in my bio does it say the actual name of where I work, nice try there, but that’s not getting any traction either).

It’s also incredibly untruthful to say I’ve outed Pinko — I never posted the details of which Gavin accuses me! Unhand me, you brute! LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!!!

As for this business of threatening lawsuits and making “false” complaints to ISPs…forgive me, I thought you were trying to extort me — you know, before I realized you were just trying to get more material to use in “ratfucking” me on your blog here.

My post on Clif is staying up, and you’re most def in the running for next week’s “Leftist of the Week” award. As for Pinko, I’m not saying he grovelled, but he convinced me outing him would serve no purpose. Besides, I’m not in the outing business, though with all of the traffic your posts are giving me, maybe I should be, eh, eh???


Patrick- he didn’t say you outed me. You posted some and threatened to post other details such as my devastatingly skeletal likeness. Which I have from too much WORK stress. It leaked out of your comment where I actually went to school and from the rest you can put together the first letter of my last name and where I work now. That is not cool.

We could be friends if we could drop this game.

Clif wasn’t playing the victim, you posted his phone number in comments and his address. Just because anyone could have found it with enough work, doesn’t mean you weren’t the vehicle for others to find out. Seems pretty simple. You also commented at Clif’s under your own name, seeming like you were laughing it off, which would have been cool. Then you turned around and under a pseudonym said all that stuff. We could be snarking at each other amusingly, but now I’m gonna throw up, and even in your “nice” voice you are still throwing stuff around. Let’s just look at stuff shall we? You even posted at your blog about having a discussion about “Integrity” and outing, how’d that work out? If you are for it, just say “I don’t think it is wrong” and then we don’t have to play this game. Now you have to post a song AND a food item to make this up to me. I think it is clear that if you want to be above it all, you will renounce the Way of the Chundermuffin and cast off your Emu Overlords.


(Secret message to Gavin, my employer may be on the list of links at my website, but nowhere in my bio does it say the actual name of where I work, nice try there, but that’s not getting any traction either).

Oh, there’s that too. You know, when I said before that we had good relations with people, I heard from a friend of mine who knows them that the folks at the Discovery Institute are actually very nice, and that they’d be appalled at this sort of behavior.

Let’s review:

You refuse to take down anything you’ve posted, and instead call everyone liars for saying you ‘outed’ people — and then make more threats of outing people.

I mean, do you honestly think this is working out to your benefit here? How bad do you think this is going to get if you post private info about me? I think bad.


Please tell me the person posting in comments here as “Patrick” is not, in fact, a real person but a Sadly, No! caricature. This meta-ness sh!t is freaking me out…


What is it with these people, anyway? They don’t do science, they don’t do ethics, they don’t seem to understand who Jesus was and they most certainly do not sign up for Jenny Craig

What on Earth do they do all day long? Is it the Klonopin again?

Pinko, I’m sorry to hear this happening to one of the nicest guys I can think of. Fatty here will reap an assload of karma. That’s guaranteed.


I find myself in complete agreement with Pinko (something I find is frequently the case, at least whenever I can figure out what he’s talking about) on this. It’s not cool, it’s not funny. It’s sad, ugly, depressing and completely unnecessary. Fer crissakes, argue. Disagree, vehemently. But this “Outing” crap has no place in the discussion. People will tell you what they want you to know about themselves. It is NOT any of our place to provide personal information about anybody else. It’s just mean, and I’d love to see it have consequences…



Someone needs to baptise these tender, sensitive trools in brain bleach. Nice to see them continue the lover’s spat here…


Here is my theory: In my humble opinion, I was once the standard-bearer for trolls. I represented a new era in trolldom. I was the troll of the future–a troll with ethics, if you will. Then, after much abuse, I took a much-needed vacation from Sadly, No! When I left, all hell broke loose. Now that the bar has been lowered for Sadly, No trolls, it will be hard to raise it up again (no phallic metaphor intended). But, after a brief vacation, I intend to come back and give it a try. When I return, I will restore your faith in trolls. Just wait………………………………………………………………………………………………..and see.


Wow, high school never ends, does it?


Well, kodos, that’s one of the benefits of the new built-in tracking mechanisms that Sadly No has installed in which name and email address is required in order to post comments. It may seem a bit Bushesque to hard-core libertarians, but it provides a modicum of protection from high school punks who love to play high school pranks. I’ve even decided to invest in some protective screening mechanisms myself. For example, there will soon be a subtle change in my web address—so subtle that only those with relatively high IQs will be able to detect said changes. Furthermore, I’m idiot-proofing my song links. Links to songs will incorporate codes so that idiots who want to become instant music critics will have trouble getting the links to work. It would be nice if we could all be totally free, but freedom without controls equals chaos.


This has been one of the stupidest days on the internets ever.


BLT, are you a socialist now?

Also, Dr. Yum, I think you have been a massively annoying, yet ethical troll. And we now have occasion to give props.

I see where Patrick has gone astray:

Gavin said that he posted “details of Pinko’s X, Y, and Z” with details operating on X,Y, AND Z, not details operating on X,Y and additionally revealing Z, in its entirety. What he said is correct and both what happened. Obviously it can be read BOTH ways, but he’s not lying. So PLEASE. ENOUGH>

Oh, Chuckles showed me something gross the other day 3>. To which I responded : 3-


Patrick, you’re not coming off real well in all this . . .


“clif had it coming”

seriously? your an interweb vigilante?

your mother must be proud, go upstairs into the kitchen and tell her.


Patrick, are you saying you’ve never mentioned where you work?


Gee, a fat, smug 23-year old wingnut with a bad goatee. What’s not to hate?


I hate that he can even grow one.

Luke Wilson: “Did you even see what he was wearing?”

Owen Wilson: “Yeah…..Cool”


Jeebus, every time I leave for a few days the SN crew seems to become the object of some demented, revenge seeking asshole. You’re like the little trouble making brother I never had, what a great site.

Notice I’m calling a spade a spade here Patrick, you’re an asshole, you make your living telling calculated lies and bully people that call you out on it in your spare time. Real fulfilling I bet. Your just another fucking dime a dozen internet toughguy/detective. Way to go, not even using a proper proxy when posting under a fake name. Gee Patrick do you think that maybe posting under a fake name is an automatic admission that what your doign is either stupid or immoral?

Won’t have to search hard to find my picture, location or anything else for that matter. not that I’m concerned about becoming the target of your idiotic nonsense. Get a real job.


“BLT, are you a socialist now?”

An apt question coming from somebody with the screen name of “Pinko.”

I didn’t know that this rumor about me was still circulating around the blogosphere, but after doing a little surfing, I discovered that whether it’s on the web, or by the water coolers at work, this is the question everyone is talking about. Let me start by saying that whatever the Dixie Chicks are, that’s what I’m not.

All kidding aside, like socialists, I believe that differential opportunity structures exist in our society, giving some folks some obvious distinct advantages. Unlike socialists, I don’t believe the solution is to enable the poor and the under-served element among us. The solution is to empower. The question then becomes, how to empower? Well, as the words to an old song by the Police go: “There is no political solution…” That means getting rid of Bush will not solve our problems. He is far from perfect, but is not the root of all evil. This “solution” is not a solution at all. There cannot and will not be a political solution as long as liberals and conservatives continue to drive wedges between one another with divisive rhetoric. Before there can be a political solution, there must be a spiritual renewal that spawns a spirit of unity among people of seemingly desparate political points of view. Music can be a powerful catalyst for change, but presently, folks like the Dixie Chicks, Eddie Vedder and Neil Young (a truly gifted artist I otherwise greatly admire and respect) are using it to tear down the establishment without offering anything of substance in its place. We need more artists like Bono who use music as a tool to foster harmony and unity among people with disparate political points of view. I’ll get off my soap box now. You probably wish you never asked.


Wow, Parick is seriously… mentally ill.


Back in the first post about this, I was wondering if the “outed” party in this was Retardo, since during the Trevino thing, he’d hinted such a thing might be happening. But, I wound up not asking, since the identity in question seemed hush-hush. but, as it turns out, this seems shitty on several levels. Pinko, it’s too bad he’s crapping on you now, too. I am–only just!–resisting the urge to check out the pic.


To be fair, we’ve been monitoring Online Integrity since it went up, because it is funny. Our guess is that nobody actually maintains the site anymore. So all the posts about Paddy are waiting for Tac to pass them, but Tac seems to be packing up the blog tents. So we can’t say they don’t care about Ethics, only that they are easily bored by the topic…


Let me start by saying that whatever the Dixie Chicks are, that’s what I’m not.

Must…not…snark…even if it’s soooooo easy it hurts. Doc likes David Bowie, he can’t be all bad.

My keen deductive powers have broken the situation down thusly: Gavin is awesome. Pinko is awesome. Patrick mean to Gavin and Pinko. Patrick bad! COBAG!


Marq, Patrick witheld the pic. He only hinted but decided that he would not do it. he then went on a trip. He has two pics in his posession: one where I look like a cross between a twizzler and a raspberry and another that I haven’t actually seen myself- ok just looked at it. I sadly look like the Joker. Ugh. UGH! Thank for resisting the opportunity to quench your curiosity.



Sevenless is right though – Capitol Hill is the Castro District of Seattle. And what to make of this picture?
And what to make of that beard? I think there is likely more to this story…nothing I like better than closeted Republican action. There’s just so darn many of them.


Is this all S,N! has on him? I bet he’s just an admirer gone astray, he did seem to take a cue from you guys!


I get from the photo, “Ooh! I never should have worn a short-sleeve tee-shirt to the waterfront, when it was 48ºF out, and breezy!”Just sayin’. And, not that that rules anything out, necessarily.


Music can be a powerful catalyst for change, but presently, folks like the Dixie Chicks, Eddie Vedder and Neil Young (a truly gifted artist I otherwise greatly admire and respect) are using it to tear down the establishment without offering anything of substance in its place.

What, it’s Eddie Vedder and Neil Young’s fuckin’ job to come up with policy suggestions now? Fuck that. They are entertainers, and a lot of people are entertained by hearing songs about what a cunt George W. Bush is.


“but Tac seems to be packing up the blog tents.”

Wow, that was fast. Isn’t that like the 15th blog the Price of Pomposity has left this year?


Wow, that was fast. Isn’t that like the 15th blog the Price of Pomposity has left this year?

He’s the Civility Sheriff of the Old West. Comes into your town, restores civility, moseys off into the sunset…


I love that masked man!


Atrios has named Bell as Wanker-of-the-day.

To the pipples at Sadly, No:

The pathetic Online integrity site had a number of lefty signatories as well.

Perhaps a few properly worded letters to them weel have an effect

Try thees lefty bloggerro signatories:



OK. This is the worst blog trainwreck I’ve ever seen.

Seriously. Pinko, I don’t know what you’re getting at. Well, I seldom know what you’re getting at. Friend;y fuzzies with some shitbird who has done the super reveal? ANd threatens the super reveal in perpituity? Screw him. He is commited to being an asshole.


Wow. This is almost as good as the Dean Esmay dustup.

Call Patrick a cobag if you like, but I think wanker is much more apt.



I think our buddy PB should think very carefully.
I hear that us Lefties are so lacking in civility and decorum these days.
And of course, the atheists among us don’t trust to karma.
If we got rowdy, we might make him clutch at his pearls.
Or something equally dear, and at least as small.


“Must…not…snark…even if it’s soooooo easy it hurts.”

“Must… not….” assume that this conspicuous display of self-restraint automatically marks a new era of civility among liberals at Sadly, No! “…even if it’s sooooooo easy it hurts.”

On second thought, I’m going to step out on a limb and assume just that. That was sooooo easy, it actually hurt. Or, rather, it may actually hurt down the line.

JK47, some artists are content to vent, and I suppose that does have a modicum of therapeutic value for the performer, and, vicariously, for the fan. However, on the other hand, it can get to the point of artists simply spinning their wheels and splashing mud all over the place. I would hope that intelligent musicians with more than myopic vision would eventually want to rise above the wheel-spinning and mud- slinging, and take us somewhere beyond the tiny, barren land of Bush-bashing.


The Blogger terms of service are here. In particular, Blogspot ToS 4:

You agree to not use the Service to: … (i) “stalk” or otherwise harass another; (j) collect or store personal data about other users;

would probably extend to what PB is doing, even though Clif is not a user. This sort of open intimidation is, or was once, fairly common in right-wing blog circles, but I’m pretty sure that vengefully publishing home addresses and phone numbers of people is nowadays not really smiled upon by Blogspot staff.


So he lives on ‘beautiful’ capital hill with his ‘long-time partner’, (his phrasing not mine) and he’s upset that those horrid lefties are speculating about his sexual orientation? So, that was a fun five seconds, what shall we do now? Or is that pushing the envelope?


dollars to donuts ticky tacky is going to be the washington post’s new blogger

dollars to donuts chris nolan will be his liberal counterpart

you heard it here first


“whatever the Dixie Chicks are, that’s what I’m not. “

They are 1.successful and 2.popular 3.touring 4.musicians.

Well, you do play an instrument.


Bas- what I was thinking was, when in hostage negotiations, you need to give the perp the feeling that he/she has a way out. Also, I was trying to show that it is a piece of cake being the bigger person. Although Atrios has just made me go insane with his comment. Normally it would be the mention of donuts, but this is too much. Of course the ol’ “left wing smear machine” will be called out on their treatment of Tacitus. A person who deserves every single thing he gets. The argument that the WaPo is just out to shove people’s faces in it seems much truer now. They went to RedState before to get some chump. They got burned. So they go to RedState again to get another chump, one that defended the other chump using illogic and unreality as his two muses.

P. Bell has a recent bad behavior streak but is it the beginning of a crime spree or a “OK, I’m gonna learn how not to be a a-hole” spree?


What a creepy fuck.


“whatever the Dixie Chicks are, that’s what I’m not. “

Some may believe I set myself up with this comment. On the contrary. I wanted to design and test out a simple intelligence test.
This ostensible self-setting-up statement was designed as bait to draw in those with IQs of 50 or less. Looks like the bait worked. Those who were not tempted, and those tempted to take the bait, who refused are the sharper tools in this Sadly No shed.


Actually, Dr. BLT, this whole thread was one big wanker trap. And you’re definitely taking the bait, hook, line, and sinker. With a big ol’ shit-eating grin to boot. What are you on about, anyway?


So anybody who notices just how much you suck is an imbecile? Quite the transparent defense mechanism you’ve got there “Doctor”.

All I really did was to point out that you are at least one thing the Dixie Chicks are as well. You’ve held a guitar. I politely neglected to point out that you also share a talent for alienating potential listeners by shooting off your fool mouth but an imbecile can only maintain the barest modicum of etiquette for any length of time.

Still at the ready to pen that objective and fair review of your leavings any time you’re ready to send that email. If I can penetrate the double secret classified internet barbed wire you’re currently rolling out, that is.


GoatBoy, thank you for snarking the snark I passed up. Clearly I gave the Doc more credit than he deserved. For someone who claims to be a champion of civility, he sure is a wanker.


gavin, it seems you are guilty of most if not all of what you accuse him of doing. circular firing squad?


Right, because Gavin posted the home phone number and home address of someone who doesn’t blog under his full name and about his place of employment. And please refrain from using “circular firing squad” until you know what it means.


Hello Goatboy! Hello Fiver!

Yes, when I receive the type of insults one might expect from elementary school bullies, I am capable of temporarily regressing from my usual civility and I have, on occasion, allowed myself to stoop to your level, Goatboy. I was even tempted to go lower, and I came up with an hilarious, but otherwise fundamentally crude and demeaning joke. But I decided to take the high road and excercise the same restraint I initially praised Fiver for. What do you say, fellas? Truce? I apologize for my comment about your IQ, Goatboy, and at this point, I’m not even considering pulling a Natalie Maines/Dixie Chicks move by taking back my apology.


Dr. BLT: whatever the Dixie Chicks are, that’s what I’m not.

Aw, man, I know how it is, I’m not sexy either.


Y’know, I guess I can still stay I’m new around these parts. At least realtively. I heard about this Dr. BLT clown, kind of in passing, but I figured a troll’s a troll, y’know? Well, lemme back up a little here. This dood really creeps me out. His methodical, pedantic approach to bilateral communications is positively poisenous. Somehow, when he addresses you directly, you feel dirty, and a long shower just doesn’t seem to help. When I visualize him at home, the images I get are quite disturbing. This isn’t some keyboard bomber with cheetoh-stained fingers and a 3-gallon dispenser of jergens. Oh no. This is an ugly, dangerous human you would NOT want in your neighborhood. Seriously, if you’ve got a daugher under 12, this is the dood you teach her to hurt on her way out of the interaction. You show her where and how to place the blows, and you tell her this is exactly the kind of guy you hit immediately, pre-emptively. Creepy, dangerous, ugly…



Dr. BLT: whatever the Dixie Chicks are, that’s what I’m not.

Aw, man, I know how it is, I’m not sexy either.

If Natalie Maines is someone you consider sexy, then I take your comment as the greatest of compliments.

As for you mikey, in my field, we call what you are creating with your sick mind and sticking on to me “projection.”


Since your new around these parts, Mikey, I think we should make something very clear to you. Most of us here don’t pull innuendoes about other commenters out of our asses that have no basis in fact, in a transparent attempt to try and tarnish their reputations. Psychologists may call it “projection,” but lawyers call it “slander,” and there are plenty of left-wing lawyers who visit this site who are willing to put aside political differences to defend a right-winger if he’s being abused and slandered. We don’t take kindly to slander and hate speech, so take it somewhere else.


thank goodness you have been around so long anonymous. i remeber your comment from Christmas 2004 – that one was so funny! anyway, thanks for letting us all know what is what.

oh, and just post under your real name Dr. BLT. because then I know to keep scrolling. it saves me time. and you are so considerate of others….


Whoever you think I am doesn’t really matter to me, so long as the message gets out that cheap shots can come with a high price tag. Those who are educated on their rights understand that there can be serious consequences for a commenter intent on maligning someone’s character by uttering injuriously misleading statements that are not based in fact. Some people take comfort in hiding behind a screen name but to an attorney with resources, finding the person’s real identity is not a problem.


It would be libel, not slander, and as what was said was clearly mikey’s “envisioning”(and stated to be such), you are, in my opinion and speaking purely on the legal merits of your statement, full of beans.


Mikey’s statement is “a written..defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression. It is also a “statement or representation published without just cause and tending to expose another to public contempt.” You are correct, tigrimus, it more aptly falls under the category of libel.


Well then drop a dime already, anonymust. It’s such an open and shut case I’m sure the New York Law Firm will be champing at the bit to take this one on contingency.

Alert Nancy Grace!


“Defamation” requires it be stated as fact. I think you’d have a hard time convincing any judge that “[w]hen I visualize him at home, the images I get are quite disturbing” does not remove the whole statement from the domain of libel and into that of free expression of opinion not presented as fact, even if you were represented by the finest of the New York Law Firm partners.


Dangit, seriously, how come nobody ever tries to out me?

I’m ready and waiting, and what delectable secrets I contain!

I promise to make fun of you Patrick, will that help?

New York Law Firm



Hey, mikey, there’s no need to “visualize” Legend In His Own Mind, Dr. BLT, when there’s a a perfectly “lovely” portrait of the good Doc right here! “Enjoy!”


Oops. An extra “a.”


D’you have any idea how difficult it is to prove either libel or slander against a public celebrity in the United States? It’s all but impossible – even Tom Cruise doesn’t have a guaranteed shot at winning his cases against the National (“Tom Cruise is a HOMO!”) Enquirer. Usually, just the threat of a suit cases them to back down…..but the case itself isn’t assured of being won, should it be brought before the bar.

Poor Doc Sammich’s (repeatedly self-acknowledged) international fame and acclaim will all but rob him of the ability to stand in a libel case in America. If he wants to shell out for a nice British solicitor, however, I’m sure he’d have a better chance.


this looks like its become a ginormus pissing contest between gop-kid and gaven, with the little guys gett’n sandwiched unfairly in the middle.,

in my mind gavens coming off just as bad for prodding and prodding. why not just ignero him>? instead youve taken it on yourselv to continue this, id say encourging him on.

big wanker in myya miond is gaven for not lettn this go!!!!!1!


BC_bud. Please just stop. You\’re giving a bad name to bud smokers everywhere. If you don\’t see what\’s wrong with what Patrick did, you probably never will.

Oh and BLT, posting your responses, then posting another obvious comment under anonymous was hilarious. You do realize how easy it is to figure you out by your writing style no?

Anonymous:\”Who meee? Why *I\’m* not BLT. Well I don\’t care who you think I am!\” LOL


Am I the only one who finds that DrBlt’s comments make no sense at all?
He makes pasty look cogent.


Timmah, just ignero him>.


It never hurts to pursue all avenues, including legal ones, if someone is crossing the line in ways that are potentially damaging and hurtful. The fact is that Mikey admits that he really doesn’t know anything about me, apart from something he heard “in passing.” He then goes about planting horrible images in people’s minds about me. Rumors and innundoes that have no basis in fact are generated by those who are intent on harming you and on damaging your reputation. It amounts to hate speech, and libel. We all need to be protected from people like that.

This does not apply to most people here. Gavin and Brad R. seem very nice to me, and I consider them to be friends of mine. Moreover, some of you actually prefer to argue with my politics as adults and refuse to resort to cheap shots just because you don’t agree with me. Though many of you can’t stand me, you know how to ridicule me without crossing the line. I don’t always like it, sometimes it is a bit hurtful, but other times I just have to learn to laugh at myself and not take myself so seriously. But there are a couple of you out there, you know who you are, who don’t have any self-discipline and are very reckless and irresponsible with your comments. Those are the people that should be thinking twice before hitting that “submit comment” button. A person can only be pushed so far, and then they will do whatever is necessary and within their legal right to defend themselves against unfair personal attacks.


To Whom It May Concern:

The NY Law Firm does not whistle. Whereas in the comment above posted by party forementioned referring to itself as New York Law Firm, our firm neither does spell out the name of our state of primary business. Associated firms with whom our firm cooperates neither refer to us by the full nomenclature of said state. Whomsoever shall hereafter post with a name that refers to themselve as any form of NY Law Firm while not being a member of our firm is in violation and will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. You have been notified.

To Mr. BLT:

After looking in to the abuse directed at you by one poster (hereafter referred to as “that poster”) our partners have come to a cnclusion that the abuse given does not violate terms of the Blogging Libelous Slurs Based Upon Suppositioning and Making Stuff Up Act of 1998 (HR 6969 and S6969), but that you may in fact be in Violation of the Great Act of 2002 of Blogging Legal Untruths and Psychological Diagnoses Via Remote Domain With No Foreknown Knowledge of Pseudonymous Subject (NYHR8.003.004, .007). Please cease and desist.

You have been notified!


“Rumors and innundoes that have no basis in fact are generated by those who are intent on harming you and on damaging your reputation.”

Says the self-identified troll.

“Moreover, some of you actually prefer to argue with my politics as adults and refuse to resort to cheap shots just because you don’t agree with me”

Disagreeing with your political religion and thinking your “music” sucks runny shit are not mutually exclusive, as hard as that may be to penetrate your ego defenses.

“But there are a couple of you out there, you know who you are, who don’t have any self-discipline and are very reckless and irresponsible with your comments.”

Says the self-identified troll.

“A person can only be pushed so far, and then they will do whatever is necessary and within their legal right to defend themselves against unfair personal attacks.”

Is there a consensus on how many times a threat must go unfulfilled before it is empirically declared empty? I don’t do this anonymously. If you’re so sure of your case I can’t begin to imagine the reason for your hesitation. Again, such a slam dunk case should be able to find a lawyer on contingency before lunch today. Until then you’re still sitting on an empty pot. Most of us would either fill it or hop down off the uncomfortable thing. But then most of us wouldn’t spend so much time at a place where everybody thinks one is a clueless tit, so there ya go.


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