How do you spell danger?

Why, H-U-S-S-E-I-N, of course! President Bush speaks:

We do know that Saddam Hussein had the intent and the capabilities to cause great harm, we know he was a danger. And he was not only a danger to people in the free world, he was a danger to his own people; he slaughtered thousands of people, imprisoned people. […]

Danger George W. Bush, danger! It’s nice to see he is on the same page as Condi:

When you have a case of a very dangerous man in a very dangerous part of the world who refuses to account for large stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and who has used them before…

When you’re dealing with a very secretive regime that is out to deceive, that refuses to account for very dangerous material – Saddam Hussein was given an opportunity to tell people if he had destroyed this – could the president of the United States really allow those unaccounted-for weapons stockpiles to sit in Iraq? […] This was a dangerous man.

Not in an imminent danger sort of way — more like in a danger related program activities sort of way.


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How do you spell danger?

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