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Thank you for taking the time to bring your news site to our attention. While we can’t guarantee that we will add all sources, we review all the submissions we receive. You should hear from us soon once your source has been reviewed. We appreciate your interest in Google News.

The Google Team


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Where is Gary Ruppert to tell us Google is objectively pro-terrorist?


If S,N! doesn’t get banned for hate speech, I’ll be disappointed.


Whoa! What happened to this place?! It’s all different . . . and stuff!


uhoh; will Sadly, No be bringing its humor to the interwebs via Google? Stay tuned…


news site? dammit, i knew you’d go over to the dark side.

ya know, as a “news site” you can no longer say *fucktard*.


Banned. No doubt about it. Many of you otherwise good, liberal, caring human beings have repeatedly indicated a virulent, vitriolic hatred of gary ruppert, the malkin thing, Mr. Ann Coulter and many other similar types of critters. Nope, it’s hate speech, and it’ll get banned….



Can I comment?


Ponies and sparkles for everyone!


Love the new look- I’m very impressed-I’ m sure Google will be too!


Hey, whatever happened with Tuba-boy?


Where’s the joystick? Also, needs more pictures, ticker tape, scrollers, and special effects.


Where’s the joystick? Also, needs more pictures, ticker tape, scrollers, and special effects.

Yeah! Also, don’t forget the falling roses…


Thank you for taking the fucking time to bring your fucking news site to our fucking attention. While we can’t fucking guarantee that we will add all fucking sources, we fucking review all the fucking submissions we fucking receive. You should fucking hear from us fucking soon once your fucking source has been fucking reviewed. We fucking appreciate fucking your fucking interest fucking in fucking Google News.

Fuck you,
The Google Team


Marita said, “Where’s the joystick? ”
I got your fucking joystick right here.


Marita said, “Where’s the joystick? �
I got your fucking joystick right here.…

Actually, it was mt who was looking for the joystick. So kind of you to offer, though.


What’s with the “Secrets” to my right?

I clicked on Summer Shopping and ended up booking two weeks at Camp Rim Rock for Girls.
What gives?


I’m scared to click on baby sleepers… could be a lot of things.


Oooooooooo…lookin’ good, guys! Conga rats and all that.




“They could be candid photos, d’you know whot I mean?
You know, holiday snaps?
Snap, snap, grin, grin, wink, wink…
nudge, nudge…
…Say! No! More!”


you have a “store”?


you have a “store�?

It’s the internets’ answer to Wal-Mart. I do all my shopping there, check it out.


Shouldn’t have have been The Fucking Google Team? I mean that just gives it that extra panache!


Um, I meant to say have have…


Nice store. Lot’s of selection… I think I’ll shop here more often. I’ll end up saving a TON of money…


you have a “store�?

God, the mind boggles!


*ahem* I DID close that tag, FYI.

(under breath – Fucking HTML!!!1!)

and after checking the preview it looks like ALL my comments will be in italics now – Hooray!

melior (in Austin)

slash tag


Oh crap. It might be my fault. Everthing after my last comment is in italics. I”m kinda new at this italics wizardry.

melior (in Austin)

I forgot to close (blockquote) once and the whole blog indented so many levels it spiraled into a black hole and imploded.


mt broke the new site.


I think I only nicked the paint here at S,N!. If the blog spirals into a black hole and implodes I’ll leave town until the whole thing blows-over.

Nipsey Ruppert

Its appropriate that you america haters would write in itallics.

Nipsey Ruppert

You know, like slanted against all that’s right and wholesome.


We have escaped the death spiral of italics…. hooray!


We have escaped the death spiral of italics…. hooray!


I’m not sure I like the new look. It’s a little jarring at this point.


I’m just glad i can turn the black hole ON again.

the old school color scheme is much less jarring

Strange Forces

Completely OT, but sad:

Desmond Dekker dead of a heart attack at 64.


Well I have been using Google News for 24 months or so. If I tag one of their links, & it leads me to a subscription-only / advert-intro / blog / editorial / commentary page, I use the links at Google News to moan to them about the content.


ya know, as a “news site� you can no longer say *fucktard*.

Well, fuck that.


Hee hee – you said “load.”


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