Welcome to the other side…

Hope you like it.

Here is the start of many notes:

* Comments on earlier posts (indeed, links to earlier posts,) will be ok in a few minutes, once we’re done removing the old archive files left by Movable Type.

* The previous/next entries links that used to be in every archive are gone. We hadn’t thought of that, but figure these can be restored. Added: This has been fixed[.] for the dark background style. Fix for light background style to follow shortly. (Thanks to James).
* WP appears to lack some feature to remember commenters, which forces you to enter your name and email address every time. We don’t know how to solve this one, so any help is appreciated.

* Some people want comments included in the RSS feed. (Heck, even The Poor Man offers that!) We’re waiting for your suggestions on how to achieve this amazing technical feat.

* We did manage to add comment preview, so there.


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Oooh, shiny and new. So beautiful and it still has that new blog smell!!! The black background is hot!!!


Comments on earlier posts are broken. Is this thing still under warranty?


Did you guys fire Brad R.?

If you didn’t and gave him a password to the new & improved Sadly, No! then I’d like to take a few moments to say in an understated manner (unlike the uncouth Redsawx fans):

Yankees win.


verplanck colvin

Is it possible to have the RSS feed display the comments? The peanut gallery here is leaps and bounds above those of the other sites I frequent, and I’d like to still read them.

Hooray for the black background’s return!!!

Matt of the Open Range

So no blogroll for Travis or Retardo?

Such cliquey little animals, aren’t you… Besides, when was the last time one of you linked SZ anyway?


Slick template. With everyone (including myself, whore that I am) going with K2, it’s nice to see something different.


oh thisis nice. real slick.

i like how you can change styles on the fly 🙂


Very nice.

They link S.Z. on a semi regular basis, in fact. I’m pretty sure they have done so in the last month, probably on the subject of Swank, come to think of it.


Very nice.


ooooh! Swank-ayyyyy!!!1!

nice. very nice. all organized and everything. ….impressive.


ummm…excuse me….but, what time does the store open?

Tak, the Hideous New Girl

Sweet new digs guys.

I feel too shabby to post here now.


Can I still say “cobag” and “fucktard?”


Do I need to take my shoes off before I come in here?

Nancy in Detroit

Oooooo. It’s so pretty! And orderly!


Nice, but I miss the links at the top of the pages to the prior and next posts, which I used extensively.


I must agree with tigrismus – I miss the links to the prior and next posts as well!


Crap. Did I break on through to the othe side again?

I know, I know, I’m why you can’t have nice things.


Looking good! And to look good is to feel good.




Very nice and all, but the paint smell is giving me a headache. Open a couple o’windows fer crissakes…



Looking real good. I’ve got a whole new ranging case of blog envy.


Great new site! If you want it, here’s a favicon:


Put it in the root of your site and it makes a nice little S,N! icon in your visitors browser address bar and tabs. Neat!


Word! What’s up with the comment cryptic code?


Word! What’s up with the comment cryptic code? Now your spam eater ate my comment.


The site looks good. Is there a way to enbiggen the text, however? Six thousand years of masturbation has been hard on my eyes.


What, I’ve got to start typing my name in again? This new S,N! sux!!!

Thorlac Ruppert

The fact is that the Democrat Party is made up of people who love terroristic black backgrounds. It has long been known that they “eat it.” Oh, and cobagz, indeed.


Oooooooh! Old style white on black is back!

Very nice indeed…


I go away for a couple of days and wow! I love it. I love the theme switcher the most (no black template for my sorry eyes, thankyouverymuch).


Nice job. Looks great.

WordPress by default is supposed to set a cookie to remember commenters, although it appears that some browsers are bouncing these cookies. I’m having this trouble and I ‘ll let you know if I can find out anything about it.



the default link for the comments RSS should be something like :


seeing as you know how to beat an htaccess file into submission,


should work as well.

slap a link to that baby into the footer or wherever and you should be good to go.


Here’s WordPress code to put previous and next article navigation on the article pages:


Just plop it into your page template wherever you want forward/next navigation to appear.

Additionally, your comment preview, for me at least, is not working. LiveCommentPreview works rather well.


Yay for the RetardoRoll! It’s like a triple roll of 80-grit Charmin!

But I’m still disappointed that Seb nixed my links to teflonbuttplugs.com and giganticvaginas.net. “Legitimate news site” my ass!


The next-previous is back! Huzzah!


It remembers me just fine. What y’all complaining about?


Mmmm…. light on dark template…


Your new karma is hungry after the reset.
50 eaten and the day not over.
Die spam die.


Looks good! Congrats on the switch.


style note: post headings are not scrolling in their div in IE6.0. They run under the right column.


OK, I, obviously, am 200x more paranoid than anyone else here, ‘cos I noticed that the style switcher (black/white background) only works properly if you allow cookies. Normally, I do not. Allow random sites to track my every movement, and allow them to store this spyware on my hard drive? No, I think not! So, white it is for me.
Now I have to go dig that S,N! cookie out of Safari…
[grumble, grumble… piss, moan]


Can I just say that I miss the pop-up comments? Indeed, they were quite handy.


yes, I want to second the thing about pop-up comments.

Also, it was nice when the blogrolls had topical names. I care less about ‘Brad’s blogroll’ then whatever it used to be called. (no offense.) [although at least it works on this computer. I haven’t been able to see the blogroll on this computer until today.]


OSL8, does it not work even if you click preview?

Marq, dude. they are tapping phone lines. you’re not gonna stop them from tracking you by deleting a damn cookie…


I know, but it gives me some small satisfaction that the malcontents of this blog will harvest less info about me. 😉


Crap, the comments are remembering me now when I’ve decided I like typing my name in better! The new S,N! sux!!!


almostinfamous said,

May 26, 2006 at 10:48 am

OSL8, does it not work even if you click preview?

Yesterday it did not, even when I clicked preview, but today it does. Neat!


Let’s find out if strikethru text works for us peons…


Huzzah! It does!


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