You’re excited?

Well, lots of wine last night postponed the move to WordPress we wanted to start early today…. but it’s on now! So that means comments are closed as of right now while we import/export (just call us Art Vandelay) the entries.

11:58: So far so good… still going…
12:32: Boy, this whole work stuff sure is boring…
13:00: Still bored… we may resume drinking any second.
13:20: The end is near!
13:30: Might be going for a few minutes any second now… See you on the other side.


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This is the secret area where we try to break things.

verplanck colvin

pass the blowtorch, my man…


It’s got white letters on a black background!!!

You are SO my favorite blog again.

best. style. ever.


If you drink, you just might get drunk! And if this is the secret area, how come you let verplanck and mdhatter in? Geez…how about ya just let eveyone in on the fun why don’tcha…




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