Amazing Wingnut Facts

From Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air about problems with the Air Marshals program:

al-Qaeda is exploiting these vulnerabilities. […] Buckle up, and be vigilant: they’re [???] watching.

Explain how! Or does Michelle mean al-Qaeda is engaging in drills involving taking McDonald’s bags into airplane bathrooms?

[al-Qaeda? Are those guys still around?]


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Over focus on one area of prior vulnerability will not avoid a future terrorist attack on American soil.

Plug one leak with your Michelle Malkin blow-up doll and 2 more will pop up elsewhere.


Hey! How’d you know about my MM blowup doll?? Er, if I actually had one, that is…



Must bite tongue.
Too many possible jokes here…all of them offensive.


With all the leaks in the dykes I felt that I needed to increase my spare supply of blow up Michelle Malkins.

Anyone have a good source for them?


Anyone have a good source for them?

Doesn’t CafePress have them for every blogger? That’s where I got my blowup Jonah Goldberg.


What is she doing? Doesn’t she know that talking about the policy is letting the terrorists know we have air marshals? This is worse than the NSA wiretap leak!

I am so sick of all the times Al Queda has taken advantage of our lack of security over the last 5 years…


I had to send my blowup Pastor Swank back to Café Press. His eyes woud follow you around the room–even if his back was turned to you. It was way, way creepy! :::shudder:::


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