Is everyone holding on to their tuques?

Well, we’ve talked about this for months but the time has (almost) come. After quitting our job yesterday, we’re going to be quitting Movable Type tomorrow morning (EU-time.) What awaits you on the other side is pure WordPress goodness, featuring the ability to switch styles (no, we’re no kidding!) so fans of the old school white-on-dark can get their fix (and the inevitable headaches that will follow.) But don’t call yet: better (and less capricious) spam control, great plugins, an awesome UI (not that this will matter a great deal to you,) more blogs on the old blogroll, and a totally redone stylesheet are also being touted as great “new” features. (The others are the same old crap, pretty much.)

While the site won’t be down (ha ha, right!) as a result of the switch, we will need to close comments for an hour or two as we move the data and make sure everything is ok. Otherwise, well, we’d lose comments, you dig? Feel free to come watch the mess tomorrow morning around 10AM (Berlin time.)

Added: There shall be no Akismet.


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Good luck with the move! I moved to WordPress a while back, and although it was definitely a big change from Blogger’s Playskool style, I really like it


Shorter Sadly, No!: The site will be down for a few weeks while we figure out how to switch this here bloggy thingamajig doohickey.


I am not going to be awake at 4 am Eastern!

WordPress is awesome. Yay WordPress!


Res, you need to send these fellas that moon quote you found. or better yet, have me link to it in this thread.

good luck with the switch, and for the love of jebus don’t use akismet(mostly because it hates me). pretty please?


ps: don’t forget retardeau!


So we can expect a lengthy blackout period like last time? Boooo! We demand free content without interruption!


The question is, will WordPress allow you to automate teh Gary Ruppert?

It’s always so disappointing when he’s not the first or second comment. Where else can I go for such a succinct, nearly perfect dose of loony wingnut talking point regurgitation?


Please, please don’t enable the WordPress Akismet spam plugin. The Akismet servers are convinced that I am a comment spammer and won’t ever let my comments through. On the other hand, I suppose that might be reason enough to enable it. . . .

The Akismet servers also block D. Sidhe’s comments for some reason as well. While I had it enabled, I’d have to go release her comments from quarantine every time she commented.


Can I start complaining now before the actual switch?!! I like to get my jabs in early.


The new line weights are too heavy and the color scheme sucks!!! I like the way it used to be. Switch back!!!


you live in berlin? i spent 5 years there (moved back here in 97) and my dad lives there now.

any jobs there for bilingual .NET web application developers? i wouldn’t mind moving back there.


The fact is, WordPress permits the liberal elite to bad-mouth a sitting wartime president who is really and truly just super fab and should be allowed to do whatever he wants. Especially to me. In the butt.


Will there be the Long Threadâ„¢.

Plus, I’ve already been commenting over there. Me likey.

Nancy in Detroit

What about the booze? There were very specific requests for booze.


old school!?!?!?


you are pulling my chain?

No more cheery light blues and non-cynical grays?

You are my hero


Are you gonna move without nuking all the pix this time? Gavin’s put in so much effort on those of late.


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