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Woof. This one is a real doozy (NOT WORK SAFE!!!!! REALLY NOT WORK SAFE!!!!!). And the best part is, it came from some dude in the UAE! I thought we’d been banned in that country!


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Might want to put a “not safe for work” warning on that link, Bradster. Should make for interesting entries in the firewall logs, though.


Word. Not cool.


I once got a visitor to my site looking for, no joke, “pitchers of kids dicks”. I tend to write a lot about baseball, so “pitchers” appears frequently, and I think it came shortly after I’d called Nationals manager Frank Robinson a dick. But I’m not sure what’s more disturbing, that someone was actually looking for pictures of kids’ dicks or that the person in particular confused “pitchers” with “pictures”.


The “pitchers” part – definitely.


Okay, a few days ago I was acting the “concern troll” role on the ping pong ball crap. I hereby retract my concern. I don’t know which blog I read it on or who they were talking about (and I’m too freakin lazy to look it up) but it is entirely appropriate for Miss Malkin, “[She’s] like the crazy guy who walks around poking people in the eye with a stick and then is surprised when people get upset.”


I once wrote about my grandmother. Imagine my surprise to find that I now get a couple of hits a day on the phrase “grandmother Cunt”.
My favourite though, was this: “you CAN do what you want to my mouth with your cock!” (Caps and all).


Jeez, you guys get the serious hits, dontcha? And here I thought it was funny that when I wrote a piece on White Phospherus last year, I spelled it wrong in the title. I still get a couple hits a day from people searching for “White Phospherous” with the mis-spelling. Crax me up, but the whole sex with mom category is full-on creepy…




Mikey: Yah, Freud is pumping his fist in triumph (wherever he is) whenever someone does one of those searches.


Oh, yeah, my bad, sorry about that.


The Republic of Dogs can only DREAM of getting such a completely repulsive referral. We bow to your bulbous superiority.


A while back, I did a post about what Bushites want us to think when we think about Abu Ghraib — panties on prisoners’ heads, basically. I used the word “panties” several times in the headline.

There are days when 5% of my traffic comes from that one post.


I like to be a live and let live type of person. It is posts like this that make me realize (1) I am totally naive and kind of prudish, and (2) it is much easier to be a “let live” person when you don’t actually know how other people are living. ugh.


Almost every day I get a visit from Google-search strays who are out wandering the internets looking for Dorismar (an Argentine actress-model recently deported from the United States) or more specifically, her backside. I wrote a short post making fun of her lawyer, who highlighted her inclusion in a ¡Mira! magazine list of “top rears” in his petition to have the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services recognize her as an alien of extraordinary ability. I would imagine my visitors are disappointed with what they find.

But nothing compares, nothing compares, to this new visitor to Sadly, No.


Well you could hardly pull your cock in there.


I get random hits from people looking for “people having sex with children” because I once featured this quote:

“I believe in making the world safe for our children, but not our children’s children, because I don’t think children should be having sex.”
-Jack Handey.


Vladi, maybe they meant pitcher. Savor that thought.





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