‘Anti-War Zealots’ On The Move Again…

Here’s TBogg on Malkin’s latest ragegasm, ‘Another Fake Soldier Tale Debunked’ — a story about an apparently fake Army Ranger, Jesse MacBeth (the spelling of his name varies widely), who claims on video to have committed terrible atrocities in Iraq, and who, pace Malkin, is supposedly a hero to ‘anti-war zealots’:

The closest thing that I could find to a major blog defending MacBeth is here, and the comments are heavily sceptical from the first comment on. Outside of that, it looks like the left-leaning blogs pretty much stayed away from the story, found it laughable, or didn’t find it worthy of comment.

Yuppers. It showed up at Metafilter over the weekend, but was picked up and championed by approximately nobody. A ruse, the video? It would be irresponsible not to speculate, or however that phrase goes: The ‘controversy’ certainly played out in extreme fast-motion, as though the WingNet were pimping for one of its crucial, yet increasingly-unobtainable bwaa-ha-haa moments. (Everyone’s pal Steven Den Beste shows up early in the Metafilter comments already waving evidence of fraudulosity.)

Steven Den Beste, military genius anime reviewer

On another note, it looks like someone left Malkin in the bathtub for too long.


She’s all pruny.


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Is she like a lifeless rag-doll that needs to be posed? Or does she have bendy-arms that are like some crazy action figure of racism?

I can see her in the tub with a bad book screaming “JESSE, GOD DAMNIT, ANOTHER TOM COLLINS!!!!!!! MY GOD MAN, I’M DRY OVER HERE!!!!


Jesse MacBeth….Jesse MalkBeth….Jesse Malkin…hmm?!


Don’t knock her pruny elegance. It’s kept my bowels more regular and freer of freeperpoo than a high colonic of Blastin’ Berry Cherry Kool Aid.


I am one of those anti-war zealots the righties are up in arms about. Yes, regardless of the damage that might be caused to our economy or those of other nations, I am steadfastly opposed to killing people! I’m such a radical that if I had my druthers, there would be no warfare anywhere. Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of peace! I know, it’s said that it takes only one willing party to start a war, I just wish it were someone else once in a while.


That’s the same sweater set I saw Michelle in ages ago in a picture from Pajamline’s launch…or some other Wingnet event (I remember several doughy, sweaty faces leering at her). Good God, the Malkins are falling on hard times.


You know, the sad thing is that, these fake soldiers take away from those real ones that do say that things aren’t rosy.

I met my brother’s friend that was a ranger and had been to both Afghanistan and Iraq, twice, before getting out. I’m an Air Force vet and we were talking about the military and I asked him about Iraq. He told me, in no uncertain terms, “we killed so many innocent people over there.”

And I believe him. It’s not hard to imagine that a bunch of scared kids with automatic weapons in a strange, dangerous country might be a little on edge.


As an anime fan myself, I had to click on the “Steven Den Beste, anime reviewer” link, and being in work, had to suppress raucous laughter when I find that links from Sadly, No! to his page are redirected here! So now we are not only to be deprived of his thoughts on cell phones and military history, but on the hermeneutics of Naruto as well? The horror!

Annabell Bartowiak

This is deeply offensive to wrinkled people and people who live under water. How do you think David Blaine would feel if he read this post? Offended, that’s how.


Dude, seriously, one doesn’t get a pruny face from being in the tub too long. You’ll have to find a different excuse.

Oh, you’re not talking about that, are you…

Tak, the Hideous New Girl

My God Michelle, sue that plastic surgeon!


Ping pong, the witch is dead.

Rama Lama Ping Pong.

Ping Pong, Avon calling.


Reinhard — actually, if you get rid of the excess stuff at the url and hit enter, you get his page… And no, no blithering about Naruto, since he’s not going to buy it. Apparently it’s too “grim and gritty” (as is Trigun)!

Now, I’m a huge fan of light’n’fluffy anime — I freely admit that I’m interested in collecting all episodes of Defense Force Mao-Chan — but even -I- can watch and recommend Trigun, Hellsing, Naruto, [the] Big O, and Cowboy Bebop.

On the other hand, you _can_ read his reviews of things like Cardcaptor Sakura, A Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, and Mahou Tsuki Tai! (Magic Users Club).


Now, if you click on the linky, you are directed to a page that has a couple o’ “cute” animé kids and a message that “Readers from the site you came from are *not* welcome here!” (paraphrase). Well, the nerve! I have nevah been so insulted in mah entiah life, suh! You sure showed me!


I mean, it’s as if Sadly, No! had an unsavoury reputation on the interwebs, or something.

Oh, dear sweet Jeebus! I am a passenger on the leper ship of the blogosphere!!!! Noooooooooo!!!


Was trying to head this one off at the pass… but alas…


when I crossposted this at daily kos, there were literally only two posts, including mine, that referenced Jesse MacBeth… so much for being the home of the anti-war crowd…

this entire thing is so obviously much ado…

love it…


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