It could only be an improvement

Michelle Malkin opens up a can of whining about something or other:

Pat yourselves on the backs, you tolerant liberal bastards.


This is hardly
the first
made Asian whore ping-pong ball jokes
about me.

But Wonkette has now mainstreamed it. And I’m sick of it. Are you proud of yourselves? Do you get a bonus from Nick Denton for scraping the bottom of the barrel?

You have to go over there (if you dare) to see that the post is “full” of links to “liberals” making ping-pong ball jokes about Michelle. If by “liberals” you mean unknown people posting comments on a few threads at lefty blogs. Now there’s evidence of liberal intolerance — you dumb ass bitch. At least she’s found someone willing to swallow the balls and report on their deliciousness:

Agree with her, like her, or not, Michelle is effectively out on her own building a seemingly successful independent media operation enabled by the latest in Internet technogy and buzz …

Empire? [We say empire, you say operation.] 117,000 visitors a day v. 72,000? As for Hot Air, it brings in 47,000 a day. Out on her own? Seemingly successful seems about right.


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lol Nice job of misrepresenting my post. I said Malkin was building an operation, not an empire. Mini-empire refers to Gawker. If you want to opine, try learning to read.


Ya know, we do need a more culturally sensitive way to make fun of Mrs. Malkin, since she’s all about cultural sensitivity….I suggest “Michelle Manananggal”

The Manananggal is a creature that looks like an ordinary Filipina by day, but becomes a loathsome, bloodsucking beast….


Look, this ping pong ball thing is horsesh*t. We all should really be better than that. But both sides have a lunatic fringe. What Jesse’s wife doesn’t seem to understand is that she is mainstream and still gets away with being a racist POS. It is only her asian face that let’s her spew her hate on the forums (Fox, CNN, C-Span!?) she is given. These taunts are causing her to become “unhinged”. Who would have thought being dehumanized would make someone angry.

Michelle, the problem is, you should be completely disregarded as a second rate thinker who is really just a minority face on her husband’s racist views. You are only mainstream because you give cover to the powers that be. You husband is a coward and you are a disgusting human being. All things bad that happen to you are okay by me. In short it’s the souls of the lefty’s who participate in this racist crap that I worry about, I have no hope for yours.


Greg Tinti’s commenters say all there is to say about the fringe…


We all should really be better than that.

Well, I am. But who else is meant here by “we?”

Pajama bottoms being messed all over the Great White North, by the way.


Speaking of double standards, the gentleman who responded here, linked approving by Malkin, wrote “So, um, which one is building something much better than most any job, and which one’s the whore? And given that by most accounts, Denton isn’t the most generous of employers, I imagine the word cheap figures nicely into the equation, as well.” Hilarious.


“Approvingly” even.


Asian whore ping-pong ball jokes? Wha? Could someone please provide a brief synopsis? Without going into too many details, that is.


Oh, please. There are only like 3 billion sites on the net that explain it.


Malkin has been running the same shtick forever now. Make all kinds of hostile, racist, fascist comments, then when people get nasty in return, cherry-pick the most offensive comments and use them as an example of the “depravity” of the left. Yawn. Believe me, poor helpless widdle Malagalangangalag isn’t the least bit hurt by the ping-pong ball jokes. She’s laughing all the way to the bank.

shouting at the rain

Yes but Ms. Malkin doesn’t actually deny that the story is false, does she?

It’s always amusing to watch MM climb up and nail herself to The Cross, then blame those darned Liberals for being so mean to her. That whole post is an invitation to a pity party thown by MM, for MM.


Yes, MM is a loathsome, hateful human being, but in some sense she’s right.

That said, she has to understand that Liberal doesn’t automatically mean intelligent or funny or correct any more than Conservative means selfish, stupid or evil every time.

We see racism, sexism, and every kind of ad homimen attack every single day, from both sides. It’s aggrivating when I see it from my own side.


MM is never right in any sense. She’s dishonest, unethical and xenophobic.

There aren’t always two sides to every issue.


Malagalangalng lives by the Republican credo: I get to piss all over you but you must treat me with respect. Screw her. If she can’t take the ping pong ball jokes she has every right to go the fuck away and shut her little fascist piehole. I’m sick of Malgangalng’s little parlor games with the word “racism.”


But Wonkette has now mainstreamed it.


If by “liberals” you mean unknown people posting comments on a few threads at lefty blogs.

Since she is complaining about the joke being “mainstreamed”, I would say, yeah, she means a few stray dogs at a few stray hydrants (or whatever you said).

Great rebuttal.


The last link Malkin lists is to a google search of “ping pong ball queefing bitch malkin”.

It seems odd to add the “queefing bitch” part, no?



I thought it was spelled “Malagalangulag”.


I just go with “Megaloon”.


Oh, that was me. How did I manage to lose an “l”?


I have often wondered at how it is that the Far Right is so much more successful at conflating the occasional leftist whackjob with “all liberals” and at distancing “all conservatives” from the whackjobs on the right. Especially since current-day “mainstream conservatives” seem by and large to be much closer to the far-right wingnuts than “mainstream liberals” are to the extremists on the left.


Perhaps if Michelle would stop acting like an Asian whore, the labelling of her as an “Asian whore” might stop.


Hey! Asian sex workers have integrity.

…and no, I don’t know that from personal experience, exactly, but I was set upon by a group of very cheery hookers once in Phuket and when I said politely that I wasn’t interested, they smiled and said “no problem.”

Can you image Magalangulag having an ounce of that kind of congeniality?


This is kinda late, but ladies and gentlemen, I present to you. . . Mein Queef!

Subic Bay Bars

“Look, this ping pong ball thing is horsesh*t.”

Clearly you have NEVER been to the Philippines…


The whole point of the “ping pong ball thing” was that if Malkin is going to attribute certain talents to groups of people based on their ethnicity, such as criminality, terrororism, sabotage, then she shouldn’t cry foul when someone makes the same joke at her expense.

The point is, in fact, simple.

Filthy McNasty

“Perhaps if Michelle would stop acting like an Asian whore, the labelling of her as an “Asian whore” might stop.”

This pretty much sums up where the Left comes from. This sort of vulgarity is commonplace in their world, and comes forth so naturally that they think it’s perfectly acceptable and normal. The rest of society, as in civilized society, thinks otherwise.


This pretty much sums up where the Left comes from.

If you are even a little bit serious about your statement, you need to look around you. And open your eyes this time. The Right has not contributed one single thing toward civilizing society in the 30 years by my count. It’s you thugs who are the destroyers and barbarians.


Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder why “Pajamas Media” uses a bathrobe for it’s symbol? A bathrobe isn’t pajamas.


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