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Slow day in wingnuttia, so allow us to share a couple of anecdotes from a meeting we attended yesterday, a spur(-m) of the moment event on a Friday afternoon at 3 called by the big boss.

Responding to a request for suggestions of how to achieve free advertising for our products (after countless worthwhile suggestions were dismissed out of hand), we told the boss:

Why don’t you kill someone — then we have a shot [sic] at getting coverage on the evening news.

Asked why a particular product wasn’t selling well:

Everything we did with this product, from beginning to end, was wrong: the initial price was shit, the communication was shit, the delay to launch was shit.

We’ll be sure to ask for a raise on Monday.


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verplanck colvin

What were you trying to sell? Joe Lieberman for the Democratic Primary?


What happened to Fafblog?


I haven’t found anyone who knows. Even Fafnir’s wikipedia entry has been updated to say that there have been no posts since April 4th. Google returns exactly no discussion of where he’s gone/what might have happened. Frankly, I’ve been amazed that so little comment has followed the disappearance…



we told the boss:

Why don’t you kill someone — then we have a shot [sic] at getting coverage on the evening news.

Back in the eighties when I was working in MarCom for Polaroid, some idiot in product marketing had this great idea to send out this mail piece that included a bullet. Sure, the powder and primer were removed, but MANY people all over the country interpreted it as a death threat and called the police. Three days after the campaign dropped, we had the FBI and Post Office Cops in our offices, and they were PISSED. Point is, I guess, you could have done worse…



Red and Black: Fafnir hisself dropped by the comments to say that he’ll be back. He didn’t say when, though. Gen. JC Christian said that they had a project they were going to do together, so I think it’s safe to assume that Fafnir (or Chris, or whoever) is still alive.


But what about Giblets? Won’t somebody think of the Giblets?


Thanks for the update. I look forward to more fafblog exclusive interviews.


Has anyone else read Jennifer Government? A very funny book about a, please excuse the cliche, not so distant future in which a person’s last name is their employer. It was written by an Australian and awesome.


Well…how the fuck did you expect to successfully marketAbsorbhun while concurrently ridiculing it on this blog?



The book starts with an advertising scheme in which the first ten people to buy a pair of shoes will be killed to drive up demand.


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