Unsuitable for what?

A very sad day indeed. A reader emails:


We blame Brad.


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Who the hell does that poor bastard work for? I work for the federal government and they haven’t blocked your site.


yeah, whatever. so where are you hiding the porn??


That’s what I come here for – the hot wingnut pron!

I believe I first landed here via a Google search for “fascist teen cheerleaders.”


Oops – that was me just above.

Just so you know who the kinky ones are around here…


That reader should tell his ISP that Annie has stoppd posting here, so it’s ok now.

Tak, the Hideous New Girl

It’s a proud day when you are blocked for porn. It means you’ve arrived.

PS: I think it’s that picture of J. Goldberg in the pool that did it.


Me?! It was those pictures of Hindrocket and the corndog that G-Unit posted!


I figured it was all the references to “cum-guzzling monster twats” &c.


You had me at Cleveland Steamers…


I think it’s due to the seamy pictures of inebriated cats you post once in a while. People are strongly offended by kitty porn, you know.


I only ever come here for the pr0n. Well, that and the snark. Pr0n & snark. Say, that’d be a decent name for a blog… or a band. Hmm….


I love the filename for the pic.

sadlynoporn.jpg 🙂


just no more pics of coulter in a mini with her legs crossed. that’s not just porn; it’s obscene


Could it have anything to do with:

“Send us Ben Shapiro porn!”


Aiii! My eyes!


We have Holiday Bake-offs and Beefcake Fridays. Geesh, we don’t get banned. That is SO unfair.


Satire is porn for the brain.

…or something. I’d better stop before I start getting “deep.”


I say, guilty as charged.


Geez, you guys worked so hard on a new logo and title bar for Sadly, No! and here someone goes and just gives you one…


I didn’t know use of the word “cobag” qualified you as a pr0n site.


When will you be adding live nude webcams?

Now that would be worth banning.


Brad is a naughty boy.


We are responsible. It just amused us, is all.


It was the Marie Jon stuff about how women should please their husbands.


*Bow-chicka-bow-whoop-whoop-bow-chicka bow*


Do not trust True.com with personal information.

Those bandits gleefully trade the good will invested in their brand for the opportunity to suck money from your account.


I think it was the addition of Retardo Montalban (best… name… ever…) and the Wingnuts with Hats post….

anthony v. cuccia

In a country that accepts lies as the truth and
fascism as democracy is
it any wonder that dissent is considered pornographic?


You think that’s bad, about six months ago I tried to pull up Roxanne’s site and got the exact same type of message, porn warning and all.


Roxanne of all people, would be the point I was trying to make there.

Sorry, just realized I didn’t really pay that post off.

blue bird in a red cage.

I’m not sure, but you spanking the guy at Powerline over his after-speech commentary on Bush is probably considered obscene. I mean, with a name like Hindrocket, it’s got to be a filthy intercourse you’re engaging in.



No sense doing it unless it’s filthy, blue bird, but you are in BIG trouble for giving me that mental image of Assrocket.


Damn! (oops. can we say that here?)
Kaye Grogan…Dick beat me to it.
(wow! i didn’t mean it that way, censors.)


Or perhaps it’s because you reproduced Powerline’s ad showing that psycho Iranian describing Dubya’s dick.


Hey, wha’ hoppen? Where’d everyone go?


Maybe they’re all obsessively Googling for the porn. Me, I figure porn from a site named “Sadly, No” would be, shall we say, unfulfilling.


…figure porn from a site named Sadly, No” would be, shall we say, unfulfilling.

I think you’ve hit on a new festish: Anti-climactisim. Oh, God, can you imagine the field day Mullah Dobson would have with that?


Me, I figure porn from a site named “Sadly, No” would be, shall we say, unfulfilling.

Heh. Similar to a site called ithappenstoalotofguys.net or stayinghomewiththesearscatalog.com.


And putting the last two comments together, we could imagine Dobson in the pinnacle, so to speak, of anti-climactic sites: ShoweringWithDaddy.com.


Yuck. God, if your sexual proclivities are extreme, you only need to listen to God-fearing moralists like the Republicans to determine just what is the filthiest thing going.


You can get around nearly any website filter by using Google’s website translation service. Just translate from English to English, and the website will be displayed via Google’s servers. Nobody blocks google.



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