There are two kinds of people in the United States

Those who want to move “toward more individual freedom, free markets and voluntary cooperation among sovereign nations,” and those who:

want to continue the Clinton-Gore path toward global socialist government[.]

Which kind are you?


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Eww, that was a totally pukey look inside a horrible man’s brain. Frightening to think people actually read that shit and embrace it.


Given that the republican party tries to appeal to rural and suburban populations; that:

– it’s xenophobic;
– its “red states” feed off federal welfare at the expense of Democratic states;
– it’s anti-tech & anti-science except for military r&d;
– it hands out large contracts to a handful of bidders;
– it puts out a message of constant fear;
– it disregards privacy rights;
– it borrows & spends to no end; and
– it constantly calls the opposition’s patriotism into question,

don’t the republican party’s policies remind you of a certain Soviet union?


Those are the only choices? Oh, crap.

Reminds me of when the debate was whether “You’re So Vain” was about Warren Beatty or Mick Jagger, as if there were only two womanizing nematodes in LaLa Land.

Henry Lamb: Dick or a moron? Choose carefully…


Oh no, not the Canadians!

Over at USS Neverdock, Marc is getting ready to wet his pants: US – 2006 End of the liberals? You know things are bad for the Democrats when Canadians start attacking them. The link leads the reader to Canada Free…


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