This Had Better Not Be a Tease

I’m gonna wait for official confirmation before I start celebrating over this. But lordy, lordy, I hope it’s true. It would make that asteroid-sized pony I talked about last week seem like an equine midget in comparison.

And if it is true… well, I just might have to start reexamining my lack of belief in God…

“Oh Fitzmas tree, oh Fitzmas tree… your branches bear indictments!”

Gavin adds: This is better than hook-hook-hookity-hook hookers? I dunno man, that’s a planet-sized pony with sparkly butterfly wings AND a unicorn horn, AND a little plastic brush to brush its mane with.


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We’re goin streaking!!!!


They say “all good things come to those who wait.” I’m waiting, I’m waiting.


This calls for a love-in!


Remember: This will just be spun as yet another hyper-partisan prosecutor who is out of control and blinded by irrational Bush hatred!

Also remember that people like the PowerTools will rationalize Rove’s actions even more intensely and more stupidly than they already have. Look for more crap along the lines of, “Well, her mother knew her name, therefore she wasn’t really covert.”

But the real question is, how will Dear Leader spin this? He, after all, declared he’d fire anyone involved. If Rove is indicted, he’s left with two possibilities:

1. He outright lied to the country on national TV, and we have the tapes to prove it, or

2. He really is too stupid to hold office.

Too bad Karl won’t be there to help him through this.


It wouldn’t stun me if Fitzgerald’s desperation led to a phony-baloney indictment of Rove.

After all, Fitzgerald has failed to find any proof that Plame was a covert operative.

Fitzgerald was so sloppy and disorganized that he was sending people to ask Plame’s neighbors about her identity on the week before he indicted Libby.

My theory on this entire brouhaha remains the same, despite the idiocy and ignorance of Patrick Fitzgerald:

Judith Miller recieved the identify of Valerie Plame Wilson from Joseph Wilson.

Joe Wilson, who was in the process of writing an editorial, was concerned that the White House knew that his wife was behind sending him to Niger, so he told a few reporters about his wife with the hint of mentioning her to some White House officials as a way to test the water to see if she was known of by the White House.

The fact is that Miller was working on a story related to Wilson and Niger when she talked to Libby. That’s why the paper said “Valerie Flame”, because she was going to mention her to Libby and see what the reaction was.

The NYT wouldn’t let Judy Miller to go jail for Rove or any other Bush official. That’s pretty much a proven fact.

Judith Miller was covering for Joe Wilson, the person who revealed his wife’s identity to try and save his own back.

As well, Valerie Plame Wilson has not been a covert CIA operative since the 1990s because she was outed by Aldrich Ames.

There was no crime committed by “outing” Valerie Plame Wilson, and Patrick Fitzgerald is only indicting people in order to satisfy the left.

LA Confidential Pantload

Nothing up at the Reuters site about this yet.

Gary, if you really have nothing to say – which you don’t – would you please limit yourself to a “heh, indeed” or “disturbing if true?”


I’m waiting for confirmation.


Shut up, Gary. Your lies have no power here.

Brad, don’t sweat it. We don’t need god on this one. The overwhelming weight of the crimes compounding the crimes committed by this administration just ultimately HAD to come crashing to earth. And there’s a lot more to come, they better fund more prisons, ’cause these thugs are starting to fall.

And whaddaya bet there’s less honor among ’em then there is among some 21st street crips. They’ll roll over, spill their guts and try to put it off on other guys. Cheney better dig a neck deep hole. It’s gonna get GOOD!!



The Wayne Madsen Report identified Attorney General Alberto Gonzales as spending time yesterday afternoon in the courthouse where the grand jury meets.

It goes on

“Last October, Gonzales made a similar trip to the courthouse on a Friday to hear the decision of the grand jury investigating Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby. The Attorney General’s appearance at the grand jury is a formality and there is an opportunity for him to pose questions to the jury. After last October’s visit to the grand jury, Gonzales informed the White House that Libby was to be indicted. One week later, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald delivered a five count indictment against Libby.”

Just Cheney to go!


I’d like to raise a toasht!
[stands up, swaying a little]
When a man has many critics, but none can deny his genius, truly we stand in the presence of greatness. Karl, we will be studying your work for many years to come. We all offer you our heartfelt congratulations, for finally getting the acknowledgment you deserved for so long. And Karl, we trust that, in the places you’re going, you’ll have time to savour your well-earned quiet, to reflect, and maybe to finally settle down with that someone special [winking]. To Rove!!!


Gary, I invoke Fitzma’s on your house! Fitzma can now be the word we use when we talk about the plague on the administration house. While this administration struggles to avoid taking direct hits it will make mistakes in covering its tracks more and more as we have been seeing over the past year. Now longer will the American people stand for this tyranny (I hope). Just because the house and senate are too scared to say boo, the American people must not mirror the cowardice of those houses. In the past we would have expected to have seen some brave individuals in government stand up to this tyranny, but when they fail to stand for what is right it is up to the people of this country to make the course correction. Blogs like this and the people that post to them are the ones that must stand up and have their voices heard.


Since this is Fitzivus I challege Gary to the Feats Of Strength


Mikey, it’s Cheney we who we need to worry about. The body he’s in is only a host for the alien creature that has taken over his brain. Ok, so that’s total BS, but I’d like to at least believe that no human could act like these idiots. And yeah yeah, there have been so many other tyrants in the past, but if this guy had the chance he’d make the nazi’s look like sunday school boys.


Like mal de mer, I’m waiting for confirmation; Leopold has had past troubles. (Link to his side of the story, which I don’t find completely convincing.)


Oh NOESSS! Prince Honeybutt Buttertroll will imprisoned AND THEN HE WILL EAT ALL PRISONERS PENUSSES AND THEN THEY WILL DIE!!!!!!!!! Why do we not call Amnest;y For Corupt Fatties International? It is a mystery.


Though as per Swopa I think Rove is getting indicted eventually.


Leopold’s reliability notwithstanding, Rove is getting indicted. It might already have happened, it might not. But it is going to happen, and soon.

All the signs are there, based on Fitz’s past record and Rove’s last appearance. Actually, I’m kind of hoping it doesn’t happen for another week, so I can win the pool over at FDL. šŸ™‚


I’m curious whether Gary is just making up shit, or whether he’s repeating shit other people made up. I’m curious because if Gary made shit up it would mean that he’s actually creative. And that would surprise me.


I was just wondering that too. I’ve heard some of those whopping, Limbaugh-grade lies before, but I’ve never seen a whole narrative like that.


I just might have to start reexamining my lack of belief in God…

Don’t worry Brad, no existential crisis here, just embrace Equus, the horse-god. Midnight naked bareback horse rides are involved, so it is all good…


Why would Leopold put his ass on the line like this if what he’s saying weren’t true? Really. I’m askin.’


Why would Leopold put his ass on the line like this if what he’s saying weren’t true? Really. I’m askin.’


dr nobody — He’s done it before. The Libby indictment was going to be one of about 20, according to him.


Brad, you can always worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


I am pretty sure that Leopold was not the one who predicted 20 indictments. I have seen him deny this on TheWashingtonNote.


Where are the trolls to tell us how “it’ll never happen” and to stop with the “hyperventilating Bush-hatred” and “it’s about the lying, stupid”… oh, wait, that last one only applies to the Clenis.


Gary Ruppert is the Baghdad Bob of Plameologists. “Karl Rove will never get indicted. If Joe Wilson isn’t indicted tomorrow, I will never come back here again.” The latter is actually a verbatim quote of Gary’s from Eschaton. Guess what? He still trolled there after the Libby indictment. He’s a dumbshit, but you have to admire his relentless optimism even in the face of the overwhelmingly devastating facts.

He’s gone from “Libby and Rove will never be indicted” to “the charges are trumped up” and “Fitzgerald is a liberal,” pretty fucking pathetic if you ask me. Rove is going down, biaaaatch.

This ought to linger like a nice, stinky fart for the rest of the election season. Good luck, ReThugs. You better steal this election good because the American people are itching for some congressional oversight. Lose the House and you are all fucked. Done. Ruined.


I had a hamburger for dinner.
Now, I’m smoking a bowl and drinking a beer.


g and Gavin,

Yeah, Gary sounded almost creepy tonight, so I went back and…

His whole thesis is loosely hinged on this:

“Joe Wilson, who was in the process of writing an editorial, was concerned that the White House knew that his wife was behind sending him to Niger, so he told a few reporters about his wife with the hint of mentioning her to some White House officials as a way to test the water to see if she was known of by the White House.”

Now, we are talking about the Joe Wilson who was the US ambassador to Iraq when the (Desert Storm) shooting started.

I don’t have links or specifics right now, but by
ALL accounts he showed some courage.

So, Gary’s telling us that a brave man, w/ *years* of experience in the diplomatic corps, all of the sudden went all 7th grader on us and betrayed his own wife over an EDITORIAL!

Is that what you’re trying to tell us, Gary?! young man!

No phone, no wheels, and no Proactiv infomercials for one solid MONTH!


Aw, Ma!

[door slams]


[alt-tabs back to Barely Legal Muslim Teens]


Wheeeeeee! Everyone gets a pony!

P.S. Can I start chanting “FROG-MARCH FROG-MARCH FROG-MARCH” now? Pretty please? I’ve been ever such a good girl!

retarded left-wing piece of trailer trash

yipEE! i’m gunna git mee a bottel of the besst bunes farm,


Much as I would like this to be true (as opposed to just truthy), I am concerned that there has been no hint of it in the major media for the nearly 24 hours since this item was posted. I suppose — and fervently hope — that Fitzgerald could be waiting for Monday and a more attentive news cycle. But until I see LGF trying to debunk the CBS report of this indictment, I’m going to remain VERY cautiously optimistic. (But note, still optimistic.)

retarded left-wing piece of trash

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Gary, Gary … even if outing Valerie wasn’t a crime, lying to a grand jury is! Taint the crime, it’s the coverup. And in Rove’s case, we’ll take whatever we get.


The right has its talking points about the Wilson/Plame affair, some of which at least have logic behind them, such as the (false) claim that Plame wasn’t a covert agent, so outing her wasn’t a crime. But there are some really crazy talking points, which I honestly don’t understand.

First, if Plame did have a role in recommending Wilson for the trip, why is it supposed to be such a bad thing? One professional recommending another professional —even if related — for a duty that person is extraordinarily qualified for doesn’t seem like that bad a thing to me. Although in some circles the story goes that she got tired of her ne-er do well husband wasting his time around the house and decided to give him something to do — but that is so laughable it’s sitcom material, hardly worthy of consideration by anyone who’s the slightest bit acquainted with professional working couples.

Another talking point I’ve always thought was just flaming nuts — and Gary uses it above — is the idea that Rove deserves praise for outing Plame. First of all, if what she did was simply recommend her husband go on the trip, why is outing her as a CIA agent praiseworthy? Even in the sitcom scenario, what’s the big deal worth compromising a CIA agent?

And finally, how do they make the amazing leap over the chasm between truth and lies to conclude that Plame and Wilson “will be indicted?” What, if anything, is the crime? Contradicting the President?


I’ve always been particularly amused by this position that she was not a covert agent. Like they have any standing to make that determination. The CIA says she was covert, so she was covert. If you work at safeway and they say you’re a cashier, some asshat in Right Blogistan cannot decide that you are a stockboy. It is your employer who determines your status. And make no mistake, “covert” is a status. If the whole world knew you were an operator, and the agency said your status was covert operator, you would be a covert operator. This is amazingly simple, but the wingnuts have no problem overruling the CIA on the status of their own operator.

None of that even mentions that nobody has been charged with the crime of making a covert operator’s idenity public. The way the statute is written, it probably can never be used effectively to prosecute anyone.

But I recall when we were screaming that they were impeaching our presidend and overturning the will of the people for a BLOWJOB, they told us gazillion times that he was being impeached for lying, not for the act itself. So swallow your own logic, wingnuts. Rove is being indicted for lying and obstructing, not “outing” anybody.



How about them Yanks? Things don’t look good today, but it’s good to see them back in their rightful possession of First in the East!


Lying to a grand jury. ‘It’s all immaterial now.’ Plame planned her retirement party a long time ago. She could’nt use Joe enough and no one would leak her right(outing others).

Official A may be Plame. Dont’ be surprised if Plame is indicted on criminal conspiracy charges. This is what DOJ used to do with CIA agents.



If Joe and Valerie wilson are not indicted on monday then you have to leave and never haunt sadily! No! again

ghosts of infamous Sadly No Trolls of yore

Haunt? Gary’s not a ghost. Unlike ghosts of infamous Sadly No Trolls of yore, who were mercilessly crucified here, he is very much alive and well at Sadly, No! He has the power to enlighten those of you who may be benighted, but lacks the power to haunt.


D’oh! I should really get in the habit of scrolling down to where I last visited S,N! and then read up. I posted a comment about this a thread-or-two up. Feh! I said what I wanted to up there, so I’m not gonna repeat it down here. I’m also gonna ignore Asshat 1 and Asshat 2, ‘cos that’s just crazy talk.

ghosts of infamous sadly No trolls of yore

Thanks, Marq. That makes three. Now we officially have a hat trick.


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