Amanda against Zhdanovian hacks, left and right.

teh: “Dick Cheney has an approval rating on par with that of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.”

Chumpwad News Network.

Gelding A Bull Moose.

More Bashing of Cultural Commissars.

Oh, my.


Gavin adds: 3Bulls infiltrates the GOP.


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Aww… You’re so sweet. I love how mine is the weakest entry…

Oh, wait, Gavin just added 3Bulls!

So mine’s the second weakest…


Oooh! Pinko’s gonna give you such a pinch!


I was going to play the whole \”I was bashing Glen Beck before it was cool\” card, but by the looks of the posts, the linked page is two days earlier than mine.

Seriously though, it\’s just gone downhill, from pretending to read the weather report in Iran (\”looks like we\’ll be seeing 10,000 degree temperatures around here\”) to insulting the survivors of hurricane Katrina and making fun of the people who take a bird flu pandemic seriously. Asshole. Major Asshole.


A fart from an orange cat is much worse than from a grey cat.
I wonder why.


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